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  1. Set Design - Gouda
  2. Weekly Update: not what i was waiting for...
  3. Concerns over Elf Warlock
  4. A rant regarding rants
  5. How will PvE affect Gold Value?
  6. Arena: Let's Create Achievements to Unlock
  7. Review - A brief summary of what Hex has to offer from a new players perspective.
  8. In Real Life Hex Sleeves
  9. 8 Minds 1 Draft Reboot?
  10. 2016 and Hex - Let's Really Think About Dates and Expectations without Whining
  11. The Entrath Universe...In a Sequel Story.
  12. Something to ponder... - PvE Spoiler
  13. Starshield Giveth! - PvE Spoiler
  14. Set bonus cards are they still a thing?
  15. That feeling when you missed steak.... - PvE Spoiler
  16. Arena/Chest/Gold/Plat statistics
  17. Talent Tree Bigger Than You Think
  18. Regarding the hex survey
  19. Trust me... you'll want to regift this - PVE Spoiler
  20. Come say hi to my cousin PvE Spoiler
  21. Ruined for Life; How do I pronounce Phenteo?
  22. Looking for feedback on a community driven tournament website project
  23. new spoilers
  24. Gameforge's pricing policy on platinum
  25. Gareth Kay
  26. This Sealed Tournament
  27. Look what I found! (PvE Spoiler)
  28. Orders from High Command -- PvE spoiler
  29. Necrotics can Play Too!
  30. Mulligans decide too many games (imo) Let's discuss ways to negate the disadvantage.
  31. ConstructedHEXing every Saturday at 9PM CET
  32. Update bout my dispute with G2A
  33. Vampire royalty question
  34. ESL rewards - make it clear please...
  35. Need feedback so I can improve my future articles!
  36. Follow the clues... - PvE Reveal
  37. Kickstarter Exclusive PvE Cards
  38. PCGamer interviewing Cory Jones today at 1PM PST
  39. Request: Support a dedicated HEX streamer with transcription software!
  40. Tuesday HEXTCG Channel PVE Card Spoiler!
  41. Thoughts on the racial traits so far
  42. Reworking Chests and Wheels of Fate?
  43. PvE Deck Restrictions and Shard Combinations [Speculation Thread]
  44. [Re]Imagined Doublebacks
  45. Thanks for the LOL, Cory
  46. Character builder
  47. PVE one day's fun?
  48. Deck restrictions to Frost Ring Arena, too!
  49. Welcome a New HEX Youtuber
  50. Class Hype
  51. Campaign - Mesa discussion
  52. Can we still back the game on Kickstarter?
  53. That one time when everyone helped reveal a new PVE Spoiler -- PVE Spoiler
  54. Dungeon Crawler Tier
  55. World Events in an MMOTCG
  56. That other time everyone helped reveal a PvE Spoiler!
  57. FAQ prior to release?
  58. Bosmopar's 500 Follower Stream Giveaway and Spoiler
  59. Hex Merch
  60. [Team MoMCards] [EXCLU] Reveal a new card!
  61. [Team Hex France] New PVE Card Spoiler
  62. Curious: How is Hex doing in China?
  63. Equipment Locations
  64. Mercenaries at launch?
  65. Gameforge Update - Human Mage
  66. Talent Calculator
  67. Unlocking Cards
  68. Will passive skills be toggleable?
  69. Picking A Race Other then Starter
  70. Campaign Trailer
  71. Ardor Day
  72. Playing PvE while waiting between tournament rounds
  73. PvE Spoiler: Blight Steed
  74. and this happens
  75. New Spoilers - FR - Press Tour PVE Campaign Youtube
  76. [PVE SPOILER][TEAM MoMCards] Screenshot, new cards, dungeons, video... (IN FRENCH)
  77. PCGamesN Article
  78. Hex Invitational - Casting Colosseum
  79. Power's Hotkeys?
  80. Icon very similar to an icon from Dota 2?
  81. Some thoughts regarding PVE restrictions etc.
  82. Princess Cory craziness
  83. Chronicles of Entrath Unofficial Fan Trailer
  84. Idea for AA His Majesty King Gabriel
  85. German news
  86. Need to know prior to patch
  87. Uruunaz arena buff idea
  88. Affinity: Elementals
  89. Has anyone had any luck with Steam Link/Steam Controller?
  90. AI Hype!
  91. Whispering Breeze Coyotle Tutor?
  92. Don't let your dreams, be dreams...
  93. [PvE spoilers] RPGFan report from press event
  94. I'd be interested to see...
  95. Hex Wishlist
  96. So I've been looking for Hex Art
  97. Squirrels vs Dinosaurs included on launch?
  98. Question about PvE starter decks
  99. VIP Sleeves
  100. Any Evolving Art?
  101. PVE for the challenge...
  102. Curse you Hexent
  103. Gold sinks within the campaign?
  104. Hex PvE Press Thread
  105. PVE Overview (Ben Stoll article)
  106. A suggestion...
  107. Suggestion: Hamster Zombie
  108. The game is close to release but we still haven't gotten the 2mil stretch goal..
  109. DC Random Equipment Idea
  110. Are servers down yet?
  111. Chronicles of Entrath
  112. Campaign Patch Notes
  113. not my own card for PvE?
  114. Ardor Day Not Arbor Day
  115. Removing BETA completely (download section)
  116. So what is the mood at the HEX offices?
  117. Is HEX up yet?
  118. Its up (for real)!!!
  119. Interesting Paradigm Shift
  120. Complete Race and Class Breakdown?
  121. Invalid Request
  122. Pure Awesomness
  123. Beta sleaves
  124. Anyone but me having trouble logging into the server
  125. Question about Factions
  126. things to do while waiting log in queue :D
  127. GAme still doesnt work ???
  128. Login needs work
  129. GM and RL effect?
  130. Hex minimizes second monitor on startup
  131. The new login screen art
  132. Authenticator issues?
  133. Killing Patching Time - Hex Princess Style!
  134. List of Cards
  135. The in game chat is unusable when there is actual activity
  136. Thank you Hex, campaign seems to be awesome!
  137. talent tree cards
  138. Class / Race Talent Reference Sheet
  139. Why hide cards below the UI?
  140. Lost Coyotle
  141. Can we have multiple campaigns?
  142. Koo!! Shroom Hauss are CUTE!!
  143. [Campaing] Shin'hare Starting Deck
  144. Take That Pirannahs!
  145. Anyone getting new Hex to work on Microsoft Surface Pro?
  146. [spoiler] look what i found! :)
  147. Is Kracken's Gold not a thing anymore?
  148. [Speculation] That Weird Pentagon in the Ocean
  149. character slots
  150. Tranquil Dream Hard for Coyotle Mages
  151. Enter The Dream!
  152. A PvE Retrospective
  153. Speed of client
  154. How is the gold gain in Arena?
  155. I am blown away!
  156. (spoilers) Overtuned encounters
  157. dusk bustard
  158. Prophecy gone made
  159. Increased number of cards in collection
  160. Treasure chest and Wheel of Fate economics after Campaign launch
  161. Campaign AI Kudos
  162. Hex Launcher Issue
  163. UI Irritation: "Choose" OK button covers Thresholds
  164. Nitpicky Issues
  165. [Spoilers included] Sushi anyone?
  166. new pve content, does it support co-op?
  167. Talent tree list
  168. PvE Armys of Myth encounter - Rewards
  169. Someone has some 'splaining to do!
  170. I want to save and LOAD decks in pve
  171. Campaign packs doesn't give chests?
  172. How is the lag since the hotfix?
  173. Criticism of Chained Goliath Encounter [Spoiler on mechanics]
  174. raids=handy CCG mechanics?
  175. Positive Nitpicky Things
  176. Missing rewards from Wormoid Queen
  177. Kickstarter Exclusives (the rest of them)
  178. Missing Loot; Do we report it to CS or not?
  179. State of Shin'Hare
  180. Hex changed Promo rarities with no warning.
  181. Lack of PvE cards in packs
  182. VIP this weekend?
  183. Be careful!! Regarding stardust
  184. Unintentionall spoiler...
  185. Plans to add non-Linear elements to future PvE Campaign content?
  186. Full list of Shard Alignment?
  187. Perspective on PVE from a new player.
  188. Nerf Kilipede Please
  189. Low end hardware for hex. Tablets and laptops etc.
  190. PvE Feedback: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
  191. "_______ is easy"
  192. An Ardor Day Plea
  193. TCG Browser Talent Hunt
  194. "_______ is That"
  195. Patch notes contradicts known issues
  196. New Official PvE Trailer
  197. 'By logging in, I agree to the T&C'
  198. Please Design a Card with -1 Casting Cost
  199. Does anyone get lag in match very bad?
  200. Buying VIP - Not the same options as buying platinum
  201. Balance changes in many encounters
  202. Can't we change his passive's description to something more readable?
  203. Patch PVE Contend Datasize
  204. Stalker of Marbaras
  205. There's something about Clerics....
  206. "instant game effects"
  207. kickstarter pve question
  208. The pve campaign and multiple deck builds
  209. The Usurper (Dungeon?)
  210. Why isn't Gareth Kay Ardent?
  211. Might want to consider postponing VIP
  212. Dungeon farm
  213. Campaign Review using starter deck
  214. Psychic torment banned
  215. The Cory Challenge
  216. Alucard's January 2016 Giveaway Hextravaganza! Prizes Galore!
  217. A non-KS backer point of view (and a concern)
  218. 150 card + decks are unbearable to play in PvE
  219. How to get extra copies of the Unique card you get from the Tutorial Dungeon?
  220. Conceding in PVE?
  221. The campaign looks AWESOME
  222. Random pve questions
  223. Speculation: As Campaign mode grows, block restrictions in different Adventure Zones?
  224. What Is Your Most Hated Encounter in the Campaign and Why? (SPOILERS, DUH)
  225. Where can we view the shard grid information?
  226. What Is Your Most Beloved Encounter in the Campaign and Why? (SPOILERS, DUH)
  227. The story so far...
  228. Active Community Doc of cards that are farmable in PvE?
  229. No Ardor Bonus in Arena?
  230. No Dungeon Delver bonus loot on Ardor day drops?
  231. Game Informer Article
  232. Ardor Day Drop Rates
  233. [WARNING] MORE infinite Vennen latency risk
  234. Kickstarter PVE equipment obtainable in Campaign?
  235. PVE Secrets (Spoiler)
  236. Champion Creation Reference Guide - comments and suggestions welcome!
  237. 95 Rating in Game Trend Article
  238. I forgot how OP Titania's Majesty is (PvE)
  239. Friend of Jank Bot vs. Cosmic Power
  240. Is there anyway to contact HexEnt directly?
  241. PvE Conversation/Class/Race Results
  242. Artifact Eggs
  243. Dungeon Tips and Tricks (with spoilers)
  244. Consider bringing PvE Mulligan System into PvP?
  245. Hotel Accommodations - FOR IQ March 5 and 6th?
  246. PvP cards in PvE
  247. Rock League Season 6 - Return of the rocks! (29th February 2016)
  248. Sign Needed
  249. Be My Chum - PvE Community Contest
  250. Kismet is Angry