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  1. Missing Cards?
  2. If I am Grand King+Collectors? How many of the KS exclusives should i have each?
  3. Why there are no downside in using opposite faction cards on your deck?
  4. Adventure Zone 1: Interactive Map
  5. bugged cards, and not being in beta anymore
  6. blocking with champion
  7. HEX Invitational FAQ Thread
  8. Set 1-3 Chest and WOF Rewards (Seeking Info)
  9. Watch my fight with the Armies of Myth
  10. burning zombie thingie mechanics
  11. ETA on listing the new PVE cards on the Auction House?
  12. Avatar of Cowardice - Card Design Contest
  13. Duplicate gem abilities
  14. Lucky roll contest?
  15. VIP Details
  16. Different Kind of Rainbow Victory
  17. Campaign Unlocks
  18. Who is qualified to answer rule questions?
  19. Oh Lord Adam, what have you done. Thanks for the help Phenteo.
  20. How big is the DL and how much data does playing use?
  21. Can webzen EPINS from G2A be used to buy plat on US servers?
  22. Is it against TOS to buy or sell entire accounts for RL cash?
  23. Is there any reason to keep more than 4 of the same card?
  24. What are the benefits to being in a guild right now?
  25. Dear Chark, Thank You For Crushing AoM6
  26. Repurposed Robes (Awaken's equip), as bad as I think it is?
  27. Corrupted Dryad help in campaign
  28. Can you auto-sort your hand in-game?
  29. Any Hex tournaments with commentary?
  30. Is the Hex API for Collection tracking running quickly now?
  31. Dream Deck with equipment is crazy.
  32. T for Trading
  33. Identify what is causing this to happen
  34. Advanced Racial Talents
  35. I need red and/or purp deck ideas for tomb of the rose knights
  36. [Spoiler?!] Found these two randomly... but have never seen them ingame... you?
  37. Brink Ridge help for Vennen Cleric
  38. What do you think about the AZ1 overworld map?
  39. Anyone playing hex on a tablet?
  40. Army of Myth - 109/109 in play...among other things.
  41. Lack of Endgame Content for the current Endgame
  42. Ruby Cup, Season 3, this Saturday!
  43. Now is the greatest time ever to sell cards!
  44. Promo Dust
  45. This game's art ruined me for all other digital card games
  46. Whats the most powerful solo shard in the campaign.
  47. Tournament History Updating
  48. Gauntlet(constructed) expected returns calculator
  49. Anyone know a better value laptop than this one for Hex?
  50. Battle Hardened Pa with Gear
  51. Whats the best node to grind xp in campaign, just to get up to level 6 or so?
  52. Hex Constructed Fantasy Draft League (Conceptualizing)
  53. Reward for Defeating vs Bribing the blockade encounter?
  54. Returning multiple cards to in play.
  55. What is the best way to "invest" for long term if new
  56. Do you run warriors in your warrior deck?
  57. Is the server down ?
  58. 60 Seconds to sideboard is beyond a joke
  59. I gained a life in devonshire, can someone explain that?
  60. Team Clockwork presents - The PvE Compendium
  61. Can Scheming Blessings create Blessings of the Immortals?
  62. Is there a mark in the cards for alignment? (Ardent / Underworld)
  63. Why no common PvE cards?
  64. Any words on the AH bug regarding PVE cards?
  65. PvP state of affairs
  66. Quick Double Back Thought/Issue
  67. Night of Bells question
  68. Bidding health to choose who goes first.
  69. I Have to Say, Blood Orcs Are...
  70. Any chance we could get an update on the exchange rate issue?
  71. Tune in every saturday for HEXMETA Analysis and Tournament play...
  72. Server Status Thread - Chronicles of Entrath Update 02/18/16
  73. Patch notes
  74. Ninja nerf to Vilefang Eremite equipment and thus pve vennen
  75. Do final dungeon rewards change based on what you kill in the dungeon?
  76. pvp quests
  77. Racial Affinity
  78. hex.tcgbrowser.com has been down since about 9est las night
  79. More Communication when there is a Bug
  80. Hex API Parser (multi-platform for Windows and OS X)
  81. Questions for a first time Hex player
  82. Pay it Forward GIVEAWAY!
  83. Common Inflation
  84. Taming Sphere
  85. MONDAY META MADNESS - New weekly twitch show.
  86. Best/cheapest way to obtain all the dream cards?
  87. I want to spend MONEY! (no kidding - when is Set 004 out?)
  88. PvE still missing some MMO aspects - Here's an idea
  89. Is lack of multiplayer/guilds hurting Hex?
  90. Soul Marble AA
  91. Did I miss the Pro Player tournament?
  92. Is it possible to respond to my own card?
  93. Invitational Couch-surfing!
  94. Booster draft format is ridiculous if players leave
  95. Can you find Ghost Sentinel yet?
  96. Why the game DL files after every launch
  97. New Website for HEX at gameforge?
  98. Hogarth's Frost Ring Arena is a year old next month
  99. Draft tournaments statistics?
  100. What is the fee to enter the VIP tournament, besides the subscription fee?
  101. How is this game compared to Infinity Wars?
  102. the next PVP set will be playable for fans attending the Invitational!
  103. Posters!
  104. Economy and some legendary cards
  105. Gem of Subterfuge vs. Destruction effects order
  106. A Lesson Learned the Hard Way
  107. set cycle in constructed format : your wishes ?
  108. VIP - maybe a bit more flavor?
  109. Coyotle Zodiac rotation
  110. About the Kickstarter Features that aren't here yet
  111. Reminder: Friday Night Pre-Invitational Community Dinner
  112. First time playing the campaign mode in Hex, and I have a few questions
  113. Invitational swag availability for persons not attending convention
  114. Please don't tell me Killipede is a valid PvP card
  115. Comparing power levels - The power creep thread
  116. Esports arena - when does it open on march 5
  117. Empower Redundant?
  118. The Art, oh the art... (big compliment)
  119. Spoiler breadcrumbs brought to you by FiveShards
  120. What's the best way to get good, yet expensive cards?
  121. 100K Roll Call!
  122. 100k Decklists!
  123. Primal Dawn spoiler compendium - post 'em as you see 'em!
  124. I'm confused on how the set rotations work
  125. 2 Turns Ahead Interview with Cory Jones
  126. Highest HP You have had?
  127. Request to Datadragon - Top 10 drafter stats
  128. giving out set4 pack codes and other business matters
  129. Hex 100k Coverage Feedback Thread (Unofficial)
  130. Which ranking system for Hex ?
  131. 100k stream video gone on twitch?
  132. API stream
  133. Framing the posters
  134. Will Player PvP Stats be Available Eventually?
  135. H.A.T. Possible Fundraiser
  136. $100K Stories Thread
  137. Hex Invitational Draft
  138. Next IQ Season?
  139. Why Don't 0/0 Troops Enter Play?
  140. New game ad on youtube
  141. Tomorrow's preview mismatch
  142. I hope they reopen test server 4set4
  143. To spin or not to spin (High rarity chest)
  144. The Elite Battle Tech match in Crayburn castle is completely unfair
  145. Oh my... Primal Dawn Spoiler!
  146. Birthday thread with contest
  147. This game needs a divine offering mechanic, or a way to get guaranteed resources
  148. Why don't I see any marketing?
  149. Making Win / Loss Record public on Twitch Streams
  150. Regarding hex giveaways in twitch
  151. Hex multiple sleeves discussion
  152. New Community Tool - HexCollection thingajiggy
  153. Hex Cosplay
  154. Denver Comic Con
  155. Gauntlets of Dusk
  156. Let's fire a Scheduled Constructed Tournament!
  157. Hex Invitational Final Standings Explanation?
  158. Challenge a Champion (Koma)! Win prizes! 5pm CST this Tuesday.
  159. Discord - Hex Community Voice and Text chat Server
  160. HEX - Server Maintenance - 03/15/2016
  161. New HEX article (includes Chris Woods and AI)
  162. Forum Signature Commission.
  163. A Spidery Goodbye from Phenteo
  164. Just had the longest PVE encounter ever. Thanks to ONE lethal troop.
  165. Hex in Millennium Blades?
  166. So I hear you're looking for some marketing?
  167. Reversion Reveals?! [Spoiler]
  168. Card Creation Thread?
  169. What's up with the PvE rarity scale system?
  170. When shall we feast ?
  171. A request on daily draft ticket redemptions
  172. Features being put in backburner in developement with new digital card sets?
  173. Suggestion for Next Year's Invitational
  174. Hoping for Set 4 before [insert month here]
  175. Keepapalooza
  176. Shin'hare: How would you suggest to fix?
  177. Starshield Spoils!
  178. Gameforge Jank Bot League
  179. Temporary solution to speed up HEX on slow machines!!!
  180. Constructed Gauntlet and Set 04
  181. VIP daylight savings time!
  182. Branding on in game sleeves.
  183. Are you supposed to be able to respond to the activation of a Shift power?
  184. Everyone Loves a Giveaway Stream! Celebrating 500 Followers
  185. Start time listing rant
  186. HEX Shards of Fate: Are you over 18? Marketing Ad
  187. Set 4 early access rant
  188. Elf Warlocks
  189. Help please (question)
  190. [PvP Spoiler] The Day Entrath Stood Still
  191. Game mechanic: is there a step after dmg is assigned but before a creature dies?
  192. Hail The Darkness of Warlocks! (Set 4 Spoiler)
  193. [Team MoMCards] [EXCLU] Reveal a new card PVP SET4
  194. For Those Who Like to Aggro (Set 4 Spoiler)
  195. Old dungeons...
  196. Tier 1 camping...
  197. Millenium Blades Set inspired by Hex
  198. Primal Dawn Preview - Hulking Smasher
  199. Look what my wonderful wife just gave me
  200. Fiveshards Weeklies this weekend and next 3 months
  201. Set 4 release event 29th of April and new platnimum prices.
  202. Finally Micro-Transactions are here!
  203. Help deaf people understand the game - transcribe HEX VODs for rewards!
  204. Cards Your Favorite Champion 'Owns'
  205. Introducing HEX BATTLEGROUNDS - A stream mini-game
  206. I made a tournament schedule that shows staring time in your local time :)
  207. Phoenix to play Bunnies next Week! (5 shards) ...you can make it happen!
  208. The Wild Cup Season 3 this weekend! Presented by the Dragonborn. Singleton format!
  209. [MoMCards / HEX Fr] Hex invitational Interviews
  210. HEX is coming to Steam!
  211. Zygmunt's Game
  212. Hex Steam Guide
  213. I wish i could see all my opponents sleeves somehow
  214. Chants Idea
  215. Update patch notes up?
  216. HEX on Gamescom 2016?
  217. the fastest gets a prize
  218. Are we missing equipment from the Kickstarter cards we got today?
  219. Updated Draft UI
  220. Spectral changes
  221. So Shattered Destiny is the featured store item...
  222. New patcher art
  223. How can one acquire more Ethereal Healers?
  224. Kickstarter Promo Cards Added!
  225. Error w/ kickstarter rewards page?
  226. Welcoming our new Steam friends
  227. Rules Updates For Primal Dawn regarding Copies
  228. Too many KS promo cards!
  229. Mystery - How do you get the card "Symeon's Bounty"?
  230. Which should/will come first? Set 4 or Steam release?
  231. Thank You for Adding the Ability to Save Additional Decks in Campaign
  232. What ever happened to the set 2 AA cards for gold?
  233. New Promo Video Up On Steam Hex Page
  234. Steam: Most up-voted comment and DLC.
  235. Had to post this, didn't know this was possible from spin lol
  236. A legal way to cash out?
  237. Fantasy Portraits ,Clan Logos
  238. Pleasantly surprised at what I saw in chat with regards to new players.
  239. Popping store ?
  240. Hex API and TCG Browser
  241. Tablet support?
  242. Any groups to talk about constructed hex?
  243. Primal Dawn Forgotten?
  244. When the chips are down....
  245. Invalid Request?
  246. Track your drafting stats (win percentages / plat gained / ...)
  247. Question about Kickstarter tiers
  248. Set 4 - Sealed Gauntlet
  249. Set 4 card spoiler! Zomg! Power Creep?
  250. Kickstarter account tier