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  1. Hex themed sets and other thoughts
  2. One Million!
  3. 1,000,000
  4. Possibility to view other people games/tournaments LIVE
  5. Murder Inc. guild discussion... for now
  6. windows 8 touchscreen compatibility
  7. New article up on HexTCG
  8. Dragon Lord slot open
  9. Tier improvement suggestions to gain more broad support
  10. Leveling Cards
  11. Strategy website idea
  12. Feature Request: Name-stamping Cards
  13. Draft match making
  14. What does the gold crown on the right mean?
  15. Draft Costs
  16. Fun Combos and Synergies with cards revealed so far (PvP)
  17. Primal Draft Tournament?
  18. Some questions on "Dungeon crawler" tier
  19. Any Chance For 4 Copes Of Kickstarter Exclusive Cards as a Stretch Goal?
  20. Reselling boosters at launch
  21. Funny idea: Cards change when trading
  22. noob question
  23. PvP vs. PvE: Please help me understand
  24. Final stretch goal
  25. Update #13 One Million Dollars
  26. Set 1 flood speculation~
  27. What's the true benefit of Grand King?
  28. Aethynia and "Final Attempt"
  29. Official CZE Hex app
  30. And Grand King is Sold Out!
  31. About the Head Games card
  32. Rare/Legendary per set?
  33. Question about Supporter Tier ($10)
  34. Campaign Total Prediction (with math)
  35. New record
  36. Trading Block
  37. I have some concerns about community management.
  38. Can we sell on the market place for real money? Please clarify :)
  39. Only 19 Immortals left
  40. Where and how were you converted?
  41. What have you pledged so far?
  42. How will account merging work?
  43. Multiple Accounts, 1 Kickstart
  44. Interview with Cory Jones on "The Instance" Podcast (05/21)
  45. Turn cards into crafting material?
  46. making a living as a florist on HEX
  47. We've now officially had our best day yet!
  48. mass apeal doubts.
  49. Cards don't wear equipment...
  50. Do you think Spectral Lotus will be extended art/foil eligible?
  51. Weirdest Dream
  52. I want merchandise!
  53. Kickstarter Stretch Goals by Tier!
  54. Anyone from Australia?
  55. Limited attempts for dungeons?
  56. Getting the word out there.
  57. New Tier Suggestion
  58. FX particles and animations for cards from Legend of Norrath
  59. "Renaming" cards [RP Purpose]
  60. Socketing and Gems explained
  61. Any chance to get free draft in any other way
  62. Now when was beta release again?
  63. Crafting and food.
  64. So You Backed Hex, But Are New to TCGs...
  65. the hex grey market...
  66. Quick question on email.
  67. Do you think Grand King tier will be available again?
  68. New article up on HEXTCG
  69. Regarding Dungeons
  70. Has anyone compiled a full spoiler list for known cards?
  71. Double Dipping
  72. Free Draft Per Week Question
  73. 1.16 mil goal
  74. How to get Pro Tier, Grand King Tier and possibly Dragon Lord
  75. PvE Competition....
  76. Suggestion: Guild collection security
  77. Using the same card in multiple decks.
  78. Is there a list of the default/standard/draft Champions?
  79. How do you acquire gems?
  80. Update #14 - Legen...wait for it...dary
  81. Tablet Support
  82. anyone else glad the upgraded from pro-player?
  83. Will there be Mustelidae based cards?
  84. Can we have some official answers please? bump and help me to get some answers!
  85. Thoughts on Cash tourneys ... things to consider.
  86. A question for Grand King and their exclusive PvP arts
  87. What do you do when you get foiled
  88. Junkyard Dogs
  89. What features do you want in the mobile version
  90. Best bang for the buck
  91. Draft Tournment booster pack entry fee
  92. Was the Final Stretch Goal a Money Grab?
  93. Stretch Goals Stacking? (primal packs)
  94. how to fix the pp/gk tier
  95. Billy's console conundrum...
  96. Upgrading pledge level post kickstarter
  97. Great way to read Hex articles
  98. With PP gone - what $250.00 tier do you suggest?
  99. We want more livestreams!
  100. Suggestion: Sell Collections on AH
  101. Tablet Support could be epic for multiplayer!
  102. Lord of the Flies/Hunger Games Arena Idea
  103. Ideas on how to improve PVE
  104. Haters gonna hate
  105. How many booster packs do you think will take to complete a playset?
  106. Main Issues With $250 Tier Stretch Goal
  107. Primal from draft wins?
  108. Buying KS for a buddy question ...
  109. New Article
  110. Question about stacking pledges [GK+Pro]
  111. Changing Champions Mid-Dungeon?
  112. Card Mechanics You'd Like To See Implemented
  113. Multiple Accounts With Collector Tier
  114. The "Real" Grand King!
  115. Final Stretch Goal Disappointment
  116. Which is better now? 2x king or 1 collector?
  117. Localization and translation?
  118. Alt view about PP ans other tiers - Wrong market sentiment?
  119. Nonbasic Resource Spotted!
  120. Account and Statistics
  121. A call for some positiveness
  122. Question on Primals
  123. I want this game to be great..
  124. Blood Magic decks are too overpowered. Nerf it please.
  125. Basicaction / quickaction
  126. App Store Concerns
  127. PVE and PVP what would be more fun
  128. Tablet Possibilities
  129. What is the point to limiting the number of spots per tier?
  130. Greed
  131. Estimates on how many womens planning on playing this game?
  132. Physical Card Cashout
  133. Will there be an option to cash out?
  134. What If Hex Failed?
  135. New Card Discussion: Judgement
  136. Sign of Significant Slow Down
  137. What happens if they reach 4.5m?
  138. Foil Lotus Garden
  139. Why you should love the Tablet.
  140. suggestion: keyword text ingame explanation
  141. New article up: Artsy Beginnings
  142. PVE drops question
  143. How to not suck at Drafting
  144. How hard do you think the raids will be?
  145. If you click on someones name you can ignore them!
  146. Taking A Minute To Thank Crypto!
  147. A Full Set
  148. Favourite Shard and favourite Card so far?
  149. Hex Wikipedia page
  150. Who here is going to PAX Prime?
  151. Opening your Packs
  152. Free booster drafts
  153. Free For All PvP with 3+ Players?
  154. Design Your Own Card
  155. Kickstarter Update #15 is up
  156. @Crypto. The Danger with 1 Year Draft and Lifetime Not Stacking.
  157. Pro Player Tier suggestion to latest change to other $250 tiers
  158. Idea for Multiple Guilds
  159. HEX on cheap android tablets?
  160. what the heck....
  161. Question about Equipment
  162. HEX IRC Channel
  163. Card Ideas from the KS experience
  164. Drafting with KS packs?
  165. Request: campaign mode
  166. Questions About Platinum
  167. Newest Teaser
  168. Sad, I guess Nobody cares about tablets.
  169. Dungeon crawler loot
  170. Beta and assorted questions i did't find in this forums
  171. What do you think about potential for Face Down Cards?
  172. Cost Barrier to Entry PvP
  173. General Question about Cards
  174. When does the Blood Dragon Starter Reward begin?
  175. Kickstarter slump information thread!
  176. A thank you to the positive gamers
  177. Multiboxing Hex
  178. 2x GK worth it?
  179. Market place and equipment
  180. PVE and its content.
  181. Multiple Accounts - will you or won't you?
  182. 'Loan' or 'Borrow' option
  183. PVE Preview: The Kraken's Lair
  184. Hex Wiki
  185. Request: getharing all PvE information
  186. Life Gain Deck?
  187. So, how good of a tutorial will this thing have? sorta new to genre
  188. Adding/Changing Reward Tiers
  189. Any chance of additional Grand King slots before time is up?
  190. I'm proud to introduce DeckSpot.net's upcoming support for Hex MMO!
  191. Primal Packs while drafting
  192. How are disconnects/logouts handled mid-dungeon?
  193. Ignore lists
  194. PvE/PvP/AI only Indicators?
  195. HEX on Reddit
  196. Socketed cards
  197. Respecing and leveling up?
  198. Ramifications of keep defense...
  199. This is not acceptable
  200. Kickstarter Comments
  201. Kickstarter Update #16 is up
  202. Project Update #16: Release the Kraken
  203. hex raid suggestion
  204. I made a favicon for HexTCG
  205. NO 2v2 pvp battes?!?! Please confirm
  206. Mistake in final reward on KS?
  207. Mercenaries and Champion exp?
  208. Demo on IGN
  209. IGN - Video - Cory is interviewed while playing vs Kyle!
  210. Game Life Expectancy
  211. MTGO Player questions
  212. Anyone want my grand king?
  213. Brick and Mortar Card shops
  214. Hex vs Hearthstone
  215. Are legendary cards are truly gonna be legendary
  216. GK and PP or GK and Collector? Tough Decision.
  217. Request: Making Dungeon Crawler and Raid Leader Universal
  218. breaking Replicator's Gambit
  219. Thoughts on Mechanic?
  220. Artsy Beginnings?
  221. Consolidated list of Hex Info Links
  222. Cardboard Tube Samurai listed on two different reward tiers on Kickstarter?
  223. Multi accounting for kickstart 1 year draft reward allowed?
  224. Mana Burn in Hex?
  225. Rarity cards
  226. My concerns about this game
  227. what would happen if there was no limit on GK?
  228. Suggestion about New Tiers and Add-on's.
  229. Comprehensive Rules for Hex
  230. if after Kickstart..
  231. Testing and game balance concerns
  232. Collector or Dungeon Crawler?
  233. Voice and Text Chat during matches
  234. Can we get a final answer purple posters?
  235. Update #17 - Introducing the Elves
  236. Looking to upgrade to Dragon Lord
  237. kickstarter funds question
  238. Rarity Icons
  239. How to not suck at Drafting - Part 2
  240. Some one on the HEX sub-reddit purchased the immortal tier and needs help with ideas.
  241. Understanding the Legendary Controversy
  242. The Poor mans PvP
  243. Feature Request: Teaching Mode
  244. questions about buying a 250$ for a friend...
  245. thank you for final stretch!!!
  246. Do you think there will be any more stretch goals?
  247. The problem with resource cards in deck.
  248. A referal program/secret stretch goal feature??
  249. Comprehensive Rules
  250. Utopian Chaos and The Unnamed Council