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  1. The Story of HEX
  2. Novels?
  3. Symbols for races
  4. Player Driven Storyline
  5. Major Lore Characters?
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  8. Warlock lore?
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  10. Order of races on the side-art
  11. Witch Species
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  13. Shin'Hare Design and Lore
  14. [Opinion] The Antagonist of Entrath
  15. Really interested in the dwarf ranger.
  16. Re: Keeps and the story behind them
  17. Hex apostropocalypse
  18. Hex Tabletop RPG
  19. She...
  20. What is the lore behind the mechanics?
  21. Day in the Life: Shin'hare Laborer
  22. Lore that pits guild against guild
  23. Hexploration: The Daily Adventures of Lord Bernard P Dunthorpe & Sir Silas Bexley
  24. The Ashen and The Hired Horns
  25. Characters
  26. Underworld And Females
  27. Who are the 'bad guys,' of Entrath? The Necrotic or the Humans?
  28. Will the Coyotle be based on defunct Native American scholarship?
  29. Suggestion for if you guys ever do lizard people. Make them mute.
  30. Vennen Faces: Bony forehead protrusions or eyes?
  31. Love for Gawaine
  32. Hex Meteor
  33. A Dwarf Story (In Limericks)
  34. Crivens! Scottish Sheeple!
  35. Hidden object minigame?
  36. [Fan-fic+card] A Shin'hare Friendship
  37. Undeath in the Royal Family
  38. Hogma's Spa (More Dwarven Limericks)
  39. The flavor texts are kinda bland so far guys
  40. Hex Background Lore
  41. Search for the Dwarven women (beardless)
  42. Glee Merrytime, Primal of Rhyme
  43. Oct 8th Spoiler - ARTIFACTS - suggested alt art and flavor texts
  44. Interlude -- Waiting
  45. Those birds on the Phoenix Guard card arts
  46. Storyline gameplay
  47. Naturalism.
  48. Proposed origin of "spells" in the Hex universe.
  49. Naming Conventions
  50. new faction- artifact troops
  51. dwarven space program
  52. Necrotic consciousness
  53. Necrotic vs Undead
  54. Coyotle beliefs
  55. Just a suggestion for a character. Undead frog named Croak.
  56. Novel Update?
  57. Lore vs new sets and mechanics
  58. Necrotic Beginning concept
  59. Fan Art
  60. Robots vs Constructs
  61. Your favourite Primal
  62. Raid Concept. The traitorus adventurers.
  63. Totems
  64. What do you think Hex is?
  65. Create a Rumor ( Lore Building Fun )
  66. Theezer's Freezer
  67. Why Does CZE hate the Zared? Does he wear pants?
  68. Eldon's affiliation
  69. Who Armored T-Hex?
  70. I Want to Like the Coyotle
  71. The lore and the players
  72. Protect the Sanctity of the Arena: Keep Out the Vennen!
  73. Origin of the Shroomnobi
  74. I'm on to you, Loregoyle
  75. Minotaurs beat Manticores. Its been decided!
  76. Badly written fan fiction thread :D
  77. Nercotics Evil?
  78. Dungeon Lore and Deckbuilding Restrictions
  79. Wild and Blood Magic
  80. So Where is the Moon?
  81. The Lesser Races
  82. Who else would like to see an epic trailer of all the races fighting?
  83. First necrotic??
  84. *SPOILER ALERT* Accidential Knight discussion-May Contain Spoilers. Read Book First!
  85. The Accidental Knight...first impressions. (may contain spoilers)
  86. Where are we right now on Entrath?
  87. Ardent Warlocks
  88. The Races gone topsy turvy!
  89. Is the Cromag race related to the Human race?
  90. Era, Dates and pronunciation
  91. The troop that is attracting corpsefly's and giant mosquito's
  92. Shattered Destiny Characters
  93. In Defense of Evil
  94. Buffalo Banter
  95. Void and tentacles
  96. Night of The Bells
  97. The Art of Canyon Scout
  98. The Dwarf...Fortress...should have a Dwarf Fortress Reference
  99. A short story with some prizes! Enjoy
  100. Blood Dragon
  101. Ozawa The Wanderer
  102. The Eternal Guardian
  103. Heroes background
  104. More Lore?
  105. Princess Cory's preferred pronouns?
  106. Gozzog: "I have to go now. My planet needs me."
  107. So Who is Working on the Next Hex Novel?
  108. Entrath New Year
  109. ARMIES OF MYTH Flavor Text Contest
  110. The Legend of the Pool of Briggadon "Concept"
  111. Orcish Haka
  112. Xentoth's Male Counterpart
  113. Set3 Coyotle: Theses are the Signs
  114. Lore for Set 3
  115. Origins of The Coyotle
  116. Gift for Roosta, Revert, and Star
  117. The Cthulhu mythos and Hex.
  118. Arachnomicon: World Creation Myth and Xentoth's History. (Complete)
  119. Lord Bernard P. Dunthorpe
  120. Deepgaze Religion and Shifting
  121. Huntress in the Dream: Story for Hex fans
  122. Armies of Myth Lore Update
  123. Highlands Blackbelt Contest Entries: Expeditions
  124. Why do Orcs keep slaves?
  125. Coyotle Lore & Prophecies for AoM
  126. Lore of the Dinosaurs?
  127. Necrotic Warfare
  128. Syyn etherdrake nomad lore?
  129. what's up with Elves & Satyrs
  130. dragons and shards
  131. Briarpatch Origins
  132. Periwinkle, hypocrite much?
  133. The Cave In
  134. Adapting 5E D&D to Entrath
  135. Xythnin's Brood
  136. Capital of Feralroot Woods
  137. The Necrotic
  138. Hexing gems have a corrupting and unstable nature... but..?
  139. PVE Ito And Shin'Hare
  140. No Harvest Lore...
  141. ShoutOut to Loregoyle for some fine flavor
  142. I spy with my little eye: An easter egg!
  143. Yazukan's Insignia
  144. Chronicles of Entrath
  145. Blood and Fire: Book 1 Theory
  146. Coyotle's Views on Shin'hare
  147. Will the novel be out on paper or via audio?
  148. Hex Zodiac
  149. Ruby and Sapphire Necrotic
  150. Humans seem unreasonable while necrotic necrotic seem good (AZ1 ardent spoilers here)
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