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  1. Polymorph Targetting
  2. Servers Down?
  3. Oops Can't login and my house name has a space
  4. Cannot launch client.
  5. Priority Bug Fix: End Key?
  6. Seeing champions right away seems bad - thoughts?
  7. "Game Login Failed"
  8. Is there somewhere to discuss poor AI plays?
  9. War Hulk transformation does not proc Worker Bot Factory
  10. Password changing
  11. Suggestion: Game end should not equal leaving game screen
  12. Deleted Human deck. Can not get it back
  13. Can not create a house name.
  14. Who wants to do an Alpha Draft Tournament?
  15. Turn being skipped
  16. Suggestion for "Pass Priority" buttons
  17. Bucktooth Commander Glitch
  18. priorety pass work around.
  19. Lost game after blocking High Tomb Lord
  20. AI Stress testing
  21. Logging Out / Timing Out?
  22. Game Login Failed
  23. I guess you can say...
  24. Making a case for card "wrapping" or stacking (visually)
  25. So you know that Keep name issue? Anyone else had it for 3 days?
  26. Request: Make Countermagic working soon
  27. Suggestion: Tool Tip Card Text
  28. Can't see personalized deck to select it
  29. Bug Reporting Procedure Question
  30. Never received Invite
  31. Better card filters??
  32. I would like to do some testing with the friend feature.
  33. Thoughts about Robots
  34. Attack and Defend beam effects hard to see
  35. Suggestion: Challenge to best of three.
  36. Champions and resources
  37. Suggestion: Save deck prompt
  38. Chain Window blocked target... almost
  39. Pass Priority vs Continue
  40. pve dungeons and raids
  41. After 5 days, the "Keep name taken" bug is fixed.
  42. Carta Nuevo!
  43. HEX Alpha Patch Notes - 815
  44. Strange invite email
  45. Lost my password
  46. Alpha Sharing
  47. some suggestions
  48. Renaming Decks
  49. 1 step forward 2 steps back?
  50. 815: List View Font Too Light to Read
  51. UI Suggestion for viewing hand 1.0.815.0
  52. Would the final client be 2560 x 1440 resolution compatible?
  53. Simple request not to overlook the fan site forum...
  54. For the weekend, can we please have the END button back?
  55. Game Log in Failed.
  56. FYI - Card: Judgement now in the Alpha Client (Nov. 15)
  57. Volcannon suggestion
  58. Account Name Already Exists
  59. Login Screen - No place to enter User Name or Password
  60. How do you tell who is starting player?
  61. Add in after match chat
  62. Patcher Hung 0% progress
  63. Frost Mage Target?
  64. Request: Stop List View from Requerying On Adding All of a Card
  65. Antivirus Avast trouble
  66. Windows 8
  67. Stuck at Loading Data.
  68. Just double checking some things
  69. Leaving a bugged game means voiding your next game?
  70. Problem with Hex Window Sizing
  71. Alpha On Mac
  72. A few Improvements to Initial Load Screen
  73. Waiting music is terribad
  74. Limit number of cards in the deck creation area to 4 each
  75. saving decks...
  76. Bring back END fix
  77. Cannot Install Game
  78. Play Log!
  79. Stuck at "Account and card collection are being created."
  80. Settings file location?
  81. Game Login Failed
  82. Stuck in Pass Priority/Can't save decks
  83. Account creation - name already taken - bug or bad luck?
  84. On a limited Bandwidth, how big is HEX?
  85. Just checking.. Alpha invites today?
  86. Not the Right Champion!
  87. Champions Powers not working/Grayed Out
  88. Observation/Recomendation
  89. New Cards in Client
  90. Concerning login server strain
  91. Please mute the droning tone
  92. How to mute the login sound without muting everything else.
  93. Anyone else bugging out before the coin flip?
  94. What are the alpha/beta refresh policies?
  95. Recording HEX for youtube
  96. Cant test what we cannot play
  97. Installer - Downloading Super Slow
  98. Port 9993 issue
  99. Advises on how to improve the in game UI
  100. A suggestion for beta
  101. My humble alpha feedback
  102. Should I wait for my account to be created?
  103. Is the next patch today or tomorrow?
  104. HEX Alpha Patch Notes - 815b
  105. 11/21/13 - Server Maintenance Extended for Patch 815b
  106. Password not being accepted after last night
  107. Game Login Failed
  108. Hex wont download patches
  109. IMPORTANT - Regarding Patch 815b - Invalid Decks
  110. Pink screen after lading
  111. Can not create a new deck
  112. The last Patch had PvE data content
  113. Too many bunnies?
  114. Patched, Don't See Any New Cards
  115. No Progress bar after Patch?
  116. Pass Priority Bug Thought
  117. Legebility of cards in hand / on the board. Also other suggestions for the future.
  118. Why Games Crash/Freeze ! + How to fix it!
  119. coin flip animation
  120. Does it take everyone else ages for card image to load in the deck builder?
  121. Cost modified to zero
  122. Patch update at 0 of 473 for the last 12 hours....
  123. Flavor Text font is almost unreably small
  124. Patcher is very slow
  125. Why is Palamedes in the Dwarf deck?
  126. Token descriptions in card editor
  127. Stuck at Account and Card Collection are being created.
  128. A couple little things
  129. A lot of missing cards
  130. Amazon EC2 Server
  131. 'Available players' list concerns
  132. Not winning coin tosses
  133. Suggest adding a /challenge command
  134. Outdated Client?
  135. Another 'Account and card collection' thread, seriously
  136. Hex Engine Missing
  137. Intentionally inserted hardware issues
  138. Possible priority bug fix
  139. Everyone in Game right now can get past first turn!!!!!
  140. Saturday Night Stability
  141. Suggestion: News Post on the Home screen
  142. Unplayable Decks after 11/23 Patch
  143. Not sure game shuffles adequetly before drawing
  144. Request master/subordinate visual indicator (Silver Talon Senator)
  145. Mimic'ing a creature with a permanent boost?
  146. Challenging employees
  147. forever starting up
  148. Cannot start any games
  149. Ability to use the keyboard more
  150. Between Phases
  151. Suggestion for Buccaneer fix
  152. Problem with updater
  153. Chat interface could be improved by making names noticable
  154. Hardware Report: Surface Pro (Win 8.1)
  155. Request sticky thread for current broken cards
  156. Games getting smoother
  157. Righteous Paladin and Lifedrain breaks game
  158. Installer/Patcher Error
  159. The Challenge Player mechanic
  160. Hex Alpha almost unplayable on my older machine
  161. blocking mechanic question
  162. Synching takes so long I lose games
  163. shards of fate
  164. Continue/Pass Priority Button Issues
  165. Some thoughts from new guy
  166. Coin Flip Screen/No Health Game
  167. Still not winning coin toss.
  168. Interface request: change the behavior of Esc.
  169. Interface request: better text field interaction
  170. Interface request: change hotkey(s) for "pass priority"
  171. Dimmid AI: Lockup on discard
  172. Request interface change for lots of cards
  173. Find Opponent Button, it's there for a reason!
  174. Is playing against AI working at all?
  175. Music
  176. Reading the patch notes
  177. Bug: Game stalling
  178. Manage Phase Stops
  179. Report a Bugged Game
  180. Graveyard Order
  181. Whisper /w command
  182. HEX Alpha Patch Notes - 816
  183. Changes to the interface, regarding turns and pass p
  184. Apparently local card art and text can be modified.
  185. Fix for being unable to create decks
  186. Servers having issues atm?
  187. Cannot play a created deck
  188. Suggestion: Turn Counter
  189. Chat Problem - Bug?
  190. Cards that bring troops down -x/-y
  191. The prep phase
  192. Suggestion: Report Player
  193. 10 and still not got in
  194. Keep Names
  195. Not able to accept challenges
  196. is there supposed to be a pre-combat step?
  197. Consider using a real bug tracker
  198. A potential tablet problem
  199. can not accept terms of service.
  200. Servers Down??
  201. Email Changes?
  202. Initial Log in
  203. Escalation has been nerfed!
  204. Not all KS backers in alpha. Intended?
  205. Gems N sockets
  206. Suggestion: Better PvAI Decks
  207. Game falling to pieces
  208. Card Brightness & Contrast
  209. Extra cards in deck during match
  210. 3x Copies of Cards appearing more often in 816?
  211. Question about lifedrain
  212. HEX Alpha Patch Notes - 816B
  213. Client Download
  214. Crush damage vs Flock of Seagulls
  215. Booby Trap
  216. How many of set 1 cards are working?
  217. Do we get to know who the CZE handles belonged to?
  218. Default champion mystery
  219. Game wants me to make a new account but says the old account exists?
  220. Bug or Intent?
  221. Hex on a Windows XP Virtualbox VM
  222. 20,000 backers in..
  223. Shards of Fate (the card) concern
  224. The coin flip
  225. Suggestion: Remove or greatly increase AI game timeout if you want us to report bugs
  226. The state of gems and how they are interacting now.
  227. Any word on Beta?
  228. Deleted some decks, now can't create valid decks
  229. Card scaling
  230. Graphics problem - large purple blobs on the screen
  231. PLEASE prioritize fixing coin flip bug...
  232. Sliver of immortal spear improvement
  233. Can't Build New Deck
  234. omg i hate the chat box
  235. Card Usage Confirmation?
  236. Unable to choose deck when challenging opponent
  237. tablet
  238. Randomization Needs Fixing (Data Collection Help)
  239. dumb AI actions
  240. Battle Log
  241. Unreadable card text
  242. Invalid deck
  243. downtime schedule for 12/11
  244. pass priority key
  245. Is your hand a zone?
  246. Slow Connection
  247. I am missing a shortcut to use a troops card ability without getting a close up view?
  248. HEX Alpha Patch Notes - 817
  249. Triggered abilities that target now go on the chain
  250. Tournament Stress Test - 12/12/2013