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  1. Card manager a LOT slower this patch - 817
  2. HEX Alpha Patch Notes 817a 12/12/13 hotfix 5:30pm PT
  3. Suggestion: see pre-transformation
  4. Background Sound
  5. Brackets...
  6. Clicking void button causes display issues
  7. Patch 817 summary video
  8. General Alpha feedback. Excitement and Interactivity.
  9. Multiple effect targeting discard pile : need a way to know which card is targeted.
  10. Tournament Loading...
  11. Curse of Oblivion: Bug, Exploit, Working as Intended?
  12. Shards of Fate
  13. enter and space
  14. Heavy Client
  15. Graveyard scrolling not PC friendly
  16. Tournaments running?
  17. While the matchmaking isn't working in Alpha....
  18. Question about Resources
  19. Not able to place cards
  20. SUGGESTION: Single Game Elimination Tournaments
  21. Diverse Metagame?
  22. Simple suggestion to tournament interface.
  23. Understanding the Coin Flip Bug
  24. An Necessity for tournament
  25. Keep name has to be at least four characters?
  26. Deck list request
  27. Cannot deselect cards with targeting actions
  28. Can't join tournament
  29. patch today?
  30. Improvement: Soul Marble
  31. Pass Priority System, needs removed.
  32. Mulligan system. Can it be improved?
  33. Troops as a Quickaction
  34. HEX Alpha Patch Notes - v818 12/19/13
  35. Server Down?
  36. Please Help: Not downloading
  37. Cards that create cards - need more info
  38. Whats the current statis
  39. Suggestion: Color code the pass priority bar
  40. Pass priority - problems and solutions
  41. A right click Always Accept
  42. Tournament Deck Saving
  43. Can we get a CZE reponse on "pass all priority" buttons and the like?
  44. 2x King Tier - 1 Kickstarter account
  45. Prep Phase... not gone?
  46. Infinite/degenrate combo's
  47. Effectiveness of Sapphire Control Heavy Decks
  48. Hex Client bug
  49. Client Hotkeys/shortcuts
  50. Should debuffing the costs of cards be affected by inspire?
  51. Tournamants back up.
  52. Hex Alpha Wineskin Mac (*Not* Working)
  53. Cerulean Mentalist not saving
  54. I have forgotten my password for my hex account. I can supply all details about it.
  55. Space Bar Needs To Go...!!!!
  56. Wanted: "Combat" Log
  57. Holiday Surprise Patch
  58. HEX Alpha Patch Notes - v819 12/26/13
  59. Holiday Tournament Stress Test 12/27/2013
  60. Is Howling Ambush supposed to work if you go to your turn?
  61. I stopped using the chat...
  62. Alpha Access as a gift?
  63. Can we revisit abilities and the stack?
  64. Prime Gem Of Solidarity - stacking while not having threshold
  65. Suggestion: Show counters on normal cards
  66. Several abilities no longer on the stack...
  67. Mana cost on tooltip in Deck Builder, please
  68. Installer
  69. Incantation Suggestions
  70. Infernal professor+ voided cards
  71. This randomness !
  72. Loss of the Prep Phase window and Activated Ability Changes Are Incompatible
  73. Eldritch Dreamer could use nerfs
  74. Incantation of Fury needs a hug
  75. The future of ruby: an idea
  76. Blocking with sacrificed troop- How is this supposed to work?
  77. Something Less Serious, for a Moment
  78. Settings Options in Game
  79. Wiping?
  80. His Majesty, King Gabriel , Boldheart
  81. Champions: Only One Charge Activation Per Turn?
  82. Can I change my logon Email?
  83. A Lean Mean E-Sport: My Vision of What Hex Should Be
  84. How to Change Log In Email?
  85. All Incantations Should go at the Same Speed
  86. Buccaneer -- Inspire
  87. Suggestion to fix resource screw "The Soldack Shuffle" :)
  88. Kickstarter backer - am I missing anything by waiting until go live to play?
  89. Hex on Mac using Parallels: Performance experience?
  90. When this troop leaves play
  91. Patching.exe
  92. Hex Multi-Monitor support?
  93. Tournament Lobby Chat
  94. Casting costs, a bit high
  95. Chocmaw's suggestions - A layman's perspective on The Hexperience
  96. Lack of combos a good thing?
  97. Exhaust
  98. Balance, Color distribution of card types, casting costs, and the problems therein.
  99. Should shards of fate give a charge
  100. Yippie 8 mans fixed!
  101. PSA - Alpha Testing Courtesy
  102. Alpha Account Credential Recovery
  103. Access to Alpha?
  104. Couple Things
  105. A Little Discussion with lots of IMO about cards and mechanics.
  106. HEX Alpha Patch Notes - v820 1/9/14
  107. battle Hoppers
  108. There can only be one... Format?
  109. Time Ripple question / possible bug
  110. How should reversion affect honeycup?
  111. Friends being randomly "Ignored"
  112. P^3 Pro Priority Pressure
  113. Card Balance and Patching
  114. Card Mini Zoom
  115. Text of Turns Actions?
  116. Need Help
  117. The Transcended feels too strong
  118. Super Slow Gameplay
  119. is this a bug? (Eldritch dreamer with major diamond gem)
  120. Games Not STARTING 1-11-2014
  121. Games not Starting
  122. Slacker Backer
  123. Alpha advice and question
  124. Move "accept" button when viewing graveyards, etc, or lock hand interaction.
  125. Working Correctly?
  126. Friends Text Colour
  127. Game Speed Improvements
  128. speed up the game by speeding up players
  129. Kickstarter Rewards
  130. List of Card Effect/Ideas not in Alpha
  131. Thoughts on Reversion?
  132. Why don't same name cards stack?
  133. Computer Opponents
  134. Feedback: the problems with the current in-game UI
  135. Instead of "Continue" use "Continue to Next Phase"
  136. When do we get to test the PVP Auction House?
  137. Change Display Settings Outside of Game?
  138. Does HEX run under XP?
  139. No Patch for Week of 1/12 - 1/18
  140. Enchantments with gemslots
  141. Deck Name
  142. Feature request - Casual/Competitive Lobbies
  143. When reformatting windows
  144. friends list bug still :(
  145. Surface Pro 2 performance
  146. Please implement asynchronous tournamanets (Arena-style)
  147. Is there a feature roadmap posted somewhere? / wishlist
  148. Curse of Oblivion post patch removal issue/question
  149. Fundamental problem
  150. You need to allow chat while waiting on tournaments to move to next round
  151. Countermagic too efficient?
  152. Idea for a better Pass Stop UI
  153. Missing phase: Pre-combat
  154. Why can't we be friends?
  155. cannot wait to play and get my invite!
  156. You're doing it again. Stop it.
  157. AI Decks
  158. Keep Names
  159. Proving Grounds
  160. HEX Alpha Patch Notes - v821 1/22/14
  161. Stuck on
  162. Please take out the 30 minute waiting time for sealed
  163. Can't log in at the moment
  164. Rules Sealed
  165. Bug or intentional game mechanic?
  166. Unable to patch
  167. Genesis Hydra may need a buff
  168. Deck Building under time pressure requires better tools
  169. Card Readability (particular fonts) could use some work.
  170. Woohoo!
  171. Client stuck during tournament lobby wait - how do I get back?!
  172. Que - ing for tournaments
  173. Reconnecting doesn't do much
  174. A few observations from a new player
  175. stormcall not working? and inspiration not triggering correctly
  176. Sealed Deck Tournaments - Please Save Your Sealed Deck
  177. ShaqAttack in response to your sticky thread
  178. Well I ran out of time in my Sealed Match...
  179. Are servers down?
  180. Please don't play Frost Wizard until he is fixed
  181. What do we know about the current timeline for completion?
  182. I think Sealed needs to show you some more information
  183. Waiting in lobby for sealed CAN be avoided. :)
  184. Any youtubers with sealed play?
  185. Anyone else having trouble loading the tournaments page?
  186. Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match
  187. Sealed Tournament counter counts to 0, then....nothing.
  188. Stack Resolution
  189. Wretched Brood - Battle Hoppers can attack the turn they come into play
  190. 821 sealed - 1 game probably stuck
  191. Keyboard Use Suggestion
  192. Right clicking cards...
  193. What are you guys waiting for *next*?
  194. Completely Locked out of Playing
  195. Turn phases circle needs a change
  196. get thread context failed
  197. Better UI for sealed/draft and some other ideas
  198. Breaking Down the Sealed Tournament Issues
  199. Alpha Invite?
  200. Sealed Tourneys fail to start
  201. Can't Login, Game Login failed
  202. Game Not loading 1-28-2014?
  203. Unofficial Features List and Implementation Milestones
  204. A good idea how to fix the sealed bug.
  205. Can't Change Champion :)
  206. back at last
  207. Patch today?
  208. Limited Formats - Card Balancing Input
  209. Bit of a problem.
  210. Where do I go to get help with my password?
  211. languages?
  212. slow connectian :(
  213. Could a Developer boot me out please?
  214. About Quick Action
  215. Let's talk about Hex's shuffling issues (pRNG)
  216. We need keyboad shortcuts!
  217. Reverting Temp Buffs
  218. Why "looking for group" ???
  219. Yet Another RNG Thread
  220. HEX Alpha Patch Notes - v822 2/6/14
  221. Messed up login form - v822 2/6/14
  222. 2 Eternal Guardians or 1 + Doppelgadget (or Mimic) is OP
  223. Tournament Feedback
  224. OMG! Replicator's Gambit now works! THANK YOU CZE :D
  225. UI deck creation thoughts
  226. 3 Legendary Sealed
  227. Good work CZE!
  228. Didnt recive the mail with the password for mz second account
  229. Anyone else have problems with their Dingler?
  230. On card text rendering
  231. Strong Cards // Hex Trailer
  232. OMG, I can move stacks of cards!
  233. Patch 823 - 2/13 at 10 AM Pacific
  234. RIP Alpha Notes
  235. I'm hoping for another awesome Shaggy Patch notes article....
  236. HEX Alpha Patch Notes - v823 - 2/13/14
  237. Why remove persecute
  238. Password Reset for my account? Cant seem to remember my Hex Alpha login.
  239. Card inspection off-priority
  240. Spellshield removing previous effects
  241. Is it me or Hex extremely slow now?
  242. needle in a card stack
  243. Card Manager load speed.
  244. Releasing without PvE, change of plans needs more adjustments
  245. Only 4 times the same gem per deck
  246. Official Bug Spreadsheet is Great
  247. Missing Cards After Patch
  248. Wrenlocke change
  249. Best of 3s in the Proving Grounds?
  250. Am I doing it right?