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  1. Confirmation Screen for Opening Packs
  2. Vip buy with paysafe???
  3. Beta Content ETA
  4. Unable to login
  5. test server
  6. drafts are up (atm at least)
  7. Countdown timer in draft
  8. When tournaments bugs out
  9. Fix the timer
  10. Hide player names in draft queues
  11. Exploit?
  12. Disconnected. No way to rejoin?
  13. Tournament Gold Not showing up?
  14. Just finished my first complete Hex draft tournamnet. It sucked.
  15. Draft tournament rush!
  16. Small problem in current draft
  17. My two suggestions after latest draft...
  18. What is the intended behavior of sideboarding during drafts?
  19. Are swiss drafts open?
  20. incentive to keep playing after losing round 1 in draft?
  21. More time in Tourneys
  22. bugged draft policy?
  23. The cost of rolling a Primal chest
  24. Draft! -First Beta experience report
  25. Are support for real? *Dissapointed*
  26. About Revert Mechanic
  27. Feature suggestion, seems easy to add.
  28. Possible Draft Selection Bug
  29. Question About Multiple Timed Draft Tickets
  30. Free Drafting Idea
  31. Sealed Sunday! Sealed Sunday At Six!
  32. Friend request
  33. any reason to keep more than 1 of each unique card?
  34. ? grrr
  35. When's the AH coming?
  36. My feature suggestions/wish list
  37. Changes I feel should be implemented.
  38. Oakhenge Ceremony UI
  39. How many tournaments have you completed?
  40. [ENTER] and Pass Priority but a good story
  41. Is there a timer? Why aren't there warnings ?How does forfeit work?
  42. How are Byes being chosen?
  43. Game crashed as soon as draft deck construction started - how do I get back in?
  44. Hex Set One Image Set.
  45. How do you see what chests you are getting from draft packs?
  46. Dirty Draft Feelings
  47. Barred from spending my own money on hex!!!
  48. Does cracking a legendary in draft = legendary chest?
  49. Flock of seagulls incorrectly negating crush combat damage.
  50. Can't Assign Specific Combat Damage?
  51. Quick guide to what features are in beta so far?
  52. Crypto : Publish the Rules and Bugged Games
  53. Champions in Limited.
  54. Alternate art rewards
  55. AI still mostly freezing - any tips?
  56. My biggest Issue - reconnecting
  57. Are tournament lobbies buggy?
  58. Question about equipment in chests
  59. Draft Tickets
  60. Any chance on getting my hands on the packs I won in draft?
  61. Please Implement Chest Opening in time for GenCon 2014
  62. When do V.I.P. packs come?
  63. Sort By: Quantity
  64. Speculative Drafting
  65. Game time moves on opponent's turn
  66. Losing Packs 1 a night WHAT IS GOING ON?
  67. Gameforge support - not a complaint believe it or not
  68. Game won't update (mac)
  69. Where is the game log?
  70. Invisible cards in Draft
  71. Server crash?
  72. Where'd the General Forum go?
  73. Wrong Reward from Legendary Spin?
  74. Compensation for bugged tournaments (again)
  75. Question about spell shield
  76. non stacking wheels of fate prizes
  77. [SLEEVES] Another quite useless but funny suggestion
  78. Drafting Bin what does it do?
  79. Problem Patching Hex
  80. Champion Question
  81. Time Ripple and Assigning Damage
  82. Forced to conced tournament matches due to resource bug.
  83. Save password at login screen?
  84. Content patching...ever?
  85. When do draft queue tickets arrive?
  86. Player's should be able to watch other player's games.
  87. #pleasetakemymoney #noyoumaynotdraft
  88. Sealed tournaments
  89. Did not receive 5,000 gold for getting stomped in a tournament...
  90. Chat sounds request - spam me less
  91. Crash-Data
  92. port numbers needed
  93. Please make drop = payout
  94. Timer bug?
  95. Disconnect in Draft=GG?
  96. 3 round proving ground games
  97. cant pay for more platinum, and gameforge rant
  98. reward_failspin ????
  99. Server Down?
  100. So how early do YOU commit to a shard(s) in draft?
  101. Let me tell you the story, a story on the uncontrolled birth rate of rabbits.
  102. Swiss Draft
  103. Elimination Specialist Ability Goes on Stack?
  104. Comet strike
  105. A new reason to rare-draft?
  106. Lag -> bought Starter Pack instead of packs ... way to get my money back?
  107. RNJesus
  108. "Earn Platinum" options experience
  109. [Suggestion] Different color for attacks on mouse over
  110. Cchampion change in Draft
  111. Confirmation in the Slot Machine
  112. Animations and clock
  113. Currently any way to report players?
  114. Head Games and General's Tent
  115. Chat while Queuing
  116. Why the delay on the Dragon's Blood Starter?
  117. New Champions
  118. Think there will be a patch today???
  119. Draft ticket primals
  120. AI Games Consistently Bugging Out
  121. Wheels of Fate Red 3 Heart Bug
  122. Why tap?
  123. Spellshielding an opponent's Troop
  124. Any update on the Tablet Version?
  125. volcannon in draft game breaking op?
  126. Suicide Sealed
  127. Card Transformations and Card Spawns
  128. Missing Chests?
  129. 3-month VIP program from Kickstarted, is it active yet?
  130. Every time a game starts, hex becomes unresponsive
  131. You still swimming in packs?
  132. Server Just Crashed? (10:00 PM PDT)
  133. Rule Clarification - Briar Legion
  134. What to do when the client doesn't load/log in
  135. Feature request: bring hex window to front when match starts
  136. Are pets supposed to remember their master?
  137. AmEx icon just for show?
  138. Did the SErver just drop?
  139. Wheel of Fate Sleeves Bug
  140. Slacker Backer and VIP Program
  141. Timer delay for Responding to effects/cards: Should there be one?
  142. Slackerbacker Can't Login To Game
  143. Timing out because of all the extra animations
  144. PC Client is Unavailable to Download
  145. Is the server off?
  146. Create a draft practice mode until pve is available.
  147. Not so lucky backer with a stupid/simple question.
  148. What do you do when you lose consistently to mana screw?
  149. Draft Tournament Completion Rate?
  150. Closed Beta Patch Notes v0.9.1.006 6/02/14
  151. Hexpatch feedback
  152. 6/4/14 - UPDATE: Tournaments Up - 9:30am PST
  153. Swiss Rankings
  154. Add days to weekly tickets for downtime?
  155. Card Swiping Sound
  156. Closed Beta Patch Notes - HOT FIX v0.9.1.006c 6/04/14
  157. server down?
  158. UPDATE: Server Unlocked - Maintenance - 6/4/14 @ 7:15am PST
  159. Resaving during building
  160. Patching Download
  161. Shuffling
  162. Levels?
  163. Suggestion: Show # of cards I own in draft.
  164. Pass Priority..
  165. Need mail for VIP delivery
  166. Slacker Backer Question:
  167. Server Down?
  168. Why is the game asking me if I want to forfeit the Swiss tournament when I'm done?
  169. competitive/constructed
  170. Sealed Events
  171. Patcher Suggestion
  172. Most recent patch
  173. Crush + double damage = misunderstood?
  174. 3 RED Heart Roll on Common Chest result
  175. Whit Monday
  176. Fast keys and Lore games.
  177. Another "I am ready" step for drafts?
  178. Need help, returning Alpha player, cant log in ><
  179. Chests
  180. Polonius With Howling Brave Question
  181. Confused slacker backer
  182. Deck save bug
  183. Need help quick in draft tourney
  184. Mac client - is it just me?
  185. Is This A Bug?
  186. Server down? 6/12/2014 10PM EST
  187. Elimination Specialist - Suggestion
  188. Beta has been live for month's and yet...
  189. Question on swiss
  190. Cant complete games? is this common
  191. What is the logical argument for Reversion not killing Briar Legion?
  192. Draft Bin
  193. Do we really need 15 minutes to build our deck?
  194. Spirit Dance, WTF?
  195. wheels of fate needs more variety
  196. Drafting with set 2
  197. Reversion VS Abomination + call of the graves
  198. switching computers
  199. Game Server IP for Tracert
  200. Chests from tournament boosters?
  201. Estimate for AH
  202. Best WoF Roll you have gotten?
  203. Emberspire vs lifedrain
  204. Order of beginng of turn triggers
  205. [Feature Request] Notes in Deck Builder
  206. [Feature Request] Deck Builder Sort in Stacks
  207. New set and drafts
  208. So, the only real thing to be salty about is that constructed never got developed
  209. Alpha sleeves missing?
  210. Stack Resolution Question
  211. Servers quite unstable tonight
  212. Retroactive Spectral Lotus
  213. Been close to two weeks
  214. Cosmic Transmogrifier nerf
  215. so will we be able to trade cards now
  216. Closed Beta Patch Notes - Zoltog v0.9.2.004
  217. AH is here! Let's discuss.
  218. Remove price floors on the auction house
  219. How does being outbid work?
  220. Friends List
  221. Missing Ozawa codes
  222. Are the update server super bogged down?
  223. AH Freezing, then screwing
  224. Will Sleeves ever be able to be sold/traded?
  225. 128 Man Swiss Constructed Full Already
  226. Suggestion: Min bid percentage
  227. Green tag on cards to sell in AH?
  228. Servers need more game starting capacity
  229. Question regarding non expiring draft tickets
  230. How about playing some SEALED? The best way to open many packs!
  231. GameForge Server Issues?
  232. AH feature request
  233. Starter Deck Trials and Deck Trials booster
  234. 1.000 Beta keys - registration until 30.6. - keys 1.7.
  235. Am I banned from HEx?
  236. Need More Detail on 'Time Left' In AH Listings
  237. Love the game - a few changes I'd like to see
  238. How do we get gold?
  239. Good idea? Bad idea? Post your thoughts and comments ^^
  240. Flock of Seagulls
  241. Thoughts on Infernal Professor, Resurrection, Mastery of Time
  242. Feature Request
  243. Socketable cards and deckbuilding improvement
  244. Possible AH 'exploit'
  245. Please send the chests to our accounts before tourney ends
  246. Bug or working as intended?
  247. Minor Transcended One/Tutoring feature request
  248. Draft and Zared Venomscorn
  249. Unable to Login After Patch
  250. Tournament Champ bug - Visual