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  1. "pass priority" button clarity request
  2. Insta loss in 128 Player tourney
  3. Next Tournament Test Time Slot
  4. What's the most Primal Packs you've won from a single win?
  5. 128 draft
  6. I completely love this game....but
  7. Doppelgadget a pterobot
  8. Hanging Up...
  9. What happened to the HexTcgPro Open?
  10. Are merc/equipment/pve cards from WoF placeholders or the actual creature?
  11. Rules Question: Argus vs. Solitary Exile
  12. Authenticator - A must now with AH implementation
  13. Card Select from Deck/Graveyard Interface sucks.
  14. AH Request: Make the buyout only flag make cost sorts sort by buyout
  15. Option to disable the Hex Entertainment movie intro.
  16. Squable over phase clarity...
  17. Suggestion: Deck Saving Folders
  18. Entry Fee
  19. VIP Subscription is not working properly
  20. Wheels of Fate - Kismet suggestions
  21. Hypothetical - Reggie and Crush Damage
  22. Patch Notes?
  23. Easy to pass your second main phase during the "assign damage" part
  24. Why price variations on 8mans
  25. Disappointed in 128 man Matchmaker
  26. Tournament at 1am PST - where is it???
  27. Large Tournament inactive ejections...
  28. Cannot Login
  29. Royal Falconer is broken
  30. inquisition
  31. Angel of dawn gets put into play or?
  32. Please DO NOT save draft decks to collections by default
  33. Rule question
  34. Hex UI
  35. Joining 128 man events in a row
  36. Decks Not Reverting After Tournament
  37. Free win opponent was offline when match tried to start
  38. Is there an easy way to switch cards between your reserves and main deck in CM?
  39. Beta download
  40. Proving grounds best of three
  41. Feature Request: Deck Sleeves as Player Chat Icons
  42. Original kickstarter supporter haven't gotten to play.
  43. Frost Wizard and Sabotage
  44. Dropped from draft and unable to connect to Hex
  45. Maybe change the bury gem to let you target yourself ?
  46. Simple AH Idea
  47. Now that Constructed Queue Prize Support is better, how about Sealed?
  48. UI (fond sizes) + cards scrolling
  49. Tourney organization
  50. Today was 20000 tournament
  51. Thrawn's Community Tournament #2 Ideas Thread
  52. Server Just Crashed? (10:35 PM PDT)
  53. Unable to start the patcher - filelist.txt
  54. Did the ruby 'can't be blocked' gem just suddenly break?
  55. Draft rewards, just to clear up a question I haveplease.
  56. July 26 2014 First Blue Wheel Day
  57. Deck tutoring interface
  58. Fixing the ques
  59. Expiring tickets vs non-expiring tickets
  60. Games starting sound
  61. Concern for Asynch tournaments
  62. When will Shellsafe Sureshot work?
  63. Settings button doesn't work on Mac client
  64. Epic rarity and deckbuilding
  65. Stuck Loading Data
  66. Server down?
  67. Open beta the buddy
  68. Improving Single Elimination Lobby UI
  69. Request socials functions during tourneys
  70. [Feature Request] Card Collection Ideas
  71. Turn time overhead and streamlining stops - needs attention
  72. 8 man tourneys too long, give us some shorter options, ideas inside.
  73. fix the priority button that comes up at the end of combat
  74. I didn't get extra backer beta key.
  75. Time is not on my side (Timer issues)
  76. [Request] Empty Sockets warning
  77. [Feature Request] Minigame during waiting time
  78. Authentication server down?
  79. Missing weekly draft ticket
  80. Random defeat screen?
  81. Crap rares are getting old. Too many rares vs common/uncommon
  82. Conceeding and gaming the clock in draft - noob question
  83. How to check if I've redeemed my slackerbacker code?
  84. Cant log in
  85. Can't Log In
  86. Client should congratulate you when you get a Primal
  87. Buying platinum without going through the game client
  88. Why not copy hearthstone mulligan?
  89. Why isn't there a "pass priority EOT" option or something similar?
  90. Suggestions for someone late to the party?
  91. Missing priority between Champion powers and Necessary Sacrifice
  92. Starter Deck Gems
  93. Latest word on trading?
  94. Upcoming Patch - 8/20/14 - 3:00am PT (12 noon UTC) - v0.9.3.015
  95. Patch day tomorrow!
  96. Hello, A few question about beta etc.
  97. New Set 2 Champs
  98. Tutorial feedback thread
  99. Download Error
  100. Do we have access to the code that determines how cards work?
  101. Launcher Problem
  102. New Tournament Numbering System?
  103. How did you manage to break the tutorial?
  104. missing gems in deck construction
  105. Did servers just go down?
  106. Platinum package costs.
  107. Set Two
  108. Can't Log In
  109. stuck on loading data
  110. Two Topics: Deck Selection UI and Draft Queues
  111. 3 days now LOADING DATA ...
  112. Beta key invalid
  113. Feature request: Please notify people when the tournament entry fee is buying the...
  114. Life and board blurry
  115. Resolution issue.
  116. Can we stream?
  117. Visual glitch or problem in system?
  118. Inappropriate Names
  119. Atk 180/ Def 180 - Ozawa, Cosmic Elder Overpowered + Opponent 388 HP
  120. Login issue still not resolved?
  121. Query: Why were me and at least one other person credited 200p (platinum) today?
  122. Weekly Draft Tickets expiry?
  123. Delete my Char
  124. A series of important questions I would like an official answer to.
  125. Community Tournament feedback for devs
  126. Login Reset Issues/Questions
  127. Borderless windowed mode
  128. What to do About Sealed Tickets?
  129. Tourney Question
  130. Elves?
  131. Auction House Anti-Stupidity features
  132. What went wrong with the Human Starter?
  133. Legendary Chest More Frequent?
  134. Stoneskin bugged?
  135. Slacker Backer Question
  136. Is the server offline?
  137. Sound when you start game or draft
  138. My New Player Feedback Report
  139. Feature Suggestion - Asynchronous Draft (a la Hearthstone Arena)
  140. Couldn't connect to host
  141. Login Issues?
  142. A few ideas
  143. hotfix tonight. We're adding 100 gold ...
  144. shorter afk timer needed
  145. Game suggestions
  146. Not this way
  147. Initial Thoughts from a new comer
  148. Debug Clientlogs
  149. Proving Grounds Matchmaking - Are there hidden rankings?
  150. Timer Unfriendly to Laggy Connection
  151. New Beta Player
  152. Preview card pictures are sometimes blank (white)
  153. Small-time tournaments -- tournies with small entry fees and small payouts
  154. Am i under a NDA?
  155. Bad mechanic causes tournament loss.
  156. Game stopped working and shut down in the middle of draft
  157. 128 Mans
  158. Why isn't there any Reconnect feature?
  159. No paypal for VIP
  160. When is NEW patch coming?
  161. League of Legends Ranked System to Hex
  162. The League!
  163. Thoughts on creating a "smart" timer.
  164. Some interesting thing i found while playing transforming cards
  165. NEW VIP Subscription Booster Pack.... Missing
  166. Sword Trainer with negative ATK
  167. Exhausting/Tapping your troops at weird times
  168. long match feedback
  169. Will Brosi-Buk mercenary be able to trade in the auctions house in the future?
  170. Sadistic Castigator
  171. Thoughts about Sealed/Drafts vs. Bugged Cards
  172. Anyone playing HEX on a Microsoft Surface Pro 3?
  173. Stuck In Holding Pattern
  174. More than 4 of a single gem type in draft
  175. When does the profile come?
  176. Casting spells on your troops with Spellshield
  177. How do i get different kind of sleek for my cards?
  178. When being disconnected during drafting phase of a draft tournament...
  179. Please do not implement P2P trading/mailing up until a HEX authenticator is available
  180. boltpaw wizard OP
  181. I just lost vs something that seems completely broken
  182. Priority during end phase
  183. Relentless Corruption badly worded
  184. So 4-4 vs 2-2 & 2-2
  185. Please get rid of the "sponsor pay" stuff
  186. crazy deck shuffling idea
  187. New Player Feedback
  188. Card Manager is lacking Easy of Use (suggestions)
  189. Proving Grounds gold
  190. Long Loading Data
  191. Suggestions for game improvement
  192. "content" patch this week?
  193. So i rolled a legendary chest and got a sleeves.
  194. Bugged cards in constructed tournaments :(
  195. Pauper and other cheap formats for prizes?
  196. Unable To Sell Certain Cards?
  197. Vine Trap/ Sky-Guard
  198. Suggestion: Auto-reject Challenges from Ignored Users
  199. Suggestion: 200 Platinum Drafts; Players Do Not Keep Cards
  200. auto-save feature requested?
  201. Question Howling Ambush
  202. Suggestion: Ping Meter
  203. Playset Braggardry
  204. Why not use Google Authenticator?
  205. Beta code wont activate :/
  206. Why are there no multi threshhold cards?
  207. just wondering about gold
  208. Bug or intended: Lifedrain interactions with Fist/Fang of the moutain god
  209. Wheels of fate - red is so dissapointing
  210. character name
  211. Your largest (# of players) tourney completed?
  212. Summary of Broken Cards/Gems?
  213. Issues with the chat window
  214. abusing bugs. how far can you push?
  215. Champions suggestion - multiple art
  216. Saturday VIP Tournament Bug - CZE, What Happened?
  217. VIP Tourney in 30 min! (4:30 EST)
  218. VIP rescheduling. was this correct?
  219. Purple Draft Tickets
  220. Low Match Time Audio/Visual Cue
  221. Devs, could you please fix mini troops? my board is out of control
  222. Feature Suggestion: Different colors for assigning blocking assignments
  223. large tournament timer issue
  224. Is Hex server down? Can't launch the game now.
  225. VIP tournament bugs and support
  226. when is Serer Maintenance starting on Tuesday?
  227. where do i download the new client?
  228. Patch Notes King Gabriel
  229. Anyone able to login?
  230. Are we able to Log in yet?
  231. Hey CZE, can we report AI bugs now?
  232. logging in
  233. Something doesnt feel right !
  234. Patch Notes "King Gabriel" v. (Updated 10/21/2014)
  235. Cards on hand - zoom
  236. Duplicate Login - Reopening Client isn't working
  237. Analysis of the New Client
  238. Patch - AI is very, very Slow
  239. Missing Cards and Plat
  240. Enemy Hand Information
  241. VIP in Hex Store
  242. Seriously, the new UI in the match is terrible, I am really disappointed.
  243. No windowed mode (fullscreen) option
  244. Travesty!
  245. Feedback about the new login screen
  246. Client Running Very Slowly
  247. Can I use the Revert card on Hex client?
  248. Server down?
  249. Borderless Window Mode
  250. Am I the only one that actually likes the match UI?