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  1. Server restart in about 20 minutes
  2. Blank friends list accident
  3. Quick List of AI bugs (if you want me to add some, post any you find below)
  4. [Feature Request] Sortable inventory stash
  5. proving grounds issue
  6. Is "Skip To End Phase (F8)" Working As Intended?
  7. We, the players, value the work done by the devs.
  8. Wheres the chat??
  9. Windows 10 Technical Preview
  10. Can we have a customizable and/or moddable UI please?
  11. Love the new look and update, cannot play because of lag ^^
  12. Where's the download link?
  13. Most enoying issues still not fixed
  14. Round Timer
  15. HEX Crashing :(
  16. How bad is this AFK thing?
  17. Card drawing at start of the game needs to be faster
  18. Mac Question
  19. Tournaments
  20. AI - Is this the same AI Chris Woods mentioned as tournament ready?
  21. Question about new Card Manager UI
  22. VIP KS Question
  23. How is server performance right now?
  24. Improvements to mail feature
  25. More VIP questions
  26. HEX Shards of Fate on a netbook - low FPS
  27. Login Issue
  28. Latency
  29. Does HEX use the Unity game engine?
  30. Most terrifying display bugs
  31. Assault Technician
  32. Thank you - Hex Ent ;)
  33. login servers down?
  34. [Suggestion] Audible Signal for Tells and Local chat
  35. Where does Hex stores the login info?
  36. Duplicate Login - Can't access either account?
  37. Duplicate Login when restart after game froze
  38. Server Reboot
  39. Any Update on the Duplicate Login issue?
  40. Survival of the Fittest
  41. Kismet, why you do this?
  42. Necessary Sacrifice and Countermagic??
  43. [Suggestion] Remove timeout during tournament matches
  44. do Scheduled Tournaments need help?
  45. Still wishing for touch version/ interface
  46. 2 Man Constructed?
  47. Is anyone else having issues logging in?
  48. I can't login
  49. Card Manager Takes Way too Long to Load Cards
  50. Suggestion for Draft
  51. Low-Hanging Fruit: Windowed Borderless Mode
  52. Suggestion: Cache Card Art.
  53. Stack covers up cards.
  54. Cant Read Some Old Mail Pieces
  55. [Suggestion] Starter deck templates.
  56. community temp bans
  57. Does Angel of Dawn consider bugged officially?
  58. Two PCs behind a Router having issues connecting both
  59. Crown of the Primals unique ability?
  60. Is this a bug, or intended mechanics?
  61. Stress Test Tournament
  62. Suggestion: Data Export
  63. Suggestion: Icon to mark revealed cards
  64. Question about patch note
  65. Literally Can't Even Play a Game
  66. Daring Swordsman "Double Damage" Mechanic
  67. Tournament Pairing Changes concerning players who drop
  68. unable to connect , getting a not connected error
  69. More than 20 creatures -> really small cards
  70. Now I remember why I hate sealed.
  71. Warning to all, dont swap colors mid sealed
  72. Unable to log into game
  73. Drafting transition suggestion
  74. Visual Bug card total and display total differs
  75. Problems in VIP turnier 25.10 8:00pm
  76. Can we get an official ruling on how the lifedrain mechanic works?
  77. VIP Tournament Schedule
  78. Open beta
  79. Server Down?
  80. Game not loading?
  81. Bank Holiday?
  82. Sort by Quantity Suspiciously Absent from Mail System
  83. Why is Blood/Diamond more popular than mono blood?
  84. Game forge support
  85. How do I figure out how many VIP packs I should have? I think I'm not getting them
  86. Suggestion: Draft Attack
  87. Do troops have attack/defense in the hand?
  88. Double Byes
  89. Suggestion: Awesome sounds for legendary cards!
  90. Chat Request: Show only online friends.
  91. Tournament Suggestions
  92. Some feedback, if you want it.
  93. Byes and Diminished Prize Pools
  94. When Hex is Un-Fun
  95. server-side stops?
  96. Do something about rolling sleeves, please.
  97. Warning: Draft Tickets didn't adjust for daylight savings
  98. Multiple sleeves in 1 deck
  99. Will there be an achievement system
  100. Fun little interaction last night
  101. Patcher is stuck this morning.
  102. Artwork problems getting out of hand.
  103. Stoneskin
  104. Connection to the Client - Looks may be deceiving
  105. Booby trap confusion - and other similar effects
  106. A new player can make multiple accounts and to buy expensive cards 5000 initial Golds
  107. Pre-Attack Quick Actions
  108. Mulligans... again. Hear me out please.
  109. Chest drops
  110. Sealed game mode
  111. Competitive Matchmaker should not give bye to the weakest player
  112. Mail and AH seem bugged
  113. Diff q's for diff players:
  114. Sealed Ladder tournaments as temporary async fix?
  115. Timestep magistrate mechanics
  116. Equipment suggestion for cosmic transmogrifier.
  117. Please fix cards with abilities you have to repeatedly resolve
  118. F5 Declare Attackers - Quality of Life change/suggestion
  119. We need better Deck Management
  120. Hex needs a better shuffler
  121. Gems, Reserves, and the Design Intention
  122. Feature request - ability to reload UI without re-logging.
  123. Tournaments have been extremely buggy.
  124. Globe (campaign) Sound Annoying
  125. Super LAG, anyone else having major lag?
  126. Duplicate Login Message
  127. sound/visual effect when round started and AH tabulation
  128. Need a way to temporarily hide the stack and champion.
  129. How to get Kickstarter back rewards and how to sign up for VIP
  130. When will the timer be fixed?
  131. Firewall being grumpy
  132. Will 2560x1080 21:9 screen resolution be supported?
  133. Are the servers down?
  134. Can't connect to the game
  135. Mouse over rarity icon
  136. Unavailable cards (red x)
  137. Hypothetical Situation That Will Probably Never Happen
  138. New Set 2 Spoiler Found in FAQ. (Note: Don't read this if you don't want to see it)
  139. Patcher problems?
  140. Shattered Destiny primal packs
  141. GetThreadContext error
  142. Question about logging in
  143. Play area shifted to the right?
  144. Question about chest rolling
  145. So... I cant log in?
  146. any one else have issue loggin in
  147. Tournament notification
  148. Tunneling Question
  149. Does SET 2 Release have asset bundling?
  150. Limit to number of keywords per card or a bug?
  151. Headcount - who is seeing bugged games?
  152. Card Manager discussion following Shattered Destiny patch
  153. Dont pick my champion for me!
  154. Suggestion: F10 etc
  155. Lethal vs. Invincible - how does it work?
  156. Servers down?
  157. Ruling Question (Azurefate Sorceress + Replicator's Gambit)
  158. Daily Sealed ticket not working?
  159. Card ruling question - crush vs. seagulls
  160. NOT_CONNECTED... server status?
  161. Patch Time?
  162. Stacking improvement - Declaring attackers
  163. Suggestion: Allow decks to be built with cards not owned in deckbuilding
  164. Text Smaller After Patch?
  165. Suggestion: Screen mobility while waiting.
  166. Patching Problem - Update Fails on profanity.txt
  167. We Just Crash?
  168. Need some confirmation about this
  169. Why can't we move our troops anymore?
  170. Is Queensquard working as intended?
  171. Stack view, why still not in deckbuilder?
  172. Add chime or window focus when switching from a lobby to game
  173. Draft timer is to long.
  174. Junk Bot
  175. Primal from draft
  176. Are tunneling troops in my control?
  177. Chat shortcuts/commands/emoticons
  178. System Crash Issues?
  179. Release Weekend: AA Filk + Bugs
  180. Suggestion: separate trade chat tab
  181. Card stacking and selecting specific troops.
  182. How do you socket a card with Major/Minor sockets?
  183. Heres a brilliant idea
  184. Poor client performance
  185. AH and multiple copies of card: Suggestions/wishlist
  186. Game not starting up
  187. Tourney decks in Proving Grounds?
  188. AoD nurf?
  189. Auction House problem.
  190. UI Suggestion - Large Troop Groups
  191. About Tiianost. bug vs card change
  192. Remove "Insufficient Threshold" alert
  193. Sealed and Draft Balance? rant go!
  194. Constant disconnects
  195. Tradable chests
  196. Deck builder
  197. Scheduled Sealed Tickets Not Currently Usable
  198. Hex In game Mailing
  199. Complaint about booby traps
  200. Showing Which Card Solitary Exile Contains
  201. Suggestion for Drafts -- Auction House Collection Tool Tip
  202. Ingenious Engineer OP or bugged
  203. Hex causing a virus alert on a few scanners
  204. Check VIP status?
  205. Games Against AI Take an Insane Amount of Time
  206. PSA: POTENTIAL draft bug fix
  207. [FEATURE REQUEST] Network / connection health in-game indicator
  208. Tournament record?
  209. Parallel Evolution question
  210. UI suggestion - attacking card values masked by top of the card to the right
  211. Is spellshield active in all zones?
  212. WoF: Please get rid of Paid Re-Roll
  213. Cannon Volley
  214. HEX Journey (game mode idea)
  215. Server down in the middle of the VIP tournament?
  216. Please allow us to change champions during a tournament.
  217. [Feature Request] Card Collection Viewer Mode
  218. Suggestion: Make a Dev Corner Window In-Game
  219. Scheme & Escalation
  220. Fissuresmith & Spellshield
  221. Assault Technician bug or something I'm missing?
  222. Please restart the servers!
  223. Few thoughts and a thanks to the Nobles over Xmas
  224. Suggestion: Trading Decks (a way to trade groups of cards)
  225. Measures to reduce Timer Bleed
  226. My first Impressions of HEX SHARDS OF FATE BETA (Over the better half of a month)
  227. Filtering in Card Manager
  228. Droos fist
  229. Question regarding set2 wof equipment
  230. Socket and gems in sideboard
  231. Collector's #
  232. Why isn't King Gabriel's Boldheart a pet?
  233. A few quality of life improvements I would like to see
  234. About the Game Interface
  235. [FEATURE REQUEST] Usability - scroll bars and text fields
  236. Blocking Lots of Attackers
  237. Clarify the faq for me on stacking rewards please.
  238. HEX Down?
  239. How did we come up with a 2% primal rate?
  240. Put resolving ability within the text box of the activating card while on the chain
  241. casting stoneskin on a spell that targets a transformed card
  242. Primal from VIP or From Wheels of Fate - Possible?
  243. Frost Wizard vs Lord Benjamin
  244. Bug fix patch?
  245. auto pick issue in draft
  246. Card Interaction - Born of the Flame
  247. Troops limit
  248. Card Sizes
  249. Steam Overlay
  250. Angel of Dawn question