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  1. Droo's Unrelenting Fist vs Spellshield
  2. Tutorial feedback
  3. Do i have the right client?
  4. No further reimbursement for known Lobby Bugg
  5. Canyon Scout
  6. Idea: Yesterday and Tomorrow
  7. Checking Plat balance outside of game client.
  8. Save Change Nagging in Card Manager
  9. Proving Grounds card drawing bug
  10. Phase stop lag
  11. still no patch?
  12. WoF Suggestion: Give a respin if 3x eye is rolled with a primal chest
  13. So angry right now
  14. Subterranean Saboteur Query
  15. Servers went down?
  16. "Unused cards" when doubleback is introduced
  17. Ninja disconnects all last weekend and today
  18. Missing News?! - Scheduled Sealed Tickets working!
  19. Test Deck option
  20. Chat, opinion and suggestion.
  21. Infiltrator Bot's ability redundancy
  22. Request - Display X cards with actual resources used.
  23. PVE Equipment?
  24. Strange match in comp draft
  25. 'Enters Play' Priority Confusion
  26. A terrible way of handling invalid decks!
  27. Any Updates?
  28. Feature Request (repost): Please support "borderless fullscreen"
  29. AI Misplay - Invincible troops
  30. Random Dungeon Idea - StankTown
  31. Is there anything I can do to make my games faster?
  32. Auction House problem - Price too low
  33. Please add a keepalive connection functionality
  34. New player's opinion
  35. Arena Loot Table Discovering Thread
  36. Unable to Login to game
  37. Welcoming message on Hex Patch is miswritten.
  38. Missing equips?
  39. Fun! ...and pokey?
  40. Login Issues
  41. Hidden round timer
  42. So can we talk AI now?
  43. Arena Too hard?
  44. Hex Patcher
  45. Paladin Charge power
  46. Is any Hex employee on? I think the game ate my card. =(
  47. Bought stuff, didnt get it
  48. AI Misplays - Live Edition
  49. Server Severe Lag Out of Nowhere?
  50. Spreadsheet with PvE and Equipment
  51. Mouse-over zoom window...
  52. Auction House Suggestions
  53. Can the AI see your hand?
  54. So why can't I set SPACEBAR to pass all priority?
  55. Moon'ariu Sensei Still Bugged in Arena? Problem Is He Is My Next Opponent
  56. [WoF] Elemental Equipment
  57. Mini patch?
  58. This whole refreshing everytime you alt/tab out of Hex..
  59. Are legendary drops supposed to drop from tier 1?
  60. Encounter Rate of Urunaaz?
  61. Bellow of Briggadon rules question
  62. Auction Bot
  63. Whats the best equipment you've played with so far?
  64. Chest spinning
  65. Here's an idea....
  66. AI & Time Concerns
  67. Is the Arena rewarding too few actual PvE cards and too many equipment pieces?
  68. arena boss challenges
  69. PvE Arena Card Not Showing Up In Inventory - VB1311
  70. Arena gold rewards
  71. Please fix the slot machine next.
  72. Mercenary rewards bugged with chest spins?
  73. [Feature Request] Allow to Draft Queue and Frost Arena Simultaneously
  74. Arena Banned Cards
  75. Could we get Tournament Decks back?
  76. Random tunnel challenge in Frost Arena is -too- random
  77. Return of the Lag Monster?
  78. Kickstarter Equipment As Reward In Arena?
  79. Arena Suggestion: Sudden Death Infinite Loop
  80. Small UI Improvement suggestion for AH and Mail
  81. Touchscreen UI improvement
  82. Reset of items in the market.
  83. New Player Tips in game client
  84. [SUGGESTION] Auction House - "My Listings" Improvements
  85. Bonus Loot?
  86. Hidden Trap Challenge
  87. Arena too vulnerable to aggro?
  88. Design Ideas
  89. Punish me mmm
  90. Chests rolled for Equipment, Mercenaries not working?
  91. Suggestion (Auction House)
  92. Missing stash items after patch.
  93. Patcher not working?
  94. Equipment slots
  95. Chat's Battle Tab Needs Notifications
  96. [Suggestion] Air Elemental's Equipment Buff affect all your other Elementals
  97. Remove the titles at the beginning of the game
  98. Request: Frameless Windowed Mode
  99. New improved xarlox insane
  100. Hogarth, Keeper of the Frost Ring PVE card
  101. Arena Challenges
  102. Make Boss Only Cards a Unique Color
  103. About 'The Mirrorblade'
  104. Can we have WQHD ?
  105. Mass Dingler
  106. Urunaaz 2nd time
  107. View opponent sleeves
  108. 20 Shards in Limited Deck builder is not enough
  109. Arena - Thoughts
  110. Hex Equipment Idea
  111. Hideous Conversion inconsistant
  112. Playing Hex on a laptop possible?
  113. Is there an issue with scheduled sealed queues?
  114. Suggestion: Bring up Battle Chat when PvP matches start
  115. Unrestricted PVP format
  116. Easier Arena Loot Discovering Thread
  117. Launcher Won't Progress
  118. Game match bug Stall
  119. [SUGGESTION] Random Deck Sleeve each match
  120. Arena Equipment Tracker
  121. Open Beta May Have Gone Too Far.......
  122. [Suggestion]Soul marble ui improvement
  123. Mass dinglar on soul cavelery
  124. What is defined as "Surfaces"?
  125. Arena Mercenary
  126. AA Psychotic Anarchist (spoiler inside)
  127. VIP tournament time fixes took my stuff
  128. Vip tournament not letting me browse AH etc?
  129. How long will tournament queue be locked?
  130. My first ever negative experience with support!
  131. Drafts down?
  132. Lots of lag/disconnects at the moment? Also login issues? or just me? :(
  133. Am I entitled to the two packs I lost?
  134. Server Maintenance April 1st
  135. Where am I? What year is it?
  136. Does anyone else disconnect regularly during the game?
  137. Assorted Feedback
  138. Should Eternal Drifter Get the Charge Powers of PvE-Only Champions?
  139. Solitary Exile Should Show Voided Card
  140. Invalid_request
  141. Chat notification
  142. Quality of Life Improvements
  143. Emberspire Witch Arena Suggestion
  144. Tablet UI stacking?
  145. Luck Sack Mystery
  146. I thought "Starter Trial" meant...
  147. The Arena is bugged or something.
  148. Tournaments down
  149. I would pay gold for Uru to show up!
  150. "Random" Card Generator
  151. Trying this game out again.
  152. Excitement
  153. Computer issues with Hex
  154. Warbot has gotten smarter?
  155. sending crash report
  156. Solitary Exile
  157. Quick Chat
  158. Defeat Screen - Why does it stay up for 20-30sec?
  159. Sniper Champion
  160. Comment on the wording of a card
  161. Speculation: Most Improved Champion
  162. AI Nelebrin Scout Charge Power
  163. Please stop making Alt-tab break f10
  164. Ingenuity and the Eurig Champion Power
  165. Server down for 4 hours? So glad not to have offline !!
  166. Todays Patchnotes (14th april)
  167. UX Design - possible improvements
  168. Not so "Pretty in Pink"
  169. No draft?
  170. Combat Stacks
  171. [Feature Request] Multiple Sparring Queues
  172. Need change back
  173. Complaint: Swiss Draft Rewards when people drop out
  174. [Suggestion] Make PvE cards on the AH a seperate tab.
  175. Minor Oversight/Bug with Starter Trials
  176. bobby trap challange
  177. Killing targets exhausted by Construction Plans doesn't prevent counters
  178. Buying Ah Pattern or Possible Bot
  179. What about the cost of Monarch and Pterobot?
  180. Post Combat effect order
  181. Seaweed Behemoth bug?
  182. Something is horribly wrong with shard draws.
  183. Protectorate Defender bug
  184. Most Awesome Speed Bug
  185. Initial Impressions - Card Manager Needs Love
  186. Suggestions for improvement on new player experience
  187. Support joystick in HEX
  188. F'n War Bot
  189. Servers down
  190. AH Feature request: Option to turn off e-mail notifications for No Sales
  191. VIP inventory item - what is it and why so odd dates on it?
  192. Platinum Question
  193. Auction in needs of utility improvements
  194. Remove auto-healing at end of turn; impossible for removal
  195. Question about "Inner Conflict" and any tunneler
  196. Repeated disconnects?
  197. Comments on the game
  198. Confirm button broken for me
  199. Succulent Roostasaur - how do you buffing it?
  200. Settings / Requirements
  201. First Hour Of Hex
  202. tournament competitive constructs
  203. More *Swiss* Draft Hinkyness
  204. Can't see deck stats - overlay on wrong layer?
  205. Holiday has lots of friends
  206. suggestion
  207. Feature Suggestion: "Try to avoid Bye's" Option!
  208. Are the servers having problems?
  209. New Download Please
  210. Bind Hot Key To Mouse Button Not Possible
  211. Gront and Cinder Army - more trigger confusion
  212. Putting escalation cards back into your deck makes them less powerful
  213. Servers down
  214. Suggestion: Ready" Graphic for Tourney
  215. Account Question
  216. INVALID_REQUEST when logging in
  217. In-Game Feedback
  218. No Name Restrictions?
  219. [suggestion][PVE] Looting
  220. Set 2 Tournament Rewards Primal Rate
  221. Hex Patcher Black Window?
  222. Performance resolution
  223. Lag
  224. Deckbuilder (small) feature suggestion
  225. Windows Taskbar Notifications Useless and Annoying in Full Screen
  226. Suggestion: Controller Support
  227. Wheels of Fate Merc drop rate seems... off...
  228. Just Wanted To Whine A Bit About Shin'hare Design
  229. Uru appearance rate
  230. Poor Flash Gordon
  231. Anyone running windows 10 beta & hex
  232. The AI in this game... Oh... My... God...
  233. Word on the wording Time's offering (and Mistlord)?
  234. Sadistic Castigator + Major Ruby of Intensity + Damage Effects, End of Game
  235. Some Arena Stupid Powers
  236. PvE Card Designation
  237. Intended mechanics of "Becomes an X/X"?
  238. Playing in another region - How walled are those Gardens?
  239. Has Moon'ariu Sensei Gone Underground?
  240. AH Suggestions
  241. Is it possible to have a music replacer?
  242. Streaming to Android Tablets
  243. Suggestion: Customizable mainpage UI!
  244. Atom tablet compatibility?
  245. Technical Support Forum?
  246. In battle chat
  247. A "select/deselect all colors" button in the filter in deck creation would be ace
  248. Are tournaments responding slower?
  249. Small Auction House QoL Improvements
  250. Continually Being Disconected/Timed Out In Tournaments