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  1. Suggestion for hectic board states
  2. Patching does not work.
  3. Too Easy to Missclick in Draft
  4. Improved AI??
  5. Question/Issue with Shard Ward
  6. Byes suggestion
  7. Guy who made that deck for AI was ICK :|
  8. Can't log in on new computer
  9. Qaulity of Life Thread
  10. Can we not get challenges at the boss fight?
  11. Steam Streaming and UAC Prompts
  12. Auction House suggestion (Interface design)
  13. Game wont load
  14. Card suggestion
  15. Request, implement keyboard(mouse?) keys so they aren't local to the game client
  16. Suggestion: Frost Arena
  17. New HEX Client - Should I Uninstall Everything First?
  18. Suggestion: Phantom Draft Tickets as Arena Reward
  19. Hex as a sandbox
  20. You can no longer retain priority by holding the Ctrl button
  21. If you cannot patch/install the new client....
  22. Question about the Arena and the new Patch
  23. Chest loot table thread
  24. [Suggestion] additional english localisation in card titles
  25. Patcher freezes?
  26. I love the new login noise
  27. I need a big favor (patcher problems)
  28. Launcher Stuck -- RETRY: system.runtime.serialization.dll
  29. Legendary cards not dropping during sealed gauntlet?
  30. EA for token only cards, and other EA questions
  31. Suggestion from a new Player
  32. Socketing issues
  33. Equipment Confirmation
  34. Set 3 PvE gear
  35. *IMPORTANT* Current issue with Ashahsa, Windborne Acolyte item on AH.
  36. Auction Error - Invalid Status
  37. arena bonus chests
  38. Feature Request. That format where you have one of every card.
  39. Mystery AA Cards
  40. What happend to the AI?
  41. Card Font
  42. can not open the chests
  43. AH search will make your pc catch fire post-patch
  44. patcher keeps checking and downloading the same files
  45. How to search for cards on AH during current bug fixing
  46. Hero of Adamanth (Frost Arena)
  47. cant log in
  48. Patch Bug
  49. Not able to use Google Authenticator; Code 400 Error
  50. louder game start sound effects
  51. Card Collection system?
  52. Cards vibrating as they come to play...
  53. Stuck on Patch screen
  54. There is too many topics in the bug report category.
  55. Gauntlet Queue cant find players
  56. AH ambient sounds
  57. Champ/merc shard deck validation
  58. Release Celebration
  59. Cry of Adamanth... bug or intended?
  60. Suggestion: Fifth Book of Dah'gur
  61. Merc Dawnbreeze - Missing like Ashahsa was?
  62. Drat autopick
  63. Manually change to Windowed mode?
  64. Rare multi-shard, no notification one was played?
  65. Borderless Windowed
  66. these poups ...arg :P
  67. Identifying new rare Resource cards.
  68. New Format: Drafting without Rares
  69. ToS Loop again
  70. Bun'jitsu card creating abomination of reverted card instead of in play version?
  71. can't list cards on AH because "Card is in a deck"
  72. HEX windows install not working anymore
  73. Terrorantual eggs - anyone else getting reamed by these? Also a Xartaxxis bug?
  74. Extended Art reverting and not refunding stardust
  75. Worst AI misplay I've seen so far, told in pictures. AI afraid of Corrupt Harvester?
  76. Spirit of the Triumverate Question
  77. Swift strike step
  78. Feature Request
  79. Brutal Commander activated ability not reflecting proper attack value
  80. "Error" images, but only for some opponent PvE cards in Arena
  81. Can't enter into the game
  82. What is inside a Convocation Pack?
  83. Spider eggs making you immune to carddraw loss intended or not?
  84. Huge lag in the arena anyone else?
  85. Arena has lags and freezes
  86. Server Issues?
  87. Cant run game!?!
  88. Anyone able to start a tournament?
  89. Stop defaulting to General Tab when in Trade
  90. Sunsoul Phoenix question
  91. How to search for convocation packs in the AH
  92. Cant list primal chest
  93. Constructed Gauntlet Format
  94. Stuck at loading data screen, server side problem??
  95. are we no longer able to determine which multicolor shard an opponent played?
  96. Game Specs
  97. Arena unresponsive?
  98. Using card abilities after declaring card as blocker intended?
  99. Feature Ideas/Requests
  100. Change in Storm of the Century Mechanic
  101. [Suggestion] AH, allow to show only stuff we don't have
  102. Some QOL improvements
  103. Majesty vs Transcendent Mechanic Debate(?)
  104. "When you play a card, do [x]" design. Is it fair design?
  105. Steam Overlay not working since last patch?
  106. Heart of The Wrathwood Double Buff
  107. SUGGESTION: Different Card Title Color for altered cards (EAs)
  108. Legendary cards drop rate.
  109. when is myrym supposed to trigger?
  110. Multiple Soul of Battle Mastermoss weirdness
  111. Spider Design Flawed?
  112. The biggest things stopping me from playing more...
  113. randomly created items
  114. Target Changing Zones
  115. New patch
  116. Patcher Trouble?
  117. Chest spinning 3 special (gold/red) bug or intended?
  118. Suggestion: Change the way Currency is used
  119. Revisiting Design Philosophy - Triggered abilities and the chain
  120. Can't log in
  121. More HP = More Fun?
  122. Pass All Priorities Button Changes
  123. Game stuck downloading Patch
  124. Suggestion \ QOL improvements collector page
  125. I cant start game. IT-Es.xml
  126. AI playing Heat Wave and Inquisition
  127. PVE campaign: reserves please?
  128. Can someone explain the phases? This doesn't make sense to me.
  129. Peri into something without getting priority is unfun :(
  130. Heavy lags and disconnects all day long
  131. Interrupted By No Legal Targets
  132. Last Know State vs Current State
  133. "Interrupt"
  134. Please ban titania's majesty from gauntlet - exploit with sockets
  135. Damage Phase Stop Option?
  136. Crocosaur vs. 2 targets, 1 with spellshield
  137. Is it possible to always play with this bug?
  138. Patcher keep looping at hex.exe
  139. Stirring Oration: [Bug] or Correct?
  140. arena rewards
  141. Auction House and Card Collection
  142. TM with sapphire quick gem doesn't work with TM itself
  143. Visibility and text
  144. Rule Question regarding Spiritbound Spy
  145. darkspire bug
  146. Arena Bug or Good Luck?
  147. Format Suggestion: (Private) 4 Player Sealed Swiss
  148. Shuffling Randomiser
  149. Cant log in
  150. How to do a clean install of HEX?
  151. Windows 10
  152. Can't Log In 2015-09-07 9 PM Pacific
  153. Mac Client Patch Looping Again
  154. Quality of life / UI requests
  155. PC client Freezing at Downloading assembly-csharp-firstpass.dll
  156. Question about target validity checks
  157. how are copies (chimes) and escalation supposed to work?
  158. Can't do frost arena
  159. Dream Dance + Prophecy. order of operations?
  160. Small suggestions
  161. Problem with receiving friend invites & sudden game freeze
  162. Mr. In-game Chat, Can't stand his bickering Neighbors, the Assets
  163. Idea: new Action House filter
  164. Storm of the Century: Too Much Clicking!
  165. Announcing multiple block order
  166. Is there any way to make the game not require administrative access?
  167. Copied escalation to GY?
  168. Idea: deck builder ideas
  169. mac resolution problem need help please!
  170. Feedback
  171. HEX Launcher stuck on HexPatch.txt.new
  172. Ideas / Suggestions regarding game introduction/auction house and other stuff
  173. Another request for the urgent AH list
  174. About Winter Moon
  175. Suggestion for ARENA when bugged/frozen.
  176. Hex Client Help
  177. is the server down? I can't login. Stuck at loading data
  178. Final Round of Tournament - Can we get a change to the Forfeit / Concede button?
  179. Just got kicked from HEX server
  180. Cursor locking to window
  181. [UI] Multiple Triggers need to be made more clear
  182. Proving Ground needs this:
  183. Hex via Steam Link
  184. Please fix Angel of Dawn
  185. Planet bug
  186. What do you guys think of a app or a way to get notified on rounds outsidethe client?
  187. TO HEX Admisn and NOBLES if anyone is there!
  188. Concern Regarding PVE and Deck Manager
  189. Missing card art for AI cards still not fixed?
  190. What's the Current Server Status?
  191. Having trouble logging into Hex.
  192. More trigger details needed for multiple triggers from the same source
  193. Suggestion: In 1v1 matchups remove the "target opposing champion" dialogue
  194. Mac OS X: Unity3D allows new full screen mode
  195. Triple Gold Helmet WoF | Set 3 chest giving Set 1 rewards?
  196. Bugs vs Features
  197. Tournaments Current Broken / Locked?
  198. Quality of life improvement id like - reguarding bulk trades
  199. an "are you sure" button would be cool
  200. starting hex issue and making a ticket issue
  201. Blood Sphinx Changes Targets Only Sometimes
  202. Low resolution after patch. . . can't read EULA
  203. Servers Down?
  204. Wyatt Displaying Improperly
  205. Hex Launcher Text Out of Date?
  206. Portrait and 'Mood' Size
  207. What is "forest.ab"?
  208. Tiny text
  209. QoL: Most Recent Deck opened upon going to Card Manager
  210. How's that multiplayer UI coming?
  211. Two questions about RULES
  212. Disable Chat Window?
  213. Missing Equipment: Scavenger Club
  214. Mailing improvments
  215. request: a way to automatically target & resolve triggers
  216. How about an optional audio warning when draft/round starts
  217. Haven't received in game mail since Nov 6
  218. Can't download new patch
  219. Shard floods/starvation
  220. Add listing collection load is slow
  221. FIX: Hex Crashes after Unity 5 update
  222. Suggestion: Collapsible Deck/Collection Manager
  223. I have 400 No-Spin Common Chests...
  224. Flashback draft: Bug forces me to switch champion during reserves
  225. Nibbler and underfoot Commander interaction?
  226. AI/Princess Cory gets carried away!
  227. Naagaan + new life total = auto-loss for Zared
  228. Hex TCG on a Tablet/Laptop combo.
  229. Duplicitous Duke After Shift
  230. Improvements for the Stack
  231. tournament timer really?
  232. Suggestions
  233. Simple suggestion for the auction house.
  234. Can't find a gem restrictions anywhere on site.
  235. Anybody else having obscene difficulty with Seaweed Behemoth lately?
  236. Reconnections
  237. Timing question
  238. I can't log in.
  239. Contact Information for Undelivered Kickstarter Rewards?
  240. hex.tcgbrowser.com Merc "cards" confirmed or data mined?
  241. Minor Annoyance - Log In Prompt Cursor
  242. Has anyone even rolled the Life counter?
  243. Bug fixes
  244. Farewell, sub-forum