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  1. Arena opponent synching issue
  2. Can't play cards in Arena.
  3. (Arena) can't progress into a game after coin toss
  4. Should rot casters work on reduced cost cards?
  5. Quick Action Bug? Not sure...
  6. Bug in Frostring-Arena
  7. Xorak showing unexpectedly on AH
  8. Poca and Suppressive Fire
  9. Game crashed - send it to the developer of the game
  10. [Not a Bug] Potential lifedrain bug
  11. Client go mad after rejoining into an Arena battle
  12. [Not a Bug] War Hulk plan kept token after transformation
  13. Scrap welder + stabilizing boots display error
  14. Full Screen option crashed client, won't launch after pressing Play
  15. [Resolved] Replicator's Gambit + Mirrorblade
  16. Crash during Lord Benjamin selection unable to continue
  17. Pterobot not counting as a 7 cost in play
  18. [Possible Bug?] Child of Rust made humans unable to ready up.
  19. sleeve names
  20. Display error for surfacing Reese the Crustcrawler
  21. Robotic MultiTool equipment buff does not remain if the target transforms
  22. unable to use champions charge ability
  23. Hex Geode bug
  24. A special secret way of clicking on construction plans
  25. Chaotic Rip doesn't switch sleeves
  26. [Not a Bug] Duplicated Card from Solitary Exile
  27. Bonus Arena Brawler doesn't count as troop and refuses to work
  28. Troop doesn't leave field
  29. AI taking 10 minutes to attack
  30. Could not play cards
  31. incorrect health displayed when zoomed in
  32. Cant proceed past Keep or Redraw
  33. Couple of repeatable bugs I've found.
  34. Rage symbol remains after Rage is removed
  35. More random disconnects
  36. [Not a Bug] Time Ripple bug during block phase
  37. Gem powers granted by Azurefate not lost when reverted
  38. Minor graphical glitch on bounced card
  39. Cards stuck
  40. Strange Princess Cory and Bellow of the Briggadoon (?) bug
  41. Headless Executioner Challenge Not Inspiring
  42. AA Common's not purchasing correctly
  43. [Not a Bug] Princess Cory played Booby Trap
  44. Possible bug with Tunneling troops
  45. [Not a Bug] highlands magus with replicator's gambit
  46. Darkspire Punisher AA is not effected by equipment
  47. starter deck champion
  48. Broken Hyperlink Eldon's Distress Signal
  49. OSX client graphical glitching
  50. Issue selecting multiple stash items to mail
  51. drunk cory
  52. Bunoshi protecterate defender
  53. Wild Root Dancer, burrowed troop, starting power unselectable
  54. arena loot
  55. AI [Hero of Adamanth] activates and Transforms Eldon's Distress Signal w/out Exhausti
  56. [Not a Bug] Adaptable infusion device not adding shards
  57. HEX app will not open after exiting the game the first time.
  58. Minion with 0 health and Oberons Eulogy
  59. Bug can't activate blood cauldron ritualists sacrifice effect
  60. [Not a Bug] Holiday with Princess Victoria + Princess Cory
  61. Opponent's Timer Being Used When Choosing Cards With Careful Rummaging and Peek
  62. Chat and interaction lines vanish then on relog all opponent's card vanish
  63. [Not a Bug] Fahrny
  64. [Not a Bug] Giles + Replicas
  65. [Not a Bug] sorting on the AH by minimum bid
  66. [Not a Bug] Seaweed Behemoth gains life
  67. Bugged COD plat for gold transaction
  68. Unable to use Reserves During Tournaments? - READ HERE
  69. Imp Hoodlum take control of his own artifact
  70. Arena -> Proving Grounds
  71. Timing inconsisentcies
  72. troop cost
  73. unable to play cards
  74. Cannot log in
  75. minor color issue
  76. Arena - Hero of Adamanth Infinite Loop
  77. Crackling Vortex Bug
  78. Blood Sphinx getting back-to-back turns
  79. [Not a Bug] Holiday, timebug, mimic
  80. End of game inconsistencies
  81. Modified deck saved for next round.
  82. Augmentation Bot: no steadfast?
  83. I Linked Cards from Parallel Evolution
  84. [Not a Bug] Boulder Toss - A couple of Bugs
  85. Elimination Specialist Ability Timing
  86. Loading Data.... Please help
  87. Ballistics Specialist Forge of Cadoc transformation
  88. VIP Tourny Rewards tab outdated
  89. Can't Reconnect - Login, but now option to rejoin VIP Game in Progress
  90. HEX Client Keeps Dropping me
  91. Typo in deck sleeve description.
  92. Nori - Mentor's Slippers
  93. ballistics expert cheating
  94. Meghulk won't untunnel.
  95. Dreamer's vision
  96. Equipment Bug
  97. [Not a Bug] Not inpired by Rallying Banner
  98. [Not a Bug] transformation double counters
  99. Bugged COD mail for gold transaction
  100. auction house and chat
  101. Savage Lord worked from graveyard
  102. Wrathwood Colossus sent to graveyard after lethal damage taken
  103. Sleeves do not display correctly
  104. Client freezes when AI attacks in Frost Arena.
  105. [Pending] Drowned Shrine - wrong german translation
  106. "show all items" in the deckbuilder
  107. relentless corruption bug
  108. Typo/grammar flub in Destructive Marauder
  109. Swiss Draft Graphics Bug
  110. Azurefate Sorceress inspires Major Ruby of Destruction, but damage is not applied
  111. Reduced cost rallying banner does not work correctly
  112. multiple blockers damaged
  113. artwork bug
  114. Jags Blademaster not receiving inspire of double damage after 67108864x double damage
  115. [Confirmed] The Transcended
  116. Doom is coming to the arena
  117. bug report
  118. "Unique" Shows No Results In Card Manager
  119. Xocoy with Destruction Ruby + 2 brutal commander swing lock up
  120. Getting disconnected when the login bar is charging
  121. Gearsmith into sappers, sappers can be activated for 1
  122. Game Breaking Bug: Can't confirm blocking order
  123. Silver Talon Senator - typo or intentinally weird text
  124. Being in two games at once
  125. Born of the flame summoning PvE in PvP
  126. Weird bug, out of nowhere
  127. Surviving lethal damage
  128. [Pending] Relentless Corruption + Booby Trap
  129. [Confirmed] AI using Wretched Wrangler incorrectly
  130. Shard of Fate Booster Buying
  131. Time´s Offering
  132. [Resolved] Construction Plans: Crank Rocket only requires one counter
  133. [Not a Bug] Darkspire Longblade and Accursed Jerkin
  134. free switch of champion in frost ring arena
  135. Fish hand revert trouble
  136. F5 + Xocoy + Second Combat Round
  137. [Not a Bug] Replicator's Trance + Paladin of the Necropolis
  138. Shards of Fate chest rolls do not reward mercenary for three white stars
  139. AH search
  140. Laptop freezing when on tournament screen, PC fine (read on)
  141. Mac OSX: Stormcall interrupt ends your turn
  142. Access Inventory from Auction House
  143. Change Mail Pages from the Auction House
  144. Reconnect has visual bugs
  145. Arena - Wild Rootdancer ignores obligatory block
  146. [Not a Bug] Arena - Chests
  147. Black screen with a planet in the center
  148. Arena - Tunnel challenge with Bucktooth Roshi buffs troops while underground
  149. [Not a Bug] heart of fire not giving resources
  150. Mac OSX - Bug List (multiple items)
  151. No Keywords Descriptions on Actions
  152. Sliver of the Immortal Spear (Arena)
  153. [Not a Bug] reward for rolling on a chest
  154. Compost - Could only target 1 artifact
  155. [Not a Bug] hero of adamanth cheating
  156. [Not a Bug] mimic ignores buffs/debuffs
  157. "Enter" and "Backspace" not working in chat window
  158. [Not a Bug] Scepter of Nightmares
  159. [Not a Bug] Tower Hulk
  160. Paired against the same player 2 matches
  161. Eurig the Robomancer (Arena) passive bug
  162. [Not a Bug] Zoltog
  163. Crimson clarity passing priority in proving grounds
  164. Arena Rewards UI Problem
  165. Installation locking up
  166. 2 bugs I have noticed with gameplay
  167. Shadow Rend
  168. Shocker Attachment failure
  169. Cards get "free" in a frustrating/game losing way (while in a match)
  170. [Not a Bug] Spell not countered
  171. Sync bug
  172. Stuck on the 2 dragon loading scren
  173. Interface vanishing in Online play?
  174. i cant receive my cards
  175. Multiple Mulligan Bug
  176. Daring Swordsman Receiving 2nd "This Deals Double Damage" without Jags; Only does x2
  177. Malice Demon (Arena enemy) Not really a bug, but...
  178. Arena Graphical Bug
  179. Minion of Yazukanbecome 2/1 after -1/-1 counter on it
  180. [Confirmed] Jovial Pippit + Rallying Banner
  181. Minor Typo in Tunneling text
  182. Tectonic Megahulk tunneling question/issue?
  183. [Not a Bug] Cerulean Mentalist inspired card
  184. Maddening Nightmare reveals the top card to opponent
  185. [Not a Bug] Fizzled Crackling Rot still gains a charge
  186. Gearsmith has old template
  187. [Not a Bug] Her Majesty Queen Grace + Ballroom Slippers
  188. [Not a Bug] Broodlord Egg overrides "drawn" trigger
  189. Can't log in in-game
  190. [Confirmed] Various Patching Issues
  191. Primal Chest Bug
  192. [Confirmed] Some users cannot accept ToS
  193. [Confirmed] Some players cannot accept the ToS
  194. [Confirmed] Pads of the Pious (Devoted Emissary)
  195. Not possible to mail chests
  196. [Confirmed] Some Mercenaries not showing in stash
  197. Fatal damage dealt by vampire king makes the victory screen not to appear
  198. Client Keeps Crashing On Card Manager
  199. Updater getting stuck at System.Runtime.Serialization.dll
  200. VIP still giving Set 2 packs
  201. UI - Inventory: Stardust & Mercs are sorted together
  202. [Confirmed] War Machinist + Tinkerer's Robes bug
  203. [Not a Bug] Rare chests only contain 1 item
  204. Prophecy needs better text boxes
  205. [Not a Bug] Missing stardust
  206. Chest opening returning a missing loot table error.
  207. [Pending] Mail / C.O.D. issues
  208. Black Screen when zooming into a card
  209. Incomplete description - Precision Bow
  210. Chlorophyllia Not Triggering Wild Root Dancer
  211. [Confirmed] Mimic + Equipment creating non-Replica
  212. [Not a Bug] Xarlox isn't choosing the best target
  213. [Confirmed] Primal Chests show under Legendary filter
  214. [arena] AI cluckodon fail
  215. Card porttrait bug (Whyat the Sapper)
  216. It's once again possible to roll sleeves you already have on the WoF
  217. Space bar/F10 presses stored up in battle
  218. Scheduled Sealed Tournament Issues
  219. Weekly Draft Tickets not showing expiration date
  220. 68 years of VIP appeared in my stash
  221. Auction House "bugs"
  222. [Not a Bug] double prophecy bug
  223. [Confirmed] VIP gives Set 2 packs
  224. [Confirmed] Auction House Delays
  225. [Pending] Double brutal commander hits locks turn
  226. Death cap bugged at arena (Report for duty) :P
  227. Coyotle Trial jumping from 1/5 to 5/5
  228. Starsphere - How to cancel the effect is not obvious, creates visual bug
  229. [Confirmed] Copied Escalation cards don't work
  230. [Confirmed] Chests can't be mailed
  231. Stuck on Patch?
  232. set 3 patch bugs so far
  233. AoM Pack Bought in Store Not Showing Up
  234. Hero of Adamanth champion
  235. Priority phase skipped
  236. [Not a Bug] Black background when zooming
  237. [Confirmed] Deck names containing a slash display strangely
  238. [Confirmed] "Card in deck" symbol appears only on the first card
  239. Psychotic Anarchist and Paladin of Necropolis AA's droprate issue?
  240. Launcher not reacting
  241. Can't get past Launcher
  242. Entangling webs vs. Devoted Infuser
  243. (PVE) Brutal Commander with crushing blow
  244. [Confirmed] AH # of cards owned
  245. AI blocking my Flight Troop with non-Flight Troops.
  246. F10 carrying over to the next turn
  247. Dev Error -- Loot Tables Returned Empty. Contact CS
  248. Chest Opening Bug: "Loot Tables Returned Empty"
  249. My first S03 Draft. Terrible deck. Won. Hit a primal pack. Must be bugged.
  250. Mercenaries Vanished