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  1. [UI Issue] Passing Priority during Mulligan Dialog
  2. [Confirmed] Copies / Replicas with gems still getting random gems
  3. Merciless Culler + Bloatcap Causing Lockup
  4. [BUG] Arena bugs x2: Town Crier, War Machinist post AoM patch
  5. Bug: Angel of Insight wrong text on target cards
  6. [Not a Bug] remove blocker, attacker doesn't deal damage
  7. arenan reward screen
  8. Localization Failure
  9. First screen where you patch still promotes Shattered Destiny
  10. Arena challenge text blurry
  11. [Not a Bug] Daily Sealed Entry Ticket Bug
  12. Screen black around card after zooming in on a card during a match
  13. transfer closed with 174 bytes remaining to read
  14. Cards allocated to a nonexisting deck
  15. Shift Text issue
  16. Avalanche giant and hired horn sellsword
  17. Ridge Raider Unblockable gear, still blocked?
  18. [Bug] F8 in End of Turn phase skips next turn
  19. Fliers blocked by non fliers
  20. Starsphere - UI a bit messy still
  21. Deathcap equipment not working as expected
  22. End of Game Victory/Defeat screens are missing
  23. Multiple Quash Ridge Tusker don't buff each other
  24. Hex Locks Up on Laptop After Every Arena Run
  25. PvE Decks using Equipment Only Validated for PvP
  26. Mac OS Indefinate Loading Data
  27. Arena Ridge Raider Bug
  28. Princess cory infinite loop
  29. Arena reconnection glitch
  30. *IMPORTANT* Current issue with Ashahsa, Windborne Acolyte item on AH.
  31. a card collection
  32. zodiac shaman arena
  33. Predatory prey and Lunge interaction
  34. Pheromones, "MustBeBlocked" status
  35. Walking Calamity Bug
  36. hero of adamanths passive / inspire bug
  37. AH - Selling Bulk Chests
  38. Client Issues
  39. can't customize phase stops
  40. Probably Not a Bug, But Just in Case... Angel of Foresight
  41. Fiendish Cabalist in pve
  42. ghost feather + ethereal caller bug
  43. Angel of Foresight Visual Bug (Also Blood Sphinx)
  44. [Pending] Issues loading Arena matches
  45. Periwinkle Does Not Copy Socketed Gems
  46. Battle chat does not update until after a match finishes
  47. Titania's Majesty is unable to apply gem effects to cards that are double socketed
  48. 4 Pieces of Common Set 1 Equipment Missing from Loot Tables?
  49. War Mechinist malfunction
  50. Calamity and extinction
  51. [Confirmed] Auction House issues post-update
  52. Ressurected Blood Bearer has Skyguard?
  53. Change in "Proceed to End Turn" behaviour
  54. Reaper Bot, no visuals of Death Sentence during blocking
  55. [Not a Bug] possible bug with gas troll
  56. After password, game doesn't load
  57. Bug with Multiple Brutal Commanders
  58. [V] Cards don't shuffle cards back in
  59. Eye of creation not working when you play it for free with Indigo Dreamwalker
  60. Azurefate Sorceress inspire reversion bug
  61. Duplicitous Duke + Sandstone Rambler
  62. Shift Powers are not displayed
  63. Card Manager Equipment Filter
  64. No rewards from Sealed Tournament
  65. Brown Fox Scout
  66. multiple people with round 1 byes in draft
  67. Unable to list certain cards in the AH
  68. Settings won't save - Ambient sounds/Never fade chat
  69. Spacebar does not count as 'ok'
  70. Daily Sealed Entry Ticket bugged again, cannot join a scheduled sealed.
  71. Bug/Visual Discrepancy - Shardward
  72. Tiny typo in the TOS
  73. Repel card
  74. Tutorial - Gozzog not blocking the Tarrasque
  75. Deathmask Assailant in Arena
  76. "they canīt ready during controllers next ready step" clarification
  77. Wrathwood Colossus Not Functioning
  78. Quash Ridge Tusker cannot buff other Quash Ridge Tusker
  79. Not sure if bug or change: Hero of Adamanth passive
  80. Bug with Deathcap and its equipment since AoM Patch
  81. War Bot's Reactor Bot Buff
  82. Put into deck
  83. Periwinkle + Army of Arcane Cinders
  84. Card is in deck error
  85. tournament winnings screen + starter deck viewing screen = lock
  86. Bug: Hero of Adamanth Doesn't Understand how to Resolve Town Crier
  87. Rotting Gloves to Rotting Boots
  88. Arena Brutal Commander / Xocoy bug
  89. Stuck on User Agreement Screen
  90. Titania's Majesty and Arborean Rootfather interaction
  91. Ragefire Vs. Royal Herald
  92. EA cards in combat shows as regular when linked to chat
  93. Town crier freezes AI
  94. Launchers (GF -and- HexENT) not working?
  95. Periwinkele, Copies of socket troops don't get the socket? intended or a bug?
  96. Titania's Majesty and Crocosaur
  97. VIP Constructed: Lost all socketed gems between rounds
  98. Socketed Gems Disappeared In Second Round of Tournament
  99. Scheduled Sealed Tournament 936-008 (canceled)
  100. Heart of the Wrathwood + Duplicitous Duke Interaction
  101. No play bug, again!
  102. Comp draft rewards bug?
  103. Game Breaking Sealed Gauntlet Bug
  104. Syyn, Etherdrake Nomad interactions with X cost card.
  105. Shift Bug
  106. Visage of the Brood, Mushwocky not working
  107. UI Bug
  108. Compensation VIP Tickets not granting free entry
  109. Merciless Culler with two on enters play triggers doesn't let me order them
  110. No chests in booster packs.
  111. Non-Fliers block Fliers?
  112. Sepulchra Bonewalker cannot be rezzed by Midnight Shepard
  113. Socketed power on Spiritbound Spy lost in transformation
  114. Sly Huntress and Forestwalker Gloves
  115. Sent back to deckbuilder after 3rd game of round
  116. Quash Ridge Tusker froze game with 0 attack
  117. Wild Root Dancer Arena bug
  118. Thunderfield Elder inconsistent with Escalation
  119. Cannot Buy Platinum
  120. Crocosaur Bug
  121. Arena Champions are stupid vs. Killipede again
  122. Double VIP tickets awarded
  123. Drawing Multiple Celestial of Dawn
  124. Missing Chests from VIP Tourney Packs
  125. Bug in arena
  126. Stirring oration/copied troop issue?
  127. Crashed the game with a vennen egg deck
  128. Armies of Myth missing from filter options for mailing
  129. Troops created by shifted duplicate duke behaves oddly with sockets
  130. Citadel of Adamanth unable to send via attachments
  131. Kicked one game from Duke...
  132. Iljuni Parade + Transform
  133. Duplictious duke + defender troops
  134. periwinkle copying
  135. Victory screen makes you close the game
  136. Equipped Ozawa Dies Instantly When Put Into Play
  137. Complaint: Prevent next damage this game not displayed in text
  138. Mistlord shifted power work wrong used at end of oponent turn
  139. Extended Art (Tournament X Deck Manager)
  140. Listing Starter Deck Cards in Auction House
  141. [Bug] Timer/countdown shows wrong time
  142. Duplicitous Duke + Sandstone Rumbler
  143. Crush and Swiftstrike not Combining
  144. Sniper of Gawain doing Inner Conflict on his own troops
  145. New Loregoyle Mechanics
  146. Wolsy wabbit copying Cerberus bug
  147. [Mac] Hex crashes when in fullscreen and another app starts
  148. Crown of the Primals not Reverting
  149. Arena AIs are blocking Flying creatures with non-flying creatures
  150. AA Calling Blade Raptors
  151. Missing wins in gauntlet or am i confused? Probably confused...
  152. Bug: Princess Cory Luck Sack 3
  153. Gauntlet Sealed Bugged Matchmaking?
  154. Bug: No filtering for Armies of Myth when attaching cards
  155. Prairie Meadow
  156. Text on Stirring Oration became orange
  157. Bug: Repel Cannot be Played During Attacks
  158. Double Storm Drummer trigger blocked ability usage
  159. F10 Hotkey Toggle - Can't be undone
  160. Titania's majesty bugged with two gem troops in arena
  161. 'On death' trigger effects not working in arena
  162. Error Fungal Monstrosity
  163. Bug: No indication of expiration date on draft ticket
  164. sharedassets0.assets.new loop
  165. Spun Set 1 Primal Chest missing in Inventory Stash
  166. Bug - Celestial Dawn, if drawn after a spider procs.
  167. Set 3 Legendary Chest empty / error msg
  168. Can't play the game, download always stuck at 99,8%
  169. no buffs displayed on cards in graveyard
  170. "Opponent disconnected" message stuck on screen after gauntlet ended
  171. Princess Cory - Infinite health gain
  172. Can't Accept Mail Attachments
  173. Right-clicking opponent's sleeve before mulligan popup
  174. Cant connect to sealed gauntlet match
  175. COD Mail item rejection / duplication
  176. AI attempts to block unblockable troop
  177. Cant install the game
  178. Sepulchra Bonewalker from Ingenuity Engine went straight to discard.
  179. Collection stuck in mail
  180. Heart of the Wrathwood fail. (copy?)
  181. AI blocks a flying troop with a non-flying troop
  182. Rolling No Spin Chests, only display bug or actual bug?
  183. anyone else got DCed and can't log back in?
  184. Cards not usable for Deckbuilding and not sellable on AH.
  185. Send Mail Error
  186. Fifth Book of D'harsis seems to show entire enemy deck in order of play
  187. Arena lockup with jankbot
  188. Pheromones and town crier bug
  189. Skewer not working on "injured" troops
  190. Interrupt Shift
  191. Quick Gem doesnt work in Titania Majesty
  192. Didn't Get Paid Spin
  193. Slaughtergear's Replicator - Replica vs Copy
  194. Periwinkle + Sylvan Performer?
  195. Fiery Indignation's additional damage is treated as second source of damage?
  196. X cost cards cannot be played for free
  197. Playing a Second Kraken kills them both
  198. AH Rarity Filter Behaving Oddly With Packs
  199. Account/s getting kicked when listing any card.
  200. Primal Chests turning into Legendary Chests
  201. Multiple Brutal Commander triggers bug
  202. [Confirmed] Incorrect spelling of Rhythmic Spiritualist
  203. Buy Platinum/VIP buttons don't work
  204. Arena Bug - Hogarth Challenge
  205. Visual Bug with Construct Guild Foreman and Cerebral Fulmination
  206. Unable to Login
  207. Chlorophylia didn't trigger Wild Root Dancer's ability
  208. Mimic equipment -Mimicing Moccosasins- working incorrectly
  209. Legendary Chest Problems
  210. Creating a replica of Eldritch Dreamer sometimes adds a gem
  211. Gearsmith Not Putting Cards Into Deck
  212. Error message when go to use Stardust on card
  213. Invisible Convocation Packs
  214. Troops without flying or Skyguard blocking flying troops
  215. Suggestion/Complaint: Game must tell player of failed login more quickly
  216. Hero of Adamanth (Arena) bug (creating troop with same name as Blaze Elemental)
  217. Arena resource buff bug
  218. Titania's Majesty bugging when getting a gemmed troop
  219. Bug with Unlocking CMK AA EA
  220. [Confirmed] Can't post card to AH, incorrectly marked as in deck
  221. Protectorate Defender hang up
  222. AI Bug War Machinist
  223. [BUG] Troops attacking while being transformed in non-creature card
  224. Inspire and Headless Executioner Challenge
  225. [BUG] Pendant of the Black Knife (equipment)
  226. [BUG] 2 brutal commanders
  227. Princess Cory
  228. Zakiir's Whim and Socketed Cards
  229. "Some players might have issues launching the Arena"
  230. Possible infinite game loop with Vilefang Eremite (Untested)
  231. Proving Grounds Arena Bug
  232. Pressing F8 or Goto end of Turn at the End turn phase tries to goto end of next turn
  233. Darkspire Priestess proc only once when several die together
  234. 5-0 Sealed Gauntlet, paid out wrongly
  235. Various Arena Bugs
  236. Quash Ridge Tusker Locked Game
  237. Synn Etherdrake Nomad + Smash to the Ground
  238. [Bug - Arena] - The Catapult of Naagaan
  239. Eye of creation + indigo dreamwalker
  240. Fiendish Cabalist Bug
  241. Arena buff without challenge?
  242. Client freezing at the end of draft before deckbuilding
  243. Arena unplayable please fix
  244. Arena "Loading" stuck, unable to access UI, forced to hit alt-f4
  245. F10 seems to be saved in some sort of keystroke queue.
  246. [V]Kindling skarn with reptilian faceplate can create highlands blackbelt abilities
  247. Proving Grounds Visual Bug?
  248. Huge number of disconnects since AoM
  249. Heart of the wrathwood + howling brave
  250. Patcher Broken