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  1. MacOSX - Pasting double
  2. Wrathwood Master Moss from Titania's Majesty
  3. [Arena] Eldon's Distress Signal
  4. Arena DC buff bug
  5. Stoneclaw gargoyle in arena locked up ai
  6. Allegiance
  7. 4 gems on arborean rootfather
  8. Wrathwood Colossus death effect not working in arena
  9. Gas Troll blocks an equipped Ridge Raider
  10. Remaining skull on dino - visual bug
  11. periwinkle bugs
  12. Chat box missing + more
  13. Opponent has disconnected stuck on screen after game
  14. Stuck on loading data screen, server side problem?
  15. Infinite luck Sack 3
  16. Possible Chest Rolling Bug
  17. Princess Cory champion power didn't keep cost the same
  18. Weird AI Bug - Cards attack themselves
  19. Missing Perfect Tier Loot Drop in Arena
  20. Arena not giving full rewards
  21. Wolsy Rabbit + Cerberus not calculating damage correctly
  22. Jank Bot pulling Highlands Magus from deck freezes game
  23. [BUG] Ozawa's Bite + Titania's Majesty bug
  24. No weekly draft ticket expiry date and time
  25. Gauntlet rewards list outdated
  26. Crocosaur bug?
  27. Cannot List Convocation Items on AH because "Card is In a Deck"
  28. Shuffler problem?
  29. Card Collection Search Bug
  30. Cant mail cards that were previously in a deck
  31. Bug: Extended Art Issues
  32. wheel of fate bug? I am very sad :(
  33. Lullaby prevents non combat damage
  34. Arena: Illegal Lethal Blocking Split?
  35. Cannot list multiple common chests on the AH
  36. Equipment in card manager scrolls back up when you hit the bottom
  37. Auction House Posting = Disconnect
  38. Ethereal Caller Bug
  39. AA Storm Cloud art is strechted
  40. Majesty + rootfather
  41. 3 Mysterious cards in card manager
  42. Frost Ring Arena Opponent stops playing
  43. Titania's majesty/Eye of Creation and Ozawa
  44. Arena Glitches
  45. Is gauntlet matchmaking bugged?
  46. Multiple thunderfield elders, intentional?
  47. Stuck Game
  48. Skarns won't evolve during opponent's turn
  49. EA'd card or not
  50. Auction House: Multiple Listing chests posted the some wrong ones.
  51. Jank Bot breaks Augur of Sirion ability to play from deck
  52. Auto Screen Switch
  53. Replicator's Trance on The Kraken kept Unique designation
  54. windows 10: using the hero skill will randomly bring up cortana
  55. Software exception at the end of arena fight once from 10
  56. Winter moon ability doesn't work with shards
  57. Winter Moon Ability doesn't work on Shards
  58. Stargazer Equipment Bug
  59. Escalation card oddities when copied
  60. Large Eye of Creation Crashes Hex
  61. Heart of the Wrathwood in Arena [BUG]
  62. Archnid Headwrap typo
  63. Arena Lock-up (not Town Crier)
  64. Random creation cards create multishard cards
  65. Exra draw in Arena when starting (+ Opponent don't)
  66. Primal and Legendary Chests improperly grouped together can't be mailed
  67. Playing a Jank Bot deck in Arena [BUG]
  68. Wild root Dancer bug/change?
  69. Highlands Magus still has Empty Socket Inspire
  70. Slaughtergear Replicator making Copys, not replicas.
  71. EA Titania's Majesty Makes Troop EA Too
  72. Bloodsoaked Brawler wording?
  73. Ingenious Engineer [BUG]
  74. augur + spider egg
  75. Drawing a card on the play
  76. Rotting Knight isn't a proper zombie
  77. AI Bug - Blood Sphinx - Can't play A stolen Copy of Arcane Focus
  78. Grim Assimilation/Gem of Assimilation. Multiple bugs.
  79. Sepulchra Bonewalker and void/flicker/mistlord effects bug
  80. Darkspire bug
  81. Only able to mail *most* chests
  82. Blood Sphnx's passive power late!
  83. AI has serious targetting issues
  84. PvE card: Fahrny is bugged (again?)
  85. Ambient Victory sound ignores sound settings
  86. Can't Disable Extended Art on Card
  87. [UNV] Sunsoul Phoenix Bug
  88. Connection problems during European Prime-time
  89. tribal warfare at quick speed doesn't work to interrupt battles
  90. Seaweed Behemoth passive power seems bugged
  91. hextcg.com login broken
  92. Volley Bugs
  93. Unable to launch the client
  94. Automatic logoff after posting on AH
  95. :) breaks the search bars in client
  96. Sound Volume Settiing Not Working in "Victory" Screen
  97. Inconsistency in clicking "OK"/"Continue" buttons with keyboard
  98. [BUG] Pheromones does not work against AI in arena
  99. [BUG] Martyr bug
  100. Minor Auction House UI Issue
  101. Gront's Gift / Blue Mill Gem BUG - Mill Gem not being given to zombies
  102. Stuck at Loading Data
  103. Chimera Guard Fallen Shift Ability Not Copied By Duplicitous Duke
  104. Can't take screenshot???
  105. Transformed Heroic Outlaw still retains cost reduction power
  106. Devoted Infuser + Entangling Webs
  107. Gem of Solidarity buff interaction with graveyard transformation
  108. [V] Wild Root Dancer
  109. Consistency with reversion and damage prevention
  110. Death sentence
  111. fizzled escalation card to graveyard
  112. [V] Periwinkle + Actor's Cap bug
  113. AA Princess Victoria doesn't reduce cost
  114. hulk helm color issue
  115. Titania's Majesty replacing gems on Arborean Rootfather
  116. MacOS - Bosses' unique arena cards display "error"
  117. Tournaments List - UI Issues (Especially Filter)
  118. Goreseeker Attack Value Did Not Update
  119. Titania's Majesty / Master Moss bug
  120. "Escape" key inconsistency
  121. Arena Cards Flipping Face-Down
  122. BUG: Tournament Tickets Display Issue
  123. Whispers and arena lobby problems
  124. Auction House: Search string field should be ignore when irrelevant
  125. Unable to log on with one comp, but works fine with another - PC
  126. Unblockable Gem Rootfather was blocked by Relentless Corruption stolen Howling Brave
  127. Princess Cory Activates an ability from a non-existant card infinitely
  128. new starter trial pack names
  129. Threshold Hidden Behind Champion Graphic
  130. Shrine of Prosperity + Cerebral Fulmination
  131. attack animation
  132. Crown of the Primals Bugged / Polymorph Dingler Bugged
  133. Token Troop Transformation Troubles
  134. Negative Cost Troops Receiving Inspire Effects
  135. Hero of Adamanth still borked
  136. [V] Chat and Menue vanished
  137. minor graphical issue, tunneled card on top of regular troop.
  138. Patcher Stuck (Not a UAC problem)
  139. Cory's randomness no gems
  140. Starsphere Bugged
  141. Lightning Elemental interaction with the 5/5 Plant
  142. Gearsmith
  143. Titania's Magesty + Te Talca
  144. Arena turn bug
  145. Spontaneous Troop Death right after Attacking
  146. ah causing client to disconnect
  147. Scheme
  148. Crocosaur and/or Titania Bug
  149. Bugged mail
  150. arena challenge reward
  151. Wrathwood Master Moss simply died...
  152. Rune Ear Commander - Hero of Adamanth AI Glitch
  153. Can't login right now - Stuck on "Loading Data" Screen
  154. Profane Ritualist/Bunoshi buff bug
  155. Not sure what happened when I opened my primal pack
  156. Crocosaur vs. Wrathwood Master Moss
  157. Robot combat 6/6 ? what H..next ?
  158. Auction House - Clearing "Price Max" field doesn't actually clear it from searches
  159. Time Wave does not show target lines
  160. Duke sometimes keeps must attack
  161. Moon'ariu draws 2 cards per turn
  162. Hero of Adamanth proc on Construct Foreman
  163. Multiple AH search issues
  164. Card text disappears after about 30 Coyotle are on the field
  165. Hero of Adamanth passive power proc percentage
  166. Hard lock when starting sealed gauntlet?
  167. Puck, Dream Bringer
  168. Scroll Bar not working on launcher - Just Arrows
  169. Switching accounts takes forever and/or fails
  170. Wild Root Dancer -> Wrathwood Master Moss
  171. Jankbot Arena
  172. Necrophet's Shift Ability Overwrites Forgotten Monarch's Cost Modifier
  173. coyotle starter trials
  174. Walking Calamity not doing damage when struck dead
  175. Shuffle Bug Still in existence
  176. Visual Bug - Tournament Tabs
  177. Fifth Book of D'Harsis runs down opponent's clock
  178. Uzume and concubunnies
  179. Puck, Equipment: Ring of Goodfellow
  180. Issue with extended art
  181. big globe
  182. Frost Ring - Hero of Adamanth - Passive Ability
  183. Reese bug?
  184. Curse of oblivion bug?
  185. Born of the Flame Doesn't Create Filled Sockets?
  186. Nelebrin Scout Chlorophyllia
  187. gray filter
  188. necrophet
  189. [multiple bugs] Brutal Commander\AH
  190. Vampire King and Titania's Majesty copied Walking Calamity
  191. Titania's Majesty into Scrapyard Magnetron
  192. Major Gem of Destruction - weird interactions
  193. Fight won in arena shows as a loss instead and win vs next fight
  194. Random Resource optimizing infuser device freezes
  195. Hero of Adamanth vs Reprocessor
  196. Arena Bugs with Ozawa's Equipment
  197. Gameforge support image upload
  198. Heart of the Wrathwood Seed Pods not spawning PvE Plants in PvE games
  199. Chlorophyllia and Wild Root Dancer - potential bug
  200. Disconnect
  201. Fix the swiss pairings already
  202. Auction House - error when adding cards used in decks
  203. Relentless Corruption and Prismatic cards
  204. Tinkerer's Robes disappeared
  205. Mimic with PvE Equipment
  206. Wolsy Wabbit
  207. Cannot Extend Art Certain Cards
  208. Lullaby Bug - not reverting troops correctily
  209. Launcher's Buttons will not function
  210. Vengeance of the Ancient Kings
  211. Arena Buff - Resources
  212. Patcher stuck on Assembly-CShard-firstpass.dll
  213. Genesis Pool Naiad and Orb of Harmony
  214. AI card is ungemmed.
  215. Jankbot Revealing Uniques
  216. Chest roll results not giving Paid Spin
  217. Long load aafter failed challenge
  218. psychic torment and paladin of necropolis triggers
  219. Expiring Auctions Causing Client Freezing
  220. Holiday Debuffed when Transform
  221. Too much equipment?
  222. Prairie Meadow, Deathless Guardian and Fiery Indignation
  223. Chaotic Rip and Angel of Dawn issues
  224. Princess Cory creates luck sack to gain infinite charges
  225. anyone else keep getting disconnected
  226. Graphical Bug on X-spells
  227. F10 bug
  228. Storm Drummer Bug
  229. Soul of Battle and Flaring Passions?
  230. bug? Scheme should not be able to be cancelled
  231. Can't play cards in hand
  232. Thunderfield Elder does not work with escalation
  233. Wildroot Dancer + Chlorophylia
  234. Whisper Bug
  235. Can't login into the game
  236. Fahrney = Terrorantula
  237. Arena Booby Trap Challenge places all traps at bottom of deck
  238. Drowned Shrine of Ulthar and Scrap Rummager
  239. Blurred Icons/tabs/cards
  240. Zakiir's Whim gave troop wrong gem
  241. New idea about Jank Bot trigger bug
  242. Play button does nothing
  243. Mistlord Ability Resolves After Dying
  244. Cyclone Shaman prophesied troop bug
  245. Copied actions not working properly
  246. 2x Beginning of turn triggers during Oracle/Breeze Arena Challenge procs
  247. Cards that get flight through equipment still get debuffed by Eldritch Dreamer
  248. Feeding the Young ones Feet Equipment
  249. Gauntlet Matchmaking Allows Rematch
  250. Card bug - Wrathwood Master Moss