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  1. [BUG] - Negative 11 Gold Bid?
  2. Unable to post multiple chest on AH
  3. Wretched Brood with Visage of the Brood
  4. Eldritch Dreamer visual bug while blocking ?!
  5. Flaring Passions + Soul of Battle bug?
  6. Crown of the Primals Bugged
  7. Bunoshi Champion Power Activation Hang
  8. Hornet Bot getting blocked by non-flying troops in Arena
  9. Command tower and hero of adamanth.
  10. Draft / Sealed - Random Champion From All Sets
  11. replicators gambit bug
  12. Grove Whisperer and Feral Domination
  13. Wierd Wolsy Wabbit bug
  14. [BUG] Equipped Death Cap unblocked
  15. [Important] Client changed my default hold priority to Comma
  16. Pact of Life Not Proc'ing from Chlorophyllia
  17. scrap rummager bug
  18. [API] Locking game up
  19. Vampire Princess Bugged
  20. Deck Auto-sideboards in Scheduled Sealed
  21. Incubation Slave equip not applying to newly created Slaves
  22. Too Many Terrorantula Triggers Froze Arena Game
  23. [PvE Arena] - Raptor blocks flying troop
  24. Stacked Triggers - AI bug - with Uzume and Ritualist of Spring Litter
  25. Multiple Triggers on same card - Non-Descriptive Text - Bug
  26. [Not A Bug] Brood Baron unclear
  27. Invetory + PG block
  28. [Pending] Wolsy Wabbit not fully copying temporary buffs
  29. [Not A Bug] Winter Moon + Titania's Majesty targets
  30. Mouse cursor missing when entering fullscreen/VIP AA's not handed out yet?
  31. Game locks up when undergoing a resolution switch from a remote desktop session
  32. Dropdown menus don't work over remote desktop from Android
  33. [Not A Bug] Crocosaur Bug (issue with creatures battle system)
  34. [Not A Bug] Charge Bot not adding charge
  35. [Not A Bug] Induction Charge not giving a charge
  36. Continuous looping patcher since last patch.
  37. Dissapearing buff from gem
  38. Broken Launcher still?
  39. Lack of memory
  40. ViP Booster Not Getting Received
  41. Army of Myth failing to spawn certain cards
  42. Blood Spyhnx Was OP Bugged
  43. Unable to resolve opponents action, led to loss to time out
  44. Bunoshi the Ruthless - Action does not resolve
  45. Shift bug
  46. Arena - challenge firing simultaneously with "at start of your turn" effects
  47. Flipped screen
  48. Bow of Soul's Chill doesn't work
  49. Horrific Poltergeist conflict
  50. Ethereal Headwrap not working with AA Ethereal Caller
  51. Replicator's Gambit card draw
  52. Scroll of Yazukan arena bug
  53. Skewer Bug or unclear text regarding temporary 1 defense post combat
  54. Dino Might bug
  55. Simple graphic error in prize display
  56. Error Upgrading to Extended Art
  57. "Revealed Cards" does not show any cards, game is stuck
  58. Arena reward bug, no reward for Tier 4.
  59. Bug: Grim Assimilation Steals an Action
  60. Lanupaw not reacting to Starsight Oracle's shards
  61. Smash to the Ground and Winter Moon
  62. [Not a Bug] Celestial of Dawn doesnt trigger properly.
  63. Possible Mimeobot bug
  64. Bug? - Unusuable Volcannon
  65. Inner conflict / Scepter of Nightmares double damage?
  66. Relentless Corruption and Cosmic Totem
  67. Splintered Touch
  68. Augur of Scion with zero cards left in deck
  69. Soul of Battle x2 onto Minion of Yazukan
  70. Transformation mid-combat versus swiftstrike
  71. Have to redownload a patch every time I reload the game
  72. Everytime I add a card on the AH I get disconnected today
  73. Reginald Lancashire Bug
  74. Shard Ward not displaying the chosen shard
  75. Wrong Player Timer: Inquisition and Arcane Focus
  76. Player's Heart of the Wrathwood not Spawning Plants post-Extinction in Arena
  77. Wolsy Wabbit With Equipment - Arena
  78. Graphic problem in the Arena
  79. Xarlox is Backwards - Arena
  80. Vs IA in provin ground
  81. Arena reward display is empty (got rewards tho)
  82. Arena - Seaweed Beheamoth
  83. Chaotic Rip - Arena
  84. Hex running in a minimized window uses up to 2x the CPU resources
  85. titania's majesty banned in pve
  86. Game crashes when challenging first arena opponent
  87. AH Bug when pressing Enter
  88. Sunsoul phoenix
  89. Graphic Bug
  90. Half of Final Arena Rewards Not Correctly Displaying
  91. Sound Missing from Coin Toss animation
  92. Avenging Angel - Arena AI
  93. Incorrect cards are sent by the API
  94. Wyatt the Sapper's art glitched
  95. Tinkerer's Robes BUG
  96. AH Item Rarity Graphics Bug
  97. Arena sometimes freezing pre-game after winning coin toss
  98. Cannot play after new patch...
  99. Tooltip error/equipment error
  100. Princess Cory infinite life-gain via Luck Sack
  101. Death Cap
  102. "pre-game" fase stuck
  103. Chat Bug - limits to one character input
  104. PvE - Blood Sphinx - No Longer has Passive Ability
  105. Absurdly high GPU load after patch
  106. Succulent Cluckodon not giving life on sacrifice
  107. Reprocessor w/ Finger Bone equipment broken
  108. Weird name of card reward in arena
  109. Individual Card sounds not heard
  110. All of my cards are blacked out on the casting cost/strength and defense of troops
  111. Brutal Commander + Bracers of Brutality + Urgnock
  112. Gront's Gift with mill gem milled me
  113. Arena Infinite Background
  114. Surface Pro 2 touchscreen not working in new patch
  115. Game Crashes if left on Auction House screen too long
  116. Wrathwood Master Moss Lethal Interaction
  117. Arena Background Loop bug
  118. EA cards will only link as EA in chat if you have only EA copies of that card.
  119. Auction House: "Item Rarity" Drop Down Opacity/Display Priority Problem
  120. Not Sure If Intended?: Woolvir Baa'shrr ignores negative ATK
  121. [Pending] Sunsoul Phoenix
  122. Sub-Bug: Improper Replica Bug: Dopplegadget -> Pterobot
  123. Visual bug
  124. Competitive draft - Deck validation error: minimum 60 cards required
  125. Cannot Log-in into game
  126. Decklist displayed for limited events in between rounds not the same submitted deck
  127. Sleeves are lost in between games in limited events
  128. Chlorophilia + Wild Root Dancer - ARENA
  129. Improper Transformation Rules
  130. Genesis Pool Naiad - ARENA
  131. Spider Eggs + Scrap Rummager bug
  132. Duplicitous Duke + Inner Conflict Bug
  133. Tournament tiebreaker rounding inconsistencies
  134. Shadowgrove Witch Debuff Reverts for no Reason
  135. Still can't play arena
  136. Major Resolution Problems
  137. Fullscreen mode is over-persistent ;)
  138. Game always gets patched more than once
  139. Troop Retains Gem Effect After Polymorph: Dingler
  140. [NOT SURE IF BUG] Pack Raptor AA
  141. War Prodigy w/ equipment: Dragon Crest Treads
  142. Brown Fox Scout spoil next card in the deck
  143. All champions available in VIP sealed
  144. Ea cards appearing as non ea
  145. Jankbot Bug
  146. No autopass on surface troop
  147. Windowed mode, sound effects trigger while in background
  148. Getting a strange error...
  149. Visage of the Brood bugged.
  150. Some minor bugs concerning Necro cards and shifted abilities
  151. harvester's reaper helps enemy reaper bots.
  152. Starfire Totemist bugs Arena
  153. Princess Cory Luck Sack
  154. Hex is Black Screening
  155. Heart of the wrathwood
  156. EA Cards in Draft
  157. Hero Power did not Process
  158. Swiftstrike
  159. Ability order not working correctly
  160. After patch - card display in draft is blank
  161. Draft Champion selection bugged
  162. Crimson Clarity not working as intended
  163. Stuck on updating files
  164. Holy Ascension - Bugs
  165. Darkspire Longblade equipment - bugged or wrong description
  166. Weird bug in draft - no cards!
  167. Client buttons not working
  168. Devouring Doomspore cant be interrupted when played for free
  169. Items Attached to Deleted Mail are Not Returned
  170. Shard Ward with current patch
  171. Issues with Tarantula milling with Azurefate
  172. Mimic + equipment bugged for second Mimic
  173. Sometimes cannot mail cards
  174. Cards in draft have no text?
  175. Master Moss lost Spellshield after transformations
  176. Sky Walkers from 3 Red Crowns?
  177. Potential Gront's Gift Bug
  178. Deathcap Bug
  179. Ozawa not draining life
  180. Gems not showing up in games
  181. Playing with people that are already in another game
  182. Savvas display bug
  183. Random Crashing
  184. Oath of Valor - Cannot be responded to after entering play
  185. [Confirmed] Buggy interaction with Logitech Gaming Software
  186. Revert failed
  187. Incorrect Rewards for Night of Bells event
  188. Briarpatch
  189. Blank picking pool in draft
  190. Flak Scrapper Bug
  191. Stuck on 'loading data' since patch
  192. Reprocessesor - does not transform, but does sacrifice troop
  193. Uzume boss/Profane Ritualist glitch
  194. BUG: Lithe Lyricist (Promo) + Lyricist Quill [Not working]
  195. Audio All Over Place
  196. Battle Hoppers Treated as Artifacts for blocking purposes
  197. Join Gauntlet bug
  198. Gront's Gift w/ Mill Gem
  199. Gearsmith Bug
  200. Reprocessor equipment bug.
  201. Bad visualization of deck's top card after re-connecting to an interrupted game.
  202. Ruinforge Reinventor Locked Game
  203. constantina vs incubation webs
  204. Crashing laptop video drivers since latest update
  205. Reprocessor / Replicator / Arena Challenge
  206. Egg interaction with Scrap Rummager
  207. Legendary Chest bug - Mercenary + Spin gave no spin
  208. shrewd manipulator game froze
  209. Unable to see cards during draft tournaments.
  210. Succulent Roostasaur Infinite Loop AI bug
  211. Bug that resulted in me having to uninstall and move the Hex files from C to D.
  212. Website outdated
  213. inquisition arena
  214. Missing - You Recievd a Tournament Prize! mail & no in game notice.
  215. Robes of Dark Rebirth can give 0/2 resources instead of the intended 0/1.
  216. Card still Normal Art after using Stardust for EA
  217. War Machinist/War Hulk Plans/Hulk Helm/Tinkererr's Robes Lockup
  218. Gem of Assimilation Equipment does not work
  219. Hex taking input from Flight Sim controllers...
  220. Damage overflow?
  221. [Item Bug] Dome of Extraction
  222. Two Bugs happened to me. (Primal Chest)
  223. Patch Notes [Chronicles of Entrath: Chapter 1 01/25/16] regarding Phenteo
  224. Unable to log in ?
  225. Checking existing files over and over again
  226. Stardust Issues
  227. Stuck at loading data...
  228. Invalid Request
  229. New Tutorial
  230. Bug - Campaign Travel Map in 3440x1440
  231. [Confirmed] Bug: Sort by Quantity
  232. Missleading/wrong Campaign Hint
  233. Unable to Enter Tournament
  234. [Known Issue] Kickstarter cards' equipment do not work
  235. Wandering Abomination Prompts me to Fight
  236. No reward after Wandering abomination
  237. Display Bug - Hint box trails offscreen at 1920x1200 resolution.
  238. [Not a Bug] Relentless Corruption & Equipment
  239. Video card completely shuts down while playing Hex
  240. [Confirmed] Uzume, Grand Concubunny effect not activating
  241. [Pending] Issues w/ promo rarity cards
  242. Fight vs Cockatrice bugs out when eternal sage +3+3 used
  243. Text Error: Dream Bear
  244. [Campaign - Dwarf] Song of Ashwood enemy power doesn't activate
  245. [Confirmed] Missing card "Awaken"
  246. UI: Currency display overlaps menu bar
  247. [Confirmed] Crimson Clarity with Head Equipment - Unplayable
  248. [Pending] Pale Moon Champion - Bug with reverting the charge power defensive
  249. Can't Talk to NPCs
  250. Hex crashes and musik stuck