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  1. Heavy Stuttering and unsmooth feel in the latest patch
  2. crash at the end of battles
  3. Heart of the Phoenix encounter - Feralroot Acorn doesn't allow choice
  4. [Pending] All caps font does not render whitespace
  5. [Confirmed] Damage prevention shields not working
  6. [Confirmed] Never received Phenteo's gift.
  7. Ambling Mesa turn in (Feather Drifting)
  8. Dream Bear passive
  9. Seemingly random crashes (please ask if you need more info)
  10. [Not a Bug] Quick Strider can block Dust Bustard
  11. Cannot reset talent tree
  12. [Confirmed] Chat interactions on adventure board repeating
  13. OP zoom
  14. AI Misplays
  15. Sniper Tower from Citadel of Adamanth incorrectly able to hit non flying champions.
  16. [Confirmed] Bug on Loot Rewards - Error Message "Not Found"
  17. Wrong character portrait shown for map indicator
  18. No reward after changing will of robot
  19. [Confirmed] Sound cuts out when card/shard played
  20. Cross the Zila River Quest Glitched
  21. Untimely DC during leaving of starter City gets you stuck!
  22. [Confirmed] Burning Zombie Extended Art Missing?
  23. BUG: Promo Card Extended Art Unlocking
  24. Data volume killer
  25. Stuck on Gnome Come Home Campaign Quest
  26. Socketing Interface Hints appear in background
  27. Game Crashed
  28. "Assign Damage" step in turn is frequently locking game.
  29. Cross the Zodiac River quest not completing
  30. Game Stuck at Excavation Bot's Defeat
  31. Loot tables empty contact CS
  32. Ninja Training - unable to activate 'reveal' ability
  33. Primal Shard + Starving Lich Equipment
  34. [pve] Necrotic Mage talent wont reset
  35. Need some Help
  36. Infiltrate freeze the game
  37. "Don't Show This Again" option in Card Manager does nothing
  38. AssemblyCsharp.dll loop
  39. Contract Killing equipment
  40. AssemblyCsharp.dll loop
  41. Zilth not underworld faction
  42. New PvE cards not searchable in AH
  43. Champion Level 0 - no class/race seemingly
  44. [PvE] quest : "Gnomes Come Home" turn-in not working
  45. Deleting a champion can result in infinite loading screen
  46. missing card "Wormoid Hydra"
  47. HEX Crash after every encounter (Mac)
  48. [Confirmed] Unable to search for PVE rewards cards on AH
  49. Cross the Zila River Mission Not Completing
  50. Minor Ruby of Flames cant be blocked by artifact troops
  51. Indigo Dreamwalker + Reality Rift not working /// Augur of Sirion not working aswell
  52. "NOT CONNECTED" On Relog After Log Out
  53. Cards still have no text during games or opening booster packs
  54. game stalled, likely due to wretched brood equipment interaction
  55. Hex Opens to a Giant Purple Rectangle
  56. Human racial Heroism not working.
  57. Spider Egg not working
  58. Crimson Clarity with Copper Head Helmet
  59. 21:9 resolution in dungeons unplayable
  60. Speculation: Mercs making game easier.
  61. Gareth Kay's inspiration does no work
  62. Infinite Reconnecting Issue
  63. Gareth Kay isn't Ardent
  64. "Declare Blockers" text sometimes stays on screen
  65. Poor Yorick broken
  66. Campaign instantly crashes
  67. Not taking expected path in dungeon
  68. Starshield doesnt prevent lethal
  69. Progressively bad lag
  70. Psychic torment suddenly became banned in pve
  71. Morphology does not transform Tempestuous Blademaster (multi-shard troop)
  72. Can't go to Fort Romor
  73. Rotting Knight w/ruby gem - unblockable to War Bot
  74. Fertile Engorger + Runt of litter
  75. Missing item
  76. No Extended Art on Burning Zombie
  77. Emberleaf Wardancer with equipment hangs game
  78. Game crashed
  79. Sister Midnight - Blood/Sapphire version's charge power nonfunctional
  80. Memory leak?
  81. Ardemt Recruiter does not reduce cost of Spearcĉoff Cloud Knight
  82. AI Will Not Play Shard After Being Battled By Dwarf Warrior
  83. Dream Eagle champion encounter gaining health rapidly.
  84. Game stuck
  85. Bug: Tunneled Wormoid Queen vs. Droo's Colossal Walker
  86. Te'talca, Orc Gladiator ability does not trigger swiftstrike.
  87. Can't Complete Three Braves
  88. [Confirmed] Music Volume Slider Broken
  89. All characters break after the Road of Sand
  90. AI Will Almost Never Play Shard After Being Battled By Dwarf Warrior
  91. going afk in single player results in defeat?
  92. Play first bug.
  93. Missing in-game art on Spell Sprite
  94. Can't buy platinum
  95. [Campaign] Sometimes the AI goes first even when I choose to play first.
  96. Crashing after all PVE matches
  97. Starshield doesn't work
  98. Canyon Scout retains ability after being transformed
  99. Gareth Kay bug
  100. Princess Victoria not allowed in Human deck?
  101. Chained Goliath - 0hp = loss
  102. Can't Reset My Talents
  103. Game Constantly Getting Stuck
  104. Starting with 6 cards in PvE games
  105. Sun Seer without Lifedrain
  106. Divine Altar Doubling socketed powers
  107. ONE of my accounts keeps getting Dc'd while the other remains online.
  108. 2 PvE Cards do not drop in Campaign
  109. Blight Magus Charge bug
  110. Bugged Game Cannot Relog and Play
  111. Dusk Hollow & Eagle Mesa
  112. PvE Bug - Blessings not triggering Archmage Wrenlocke
  113. Text wrapping on armor
  114. Human Heroism Trait Not Activating
  115. Life Tracker in Dungeon not Working
  116. Skarn Tail Skullguard equipment grants swiftstrike to other troops
  117. Flamethrower equipment turns Fuel for the Fire into a basic action
  118. Hex.exe keeps crashing, not fixed with hotfix.
  119. Old Chests cannot be opened
  120. Heroic Echo with heroes armor costs 2 instead of 1
  121. Soearcliff Cloud Knigh does not have ardent faction
  122. Rotmutt Locking Up Game
  123. Copies don't copy the buff from wakuna crowfeather
  124. Some PVE cards are not seen on the AH
  125. Ardor day event
  126. Swiftstrike didn't proc
  127. Adventure pack reward -- "96339D02-BE95-4C5F-8BFB-BE877329017B Not Found"
  128. Stuck on loading screen PvE
  129. Missing Crushing Blow AA reward
  130. King Lodegans Call (and possibly all X spells) bugged when cost made Free
  131. Vilefang Eremite drain not working through armor
  132. Brutal Commander locking up the game
  133. Horrible lag with Dwarf Cleric.
  134. Ethereal Coated Boots Not Recognizing Lifedrain as Health Gain
  135. Losing Dungeon Lives Without Losing an Encounter
  136. Card Manager: Filtering by "Promo" rarity is wrong
  137. Inaccessible forum account, completely at a loss
  138. Blau Flats Shroomkin Reward Error
  139. Gareth Kay is not working
  140. Missing equipment drop on AZ1?
  141. black screens
  142. Dream Spider + Painbreeder
  143. Gareth kay doesnt work
  144. Soul of Raqqar drops in the wrong dungeon
  145. Shin'hare Cleric Ability + Cottontail Recruiter
  146. Gortezuma the Phantom
  147. Linux via Wine: Spaces missing from all Text
  148. [BUG] Opponent Goes First when Player Wins Flip
  149. Dream Bear's Gift of Wild creating non-wild card.
  150. Issues with card resolution due to lag
  151. timing out on login screen
  152. Equipment bug from Packs
  153. Duplicous Duke
  154. [Confirmed] Display issue with cards generated by talents
  155. Likely AI incompetance
  156. Heroic Echo cost is wrong & Disappearing cards
  157. Tomb of the Rose Knights
  158. Soul Vessel isn't considered an artifact troop
  159. Card Text constantly disappearing upon login
  160. Cannot sell some cards
  161. Raving Ghoul
  162. Bug with Wormoid Queen
  163. List of Non-Dropping Equipment
  164. 1st Killipede & Periwinkle
  165. F10
  166. Not able to view campaign cards in AH
  167. Can't Immediately Accept New Quest in Cave-In After Turn-In
  168. Adaptatron can't block trrops socketed with ruby of flames
  169. Tent node dosn't show up for underworld
  170. Paragon in a draft
  171. Ninja Training not working with Dazed
  172. My sealed deck gauntlets keep disappearing for no reason.
  173. Can't play
  174. Wiktor's Spitfire Elemental
  175. Overlapping card views in draft
  176. Frost Ring Arena issues
  177. Trained and Toxified
  178. Blessing of the immortal
  179. Missing Draft Opponent had Paragon of Righteousness
  180. Item Not Found
  181. Gareth Kay
  182. Card being hit by Vampire King revealing opposing Monsuun
  183. Rotting Knight website image
  184. [BUG] King Edmund will transform sapper's charges with his passive
  185. Guaranteed way to crash the client
  186. Playing "Enter the Dream" for free from Syyn freezes the game state.
  187. Stuck in Battle
  188. Possible Timing Error at Start of Turn
  189. HEX is a huge resource eater
  190. Misplaced troops when reconnecting to match
  191. Battles with Swiftstrike
  192. Wind Whisperer Charge Power Issue
  193. Withering Touch - Equipment does not work
  194. Game crashed + folder
  195. Card values and text have vanished, combined with choppy lag
  196. Darkspire Punisher not Ardent
  197. Looking at card manager for more than 2 minutes crashes the game
  198. Paladin of the Necropolis doesn't trigger Hunger of the Mountain God
  199. King Lodegan's Call equipment bug?
  200. Inconsistent Comes Into Play Trigger Ordering with Mistlord Equip
  201. Dream Eagle is getting a little crazy
  202. D/B Sister Midnight Cannot Decide Which Spiders to Squish
  203. Unable to reach 2nd killipede - skittering ridge
  204. Legionnaire of Adamanth - not working
  205. Stuck at Nazhk Webguard's "set ability order"
  206. Inconsistent Ashwood Smiter
  207. Shardcall inspires shard as well
  208. Kept disconnecting during draft, unable to restart either hex or gameforgelive
  209. Mushwocky Invisible During Sacrifice
  210. Game slows to a crawl in dungeons
  211. master of masks
  212. Clicking Faster than Client Expects Halts Progression
  213. [bug] equipped vilefang eremite locks game with ghostly sentinel armor
  214. Gem trait "Can't be blocked..." prevents use of Carnasaurus battle ability
  215. Dwarf Warrior charge power makes AI refuse to play shards
  216. FRA Nelebrin Scout passive gives 1/0 resources
  217. Glendower with Artificer's Malet Bug
  218. [Confirmed] Test draw broken
  219. Reflections out of whack on Adventure map on a Mac
  220. [Confirmed] Bloodlust with Banner of Blood and an Orc Warrior Champion
  221. Duplicitous Duke with inner conflict allows for unlimited use of its shift
  222. selling sidedeck
  223. Fort Romor Commander Hawthorne charge power at quick speed
  224. Checking for previous game to reconnect
  225. Wiktor & Decaying Giant
  226. Dwarf Warrior - killing a dungeon opponent with battle stuns you for the next fight.
  227. Consistent crashes
  228. Ghost commander in Usurper dungeon
  229. All quest done, still flag over Cave-In
  230. gem: this can't be blocked except by artifact troops and/or troops that share a shard
  231. Feeding the Young Ones, With Equipment
  232. Mind controlled manti - Druidic Exoshaper
  233. not able to talk to Kian
  234. Pheromones bug with AI
  235. Issues with Socketing and Reserves in tournaments
  236. Deadeye Ripper can lose priority prompt
  237. Exiting client and rejoining in Constructed Gauntlet = No Reserves phase
  238. Hang vs Cloaked Figure
  239. PVE Card Whispering Breeze is not Ardent Aligned
  240. Zoltog in Elemental Spitfire encounter
  241. Mid Battle Crash
  242. arena game freeze: angel of judgement + eldons distress signal
  243. Ethereal Healer + Boots Equipment, and Holy Ascension - Rules clarification
  244. WOF: 2nd time of "Upgrade Chest, Pay to Spin Again" not working
  245. wrong character info (campaign)
  246. Kismet ate a card (old, no longer relevant, but still a bug)
  247. Icon "return to the map" is a stronghold..
  248. Item not found - Smoldering Equipment
  249. Swiftstrike vs. transform
  250. Arena reconnect bug