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  1. XP reward for Zombie Mob (extremely minor bug)
  2. Dream eagle and amasing HP regen
  3. Rain of Meteors
  4. Can't start game after latest patch (16.2.18)
  5. Unable to log in
  6. Have to accept new terms.. Cant log in.
  7. Freeze on startup
  8. BUG: EA Voracious Vultures Art Missing
  9. jankbot description / piranha has 2 arts
  10. Soloist's Suit and AA Ashwood Soloist
  11. Orson's Dream seems to be treated as Traitless
  12. Unable to Patch -
  13. Imp Hoodlums targetting non-artifact
  14. armor and board shake
  15. [BUG] Tomb of the Rose Knights (i.e. Smoldering Dead Dungeon)
  16. Hex Freeze
  17. Dreamcatchers headdress doesnt work properly
  18. Copied Highlands Blackbelt Inconsistent
  19. campaign quests completed shown twice in chat
  20. equipment display disappearing from card maanger upon clicking gem
  21. AH scrolling bar button too wide
  22. Chained Goliath draws when not supposed to
  23. Merry Minstrels bug
  24. Frost Ring Challenges not happening
  25. Woolvir <-> Wool'vir
  26. [BUG] Grim Skull Sorcerer
  27. [BUG] Luck Sack
  28. Fire effect remains active
  29. Hell Horror Helmet (for Romor's Reckoning)
  30. Deleted game, grabbed installer, doesn't patch
  31. Today's mini-patch messed up windowed borderless
  32. Ravenous Piranha - picture ERROR
  33. Image of Zin'xith Silk is compressed
  34. Dopplegadget and Divine Alert
  35. Killipede Creating Corpse Flies from nothing?
  36. AoM6 Freezes after...
  37. Zin'xith silk Not giving a choice
  38. Did not get reward for reverting princess in Sea Hag PVE fight
  39. [OS X] Weird resolution change
  40. Mesa don't give flag for quest turn-in
  41. Faith in Our Leader not working on opening hand?
  42. The Killapede has an issue?
  43. lots of game timeouts/freezes since patch
  44. Drowned Shrine bugs Chained Goliath encounter
  45. Crashing problems
  46. Cards in deck that were enlisted for tournament stay locked
  47. Taming Sphere Quest
  48. Paragon of Righteousness as random champion
  49. Hero of Adamanths infinite LP rise.
  50. Crimson Clarity Bug - With Copperhead Equipment
  51. Problem with Basic Ability on a troop (that is reactivateable ability)
  52. Cancel Auto-Pass (Default F1) not working
  53. Fae trickster transforming into enchanted frog
  54. exhausting ingenious engineer (small display bug)
  55. Something strange happened against Wandering Abomination
  56. disconnected, chat at login screen.
  57. Chest upgrade rare --> primal display bug
  58. vampire princess stealing cards created by highlands blackbelt
  59. Dream Eagle's charge power creates sapphire shards
  60. Withering Touch equipment prevents the discard
  61. Game worked yesterday now crashes; can't re-install, new website / servers?
  62. "INVALID-REQUEST" on login
  63. Page counter in AH My listings doesn't count correctly
  64. Attack lights remaining on the portrait
  65. wrong amount on card info in campaign deck manager
  66. Incorrect Mail Information
  67. Optimatron with Syn bug
  68. Display bug after relog with Augur of Sirion
  69. Can't respond to ai casting burn
  70. Reginald and Hero of Adamanth (potential bug with passive)
  71. Frost ring stops working
  72. Crown of the Primals bug - did not revert
  73. AH searching is borked
  74. Deck hashes are unreliable.
  75. My Bids in the Auction House
  76. Carnasaurus Has ability of equipment even when not equipped
  77. Bug with Synn + Plans
  78. Princess Cory does very strange transformations
  79. Crazed Chicanery -> Spiderling Egg
  80. Hunger of the Mountain God growing too fast
  81. Fiery Indignation
  82. Copies not working correctly with Prophecy
  83. Client instability and APPCrashes Hex Client (Windows)
  84. Game doesn't let me ignore really annoying persons
  85. Phase Stops - Restore Default no effect
  86. Ninja Training with Ninja Shroud
  87. King Edmund: repel + transform -> combat
  88. Arena: Seaweed Behemoth always sacrifices Storm Cloud directly
  89. Ethereal Healer vs. Frost Ring slowdown
  90. Wormoid Hydra not working properly in Frost Ring Arena
  91. Constant Game Crashes in Adventure Zone
  92. It seems that Incubation Webs get reapplied after reverting a card
  93. Frost Ring, Opponent Equipment data not displayed
  94. AI and 0 Cost Abilities (Infinite Stack)
  95. Fortune of Sapphire from Gaal Houses
  96. Client slows down every few seconds
  97. Lullaby not properly reverting cards
  98. Help please? I cant use new cards in pve deck
  99. Carnasaurus battling Emberspire Witch results in health gain
  100. Grim Skull Sorcerer/Usurper Dungeon Revert Error
  101. [BUG] Morphology --> Toxin AI
  102. Gift of Yazukan - bug? (Only 1 sacrificed)
  103. Infinite AI loop with Soul Marble (Princess Cory Arena Boss)
  104. [BUG?] Possible Bug -- Raver's Cleaver, Change of Control, and 0/0 Raving Ghouls
  105. Bug in Campaign mode with King Edmund
  106. Phantom generated from a dingler
  107. Ballistics Expert does double damage
  108. Priority when troop enters field working as intended?
  109. Hex client drops the WiFi connection
  110. Primal Shard did not give expected thresholds
  111. arena rewards
  112. Flaring Passions Revert Bug
  113. Indigo Dreamwalker, Winter Moon, and Smash to the Ground
  114. Gront's Gift with Prime Sapphire of Subterfuge
  115. chat in arena
  116. The effect of Incubation webs can't be reverted
  117. Game keeps crashing at this point
  118. AH - Unable to list multiple chests at once
  119. Shift Bug
  120. Game stuck with Rotmutt
  121. Cannot retrieve password
  122. Morphology Display Bug
  123. Angel of Dawn and Crazed Rummaging
  124. tunneled troop with 2 counters
  125. Ashwood Soloist
  126. Random Crashing In Campaign
  127. Wormoid Hydra doesn't tunnel 2 wormoids on death
  128. Hunger of the Mountain God vs Lifedrain
  129. Misleading Reserves Time Display (Comp Draft)
  130. Rose Knights Tomb
  131. BUG ALERT: Princess Cory infinite usage of Soul Marble
  132. Constant Crashes in Arena - After winning or losing (Victory/Defeat Screen)
  133. Dungeon repeating fight?
  134. BUG ALERT: Game freezes when Arena Regular fights a Charge Hulk
  135. Ethereal Caller ----> Incubations webs ---> Etherealize
  136. Possible Swiss Draft Matchmaker Bug
  137. Getting past a patched patcher
  138. Reprocessor and challenge for mastery of time
  139. [Bug] Savage Lord + Winter Moon Charge Ability
  140. Missing Weekly VIP Booster
  141. Shards of Fate FPS Spike
  142. [BUG] Adaptatron Crush+Double Block
  143. Azurefate Sorceress with major ruby of destruction + pterobot costing 1
  144. Forced triggers and passing to attack phase - Bug causes game lock
  145. rule question (bug?); gift of yazukan
  146. this cant be blocked by troops with attack less than this troops attack
  147. Unable to respond to Shift powers
  148. Bug with Kismet's Well
  149. Tournament bug, opponent DCed, given the win upon relogging
  150. triumvirate (fort romor) bug
  151. Gront's Gift with Mill Gem mills a card
  152. Potential Bug - Abominate and Spiritbound Spy
  153. Zakiir's Whim And Socketed Cards
  154. Deepgaze Acolyte & Destroyed Shift Troop
  155. Zakiir's Whim and Iljun's Parade
  156. Mac Freeze Crash
  157. Ghost Feather's Prophecy Does Revert Before Transform
  158. Any way to lower graphics? Getting a poor FPS
  159. Terrorantula hit by Jank Bot
  160. Incubation Webs continues to tap my creature after Knightsbane Oro reverted it
  161. Reconnect bug after choosing order of start of turn abilities
  162. Game crash when pushing Auction House followed by Store in quick succesion
  163. Arena - Kindling Skarn Draw and Hogarth's Free Mastery of Time
  164. Known Issues Tracker
  165. patcher bug?
  166. Can't login after patch
  167. 04/07/16 patch broke API
  168. Store Icon Flashes Constantly
  169. notifications while minimized (VERY MINOR qol)
  170. Patching stuck on "Checking Patcher"
  171. Copied troop with Doppelgadget dosent get effected by copied troops equips
  172. Disconnected from game; restart client
  173. Titania majesty + challenge bug
  174. Auction House timers counting down during maintenance
  175. Been stuck downloading forever
  176. Installer Looping on Checking Existing Files
  177. F10 Prior to Terrorantula Egg draw Locks Game
  178. Stuck at loading screen
  179. [PvE] Creatures don't deal combat damage after removing attempted blockers
  180. Cleric Blessing + 100 card deck
  181. Visual: cards in hand doesn't slide up to mouseover
  182. Missing Weekly Draft Ticket
  183. Playing a card with casting cost X for Free fixes X to 0
  184. Victory = Loss on Final Boss
  185. Unable to log in
  186. Stuck at new patcher
  187. [The Wrath of ZakiiR] unable to target
  188. Unusual Timing for Actions from Slithering Marauder
  189. Auction House: Search Results are Appended to Prior Search Results
  190. Login Problems
  191. Ageless Troubadour Equipment
  192. Is something wrong with the server? I can't launch a match
  193. Game hangs on Reconnection in Arena and PvE
  194. Tabbing to Authenticaor box at login
  195. Patcher stuck at RETRY: patch.ini
  196. Won't launch
  197. UAC workaround not working. Checking files loop bug :(.
  198. Promo dust on sale do not show in my listing on sale
  199. lady cassandra for squires?
  200. Issue with patcher or stuck loading in game? -READ
  201. Hashes aren't working.
  202. Opening the store makes hex.exe crash
  203. Missing arena brawler
  204. Bug - Arena Challenge - Priority lock (some other suggestions)
  205. GUI Bug
  206. The Ursuper dungeon locking from characters
  207. More than 4 of a single geymtype...
  208. Technical help
  209. Inquisitor Thist
  210. Paladin of Naagaan (Frost Ring Arena opponent)
  211. Queensguard and Cassandra interaction
  212. Gems light up onb card even without the required threshold...
  213. Card covering resources and threshold
  214. Cannot start Frost Ring with api.ini syncing all events
  215. Dopplegadget transform into Soul Vessel bug
  216. Flash Popping store
  217. items missing from inventory
  218. Princess Cory
  219. Crown of Primals and duplicitous duke
  220. The Usurper Encounter Bug
  221. cloud king requires promo dust
  222. Custom chat channel issues
  223. Stretched art for AI only cards
  224. Memory Leak
  225. Unable to sort cards different in draft
  226. Formatting Issues in AH
  227. Multiple Frost Ring Arena bugs
  228. Extra kickstarter copies in collection April 15th
  229. Login Screen request
  230. Can not sort Drafted Cards or Reserves while drafting
  231. War Machinist Dealing Double Damage
  232. Pack Opening Bug
  233. CTD on any match
  234. Horrible Lag Now
  235. Heroic Echo + Cyclone Shaman bug
  236. Doppelgadget no longer regaining one shot abilities of other artifacts
  237. AI mistargets Fist of Briggadon gear power