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  1. Card Manager: Tournament Deck couldn't rename then vanished
  2. Swiss - Matchups/Rankings Skewed Due to Dropped Player
  3. Tet'alca, Orc Gladiator - can turn into high cleric on the turn after ability is used
  4. Can't spin a chest with exactly enough gold
  5. Time Clock contiues running
  6. Master Theorycrafter cannot be activated in opponent's end phase
  7. Save Deck Crash in Draft
  8. single elim draft timer bug
  9. Draft Match Unable to Join or Not working?
  10. You need to make it more clear that there are limits on sockets during draft
  11. My timer ticked down while opponent was resolving inquisition
  12. Can't Join Draft with Plat when have ticket
  13. Triple-red spin rewarded too much (I think)
  14. Switching champions between games
  15. Changing deck between matches?
  16. Gaersmith's ability uses opponent's timer
  17. Draft Bug, crash during card picking
  18. Dwarven Armory
  19. War Bot Did Not Void After Turn When Created on Defense - Draft
  20. Sealed swiss incorrectly matching players against each other.
  21. Gold display
  22. No priority window on opponents turn.
  23. Honeycap Bug
  24. Draft sort bug
  25. Beta Login failing
  26. Cards with bugged pictures in both draft interface and card manager
  27. Replicas visually are bugged in your hand, but appear properly when played
  28. Sort by quantity non-functional
  29. charge powers vs. spell shield
  30. Hex is stealing my gold ;)
  31. Get a textbox, then eliminated from the tournament.
  32. Wind Whisperer and Pheromones incorrect interaction (and frozen interface)
  33. Winning the wheel spin with 3 golden is bugged
  34. Blinding Light - Fatal Damage bug
  35. Living Totem Swiftstrike kills two Falcons? Plus Menacing Gralk
  36. Cards get a red glow and not further action can be taken
  37. Couldn't play cards after draft winner notification
  38. Chest Opening Bug
  39. Graphical bug - opponent's cards not showing altered costs
  40. Graphical bug - Counters not showing correctly on opponent's cards
  41. Mulligan to 4 cards - Can't keep hand against AI - Endless loop
  42. Constantly Crashing to desktop
  43. Loading Data Screen is taking forever to load
  44. Inquisition Draft Tournament
  45. Volcannon bug?
  46. Chest not spinnable (+screenshot)
  47. Bug Names Sort (Cavern Commando starts with a M?)
  48. Dandelion Sprite bug
  49. Mystic Spiritwalker + reporting a bugged game
  50. Setting stops
  51. Draft Bug - Unable to play cards
  52. Gems do not reset between matches
  53. Draft: Reserve/Deck showing 0 Cards
  54. Can't spin common chest with exactly 1200 gold left
  55. Draft Tourny Bugs
  56. Blood Bearer Doesnt always give life
  57. Cant play cards
  58. Bug: interaction between Dingler and soul armaments
  59. pheromones + repel
  60. runic monolith readying improperly
  61. Darkspire Priestess bug
  62. shield trainer bug
  63. Darkspire priestess didn't resolve
  64. Orb of Deception & Orb of Primordium Interaction
  65. Devoted Emissary
  66. Nature Reigns kills non-artifact creatures
  67. wheel of fate packs
  68. Stuck in "loading data" since Patch
  69. Random card deck first match and Wrong Champion all 3 matches of Round 1 Sealed Deck
  70. Hover over descriptions showing incorrectly when spinning for chests
  71. Wheel of Fate showing variable names instead of text messages
  72. Swiss Tournament Rewards Bug?
  73. Automatically lost for no reason in draft
  74. GEM Ruby of Flames
  75. Twisted Fate andEnlightened Seeker. Relentless Corruption issues same game.
  76. Missing chat during game
  77. Wheel of Fate: 3x Red Heart = No upgrade
  78. Bug During Tournament: Possible disconnect not sure on exact cause
  79. Draft finals couldn't start game, lost by Default
  80. Cadbury Egg bug
  81. AI getting stuck - not fixed
  82. Sentinel + soul armants + inner conflict
  83. Spin reward: Triple Spider, Legendary Card Reward
  84. Sudden Disconnect - May 14th (2am GMT+2)
  85. Draft - cards/deck/champain would not load for sideboarding
  86. insufficient funds
  87. Block/Crushing Blow/Countermagic/Ruby Lance Possible bug
  88. Was able to both play first AND draw
  89. Princess Victoria in starting hand
  90. Survival of the fittest vs Swiftstrike
  91. Unable to spin Common Chest with 1200G in bank
  92. Frost Wizard Bug
  93. Cards which are shuffled into deck are always on top during draft
  94. Headless Executioner
  95. WoF Causing Disappearing Boosters
  96. Wheels of fate: 3x gold heart bug
  97. Heavy Welding Bot - unable to target cards in the graveyard
  98. Wheel of Fortune bug with tooltips
  99. Vampire King -> Vampire Tooltip not working
  100. Wheels of Fate not awarding proper reward.
  101. 3x red icons don't do anything
  102. 3 red icons - Prize = failed spin?
  103. Headless Executioner does not have his text
  104. Pack Raptor, Replicator's Gambit and Bird o' Plenty
  105. Engenuity Engine Bug
  106. Repel's buggued
  107. Oakhenge Bug
  108. Bug or Glitch? Opened 10 packs, got 8 treasure chests
  109. shamed gladiator
  110. Protectorate Sorcerer no priority
  111. Draft Tournament Bug
  112. Reverting a transformed troop removes socketed gems
  113. Triumvirate related bugs
  114. Crimson Clarity not working
  115. Tournament Deck showing up in Deck-List
  116. Discard lag & incorrect cards count
  117. Bird of Plenty interaction with 'double damage' effects
  118. Not being able to cast anything.
  119. confirmation needded - occasionally missing priorities/phases
  120. pheromones not working properly
  121. Match not commencing in Tournament Bug
  122. Whole big pile of bugs in a sealed tournament.
  123. Played a draft and sealed, packs don't add up
  124. Shellsafe Sureshot bug?
  125. Incorrect Tournament Rewards Pop Up; Actual Prize Given Correct
  126. Doubled Creature after Reconnect from Opponent
  127. Bug With Ruby Aura
  128. Stuck at Loading Data after logging in
  129. Card foolery in draft selection
  130. Couldn't play any more cards after this situation (screenshots)
  131. Mancubus
  132. Xentoh's Inquistor and Darkspire Priestess crazy bug
  133. Is Bun'jitsu completely broken?
  134. unable to play certain cards or shards
  135. Spell Fails To Fizzle Completely
  136. missing draft deck in Card Manager
  137. Wheels of fate: giving the same reward every time (for a particular result)
  138. Mulls go on the bottom?
  139. Mystic Spiritwalker
  140. Casting troops while chain has triggers
  141. Reginald Lancashire Bug
  142. Packs from Wheel o Fate
  143. filelist.txt error
  144. Blood -1/-1 gem applied when not having threshold
  145. Can't contact support or log in
  146. I consider this a bug
  147. Shrine of Prosperity Bug
  148. Possible draft bug, Pick twice in succession from same pack?
  149. Unable to play cards during own turn due to opponent's specific card(s)
  150. Survival of the fittest vs Swiftstrike
  151. Lag since patch
  152. Mulligan into all shards lol
  153. mystic spiritwalker
  154. ascetic aspirant
  155. counter magic and cards that dont exist yet
  156. Not joining drafts properly
  157. Gift Code Bug?
  158. Syncing/Unable to create a game
  159. Infuse Diamon lets troops that can't attack attack anyway
  160. Shadowgrove Witch & Invincible troops
  161. Cards missing during draft?
  162. Troops skip attack after gaining late Swiftstrike
  163. Curse of Oblivion doesn't work on the stack
  164. Nelebrin Skirmisher, Inner Conflict and Spellshield Gem
  165. Missing tournament mail / record
  166. Blood Orb of Deception + Pheromones
  167. posting 2 card links in the chat causes it to bug, fill chat with html tags
  168. teltalca/gastroll
  169. Wind Whisperer priority problem
  170. Runic Monolith Readying Every Turn
  171. Three Crowns but no Paid Spin?
  172. Spelling mistake in Rules FAQ
  173. Doppelgadget - Copying War Plans --> Robot Replica
  174. Chronic Madness glitch?
  175. Ties/Dropped Players in Sealed?
  176. Rune Ear Commander / Protectorate Sorcerer
  177. Unusual visual effect when a card stayed tapped
  178. Accounts losing Free Weekly Draft Ticket "Flag"
  179. Display Resolution Incorrect in Windowed Mode
  180. Effigy of Nulzann w/ Ruby of Flames
  181. Arcane Shield on Opponent's Troop
  182. Guard Dogs vs Pheremones
  183. Abomination & Mimic
  184. WoF - Have gold, can't spin chest - pic included
  185. Cannot purchase Platinum through Credit Card...
  186. Pack Raptor [MAJOR BUG]
  187. Crush and Shellsafe Sure Shot damage prevention - prevented damage hits champion
  188. Clicked Play First at game start, extra Pass Priority button led to skipped turn
  189. Hard Client Crash Report
  190. CARD BUG -- Darkspire Priestess
  191. Lifedrain vs Swiftstrike
  192. Blood Cauldron Ritualist - Infinite Sacrifice (Bug or Intended?)
  193. Replicators Gambit and a troop with 0 or less health - enter play triggers
  194. Gorefeast giving extra combat phase by being played in main phase 2
  195. Swiftstrike not working
  196. Mystic of the Tranquil Dream's defense reverting for no clear reason
  197. Hex stuck in tiny window - please help!
  198. Mulligan bug
  199. Soul Marble
  200. Video Resolution Bug on Video Driver Update
  201. Server Issues?
  202. Shadowgrove Witch and Incantation
  203. pheremones on a troop with flight
  204. Soul Marble: bug or not?
  205. The Transcended did not draw the card I selected.
  206. Background "music" in the Open Pack screen ignores the music volume setting
  207. Menacing Gralk - opponent troops still readying
  208. Hex does not start
  209. Shamed Gladiator Unblockable Gem, Blocked!
  210. Another random bug: Flying Dingler
  211. Dingler on sureshot
  212. The chain did not disappear
  213. I drafted what looked like a Wild Growth, but got a Gear Smith.
  214. Eye of Creation and Honey Cap
  215. playing vs AI - seems to get "lost" in turn sequence and just sits there
  216. Sockets replace themselves in sideboard
  217. Blood orb of deception tooltip
  218. Entering a weird disconnect state
  219. Inner conflict on spellshielded troop, then the effect disappear for several rounds
  220. UI - Proving Ground's "Play" and opening Menu
  221. Missing close italics tags in flavor text
  222. Inner Conflict/Soul Armaments bug
  223. Time bug and sudden defeat
  224. Elite Battle Tech bouncing Argus
  225. Draft Launching Bug
  226. Error message when rerolling chests
  227. Surface pro 2 alt + tab crash
  228. Blood Savant acting inconsistently
  229. Saving a larger number of decks makes it so that you can't play with some decks
  230. Crushing Blow
  231. Locked out of second match in Draft
  232. Monkey of the nine tail's ability doesn't revert properly
  233. Cannot log-in all day
  234. NOBLEs giving vague/incorrect information
  235. Cosmic Transmografier bug #1 - Card Cost
  236. Cosmic Transmografier bug #2 - Dopplegadget
  237. Crown of the Primals 3 times -> only 3 rage
  238. Client freezing in full screen matches
  239. Game slows down to a crawl when 5 or more troops on board
  240. Draft- deck edit bug between matches
  241. Playing Spellshield on Opponent's Unit via Call to Grave
  242. Inquisition bugging out after selecting card
  243. Replicator's Gambit added text
  244. attempting to open a single pack, the game opened 10 instead
  245. Corrupt Harvester Can block red socketed creature??
  246. Bug or Intent? Cosmic Transmogrifier +Buccaneer/TimeRipple/Shrine
  247. Buggy AI - do devs still want us to report?
  248. Ruby of Flames not working on Effigy of Nulzann
  249. Misfortune
  250. Clock Bug during Draft tournament