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  1. Ruby of Flames vs Wretched Brood
  2. WoF - Unable to Spin after a winning reward
  3. Major problems with Cosmic Transmogrifier
  4. Deleting friends not possisble (should be after patch, see patchnotes)
  5. Display bug in Latest Beta Client(0-9-1-006)
  6. WOF Bug Not giving me sleeves
  7. Chat Window Falling Apart
  8. WOF bug, no paid spin
  9. Vampire King + Vampire Card Link
  10. Protectorate Defender DIES
  11. Err, Wheel of Fate never stops...
  12. After Latest Patch, Sound Dies During Match and Game Freezes
  13. Bug with Peek (after 6/3 patch)
  14. Menacing Gralk and Mastery of Time
  15. WOF Spin Errors
  16. Missing prompts / frozen game-play Blood Cauldron Ritualist | Boltpaw Wizard | ect.
  17. New patch new bugs
  18. Bugs after the patch installed on 6/3/14
  19. Client "DCed" but no notice of Losing Connection - similar to Prio Bug
  20. Master Theorycrafter Game-Breaking Bug
  21. Invisible cards when sideboarding!
  22. Still need Client Restart to see chests from a draft after patch
  23. Swiss Draft entry bug
  24. Mastery of Time
  25. Shadowgrove Witch Bug
  26. Veteran Gladiator
  27. Bloud Cauldron Ritualist and Evolve
  28. Draft Bugs - connection, reserves
  29. Inspire doesn't work for Construction Plans: War Hulk
  30. Unable to Pass Priority (Including Pressing Spacebar)
  31. after hotfix
  32. Cloud Titan vs Blood -1/-1 gem
  33. Inquisition with no legal targets got opponent stuck
  34. Doppelgadget Doesn't Copy Card Buffs
  35. No Sound During Battle?
  36. Game hanging at the end of phase stops
  37. Axe Bot breaking games
  38. Captain of the dragon guard incorrect buffing and hand freezing.
  39. Sentinel of Light weirdness
  40. Lag during discard Phase
  41. exhausting creatures before combat
  42. Chat whispers get lost when moving between game areas
  43. Cards not displaying correctly
  44. Buggy buff/debuff interaction with spellshield buffs
  45. Validation Summary
  46. Skarn transformation @ end of turn
  47. Transparency on chat window settings.
  48. Heavy Welding Bot & Captain of the Dragon Guard
  49. Initial Draft Deck only saves first time
  50. Incantation of Fear
  51. Construction Plans and Time Ripple
  52. Kismet stealing my "exclusive rewards"
  53. draft bug yesterday
  54. Veteran Galdiator priority bug
  55. Draft bug right now
  56. Didn't receive free draft this week?
  57. Hero of Adamanth, don`t play him right now huge bug
  58. Priority pass button disappeared
  59. UI Bug: Ctrl button counts as a mouse left click
  60. Missing gems in socketed cards during draft
  61. Triumvirate with Lifedrain
  62. Start of turn effects hanging game
  63. Relentless corruption and empty deck
  64. Could not play a shard
  65. Incantation of Light shenannigans
  66. Card Manager: Can't empty Reserves
  67. Chimes of Zodiac+Countermagic=locks game
  68. THANKS Colin - a thread about a bug
  69. AI can play toops when the chain isn't empty
  70. Drafting: 3rd Pack Only 14 Cards? Missing Rare/Legendary
  71. loss priority when trying to activate an ability
  72. Blood Orb of Deception Bug
  73. Bug? 3 matching gold icon missing the free spin
  74. Bug: Mill animation speed
  75. Pheromones with Mazat Ranger
  76. Drafts failing to progress
  77. Draft Pairings
  78. Extra turns and Menacing Gralk
  79. Infernal professor and buccaneer
  80. Tournament mail causes unresponsive client
  81. Draft bin throws off pick count
  82. Pass Priority and 2nd Mainphase
  83. Client crash report
  84. The Transcended
  85. Time ripple Volcannon
  86. Replicators Gambit + War Machinist
  87. Bug : Mystic Spiritwalker
  88. Wheels of Fate bugs as of v0.9.1.006c
  89. I am in a DRAFT game now HELP me
  90. Can't Install the client
  91. All of a sudden can't play cards
  92. Card manager filters incorrectly
  93. Soul Marble and Inner Conflict
  94. Replicator's Gambit, Adamanthian Scriviner and Righteous Paladin.
  95. Stuck on "Synching"
  96. Shadowgrove Witch vs. Incantations
  97. Validation summary bug
  98. Something wrong is going on when Righteous Paladin goes to graveyard
  99. Disconnected Game applies Victory/Defeat screen to current connected game
  100. Blurry screen, can't select any cards in my hand.
  101. Blood Cauldron ritualist + AI = pain
  102. [Bug] Relentless Corruption - saw card being drawn
  103. Mouse locked up
  104. Major reconnect / disconnect issue during round 2
  105. Playing a card after attack phase bug
  106. Phantom Disconnect
  107. Major Draft Bug
  108. Socketed cards losing gems inbetween matchup rounds
  109. Sleeves win?
  110. Crown of the Primals bug - can't use CotP ability
  111. Chimes + Burn to the Ground
  112. Sabotage + Zombie Plague Error
  113. No stop on opponent's blocker phase means I can't play spells during my blocker phase
  114. Blessing of the Fallen has Incorrect Text in the pack opening screen
  115. Major Bug
  116. Auto Skips all my phases cant even play a card
  117. Hero choice bug in draft
  118. Interaction between Inner conflict and Soul armaments is bugged.
  119. Dopplegadget bug
  120. Draft Queue Bug
  121. Chain issues
  122. Recasting mushwoky froze draft
  123. Can't play cards in main phase
  124. Opponent declared blocker, blocker didn't takel damage.
  125. Verdant Wyldeboar+ Replicator's Gambit bug
  126. Bottled Vitae double used
  127. Zombie Plague display error
  128. Crown of Primals doesnt revert
  129. Saving a draft deck
  130. Soul Marble 2nd Option clears some status
  131. How I lost a draft to someone who was disconnected - With pictures!
  132. Castigator/Auto loss
  133. Game freezing during play using up CPU
  134. Opponent Stuck in Sync, You Lose
  135. Swiss draft tiebreaker failure.
  136. lost of Permanent buff during draft
  137. Very low res graphics for playmat; cards and 2D text fine
  138. Royal Falcon text bug
  139. Relentless Corruption draws too many cards from enemy and also 1 card from own deck!!
  140. Diamond Aura image corruption.
  141. Card Manager Filter
  142. Unexpected blocking damage after Repel
  143. Solitary Exile + Nature Reigns = no card in play
  144. Swiss draft not using the deck I saved, not providing opportunity to change deck
  145. Targeting cards in discard sometimes doesn't work
  146. Login Problems
  147. Auction house bug
  148. AH Mail Bug
  149. AH Bug. (Price Search)
  150. AH Bug: Rarity of non-cards
  151. Gold display bug
  152. game crash bug
  153. Reserves in Constructed (Scheduled) Tournament Error; Deck with less than 60 cards!
  154. Graphic bugs
  155. Completed Starter Trials: No in game mail notifications
  156. AH Bug: Rarity Selection Applies to My Bids Tab
  157. AH Bug - My Bids Info Wrong
  158. Wheels of Fate bugs as of v0.9.2.004
  159. Large Constructed Tournament - Illegal deck size
  160. Large Tournaments - Send me to play no one
  161. Cosmic Transmogrifier still not working correctly?
  162. 128 not firing.
  163. Card put on auction do to crash...
  164. Redeemed code didnt seem to work.
  165. Starter Deck Trials lets you bring any deck you want after round 1
  166. Missing Chests attn DataDragon
  167. Lost a draft game cause a bug and my feedback by the way
  168. Auctions Charging Platinum Twice
  169. Auction Oddness
  170. Missing images
  171. Starter trial AI wouldn't discard
  172. Induction Coil Not working when cost is reduced
  173. Login on webpage broken
  174. Can't login - must this happen after every patch?
  175. [BUG] Flock of seagull, lost text?
  176. Website - 502 Bad Gateway
  177. Bug: Mail Display
  178. Round 3 Swiss Pairing Bug - 2 players dropped
  179. Can't sell Gax
  180. Human Starter Trial Pack gave me same cards as the Orc Pack
  181. Save When Timer Expires
  182. AH Filter Bugs
  183. Argus Herald of Doom infinite hang
  184. Auction House flagging cards in deleted draft decks
  185. Can't sell Shards of Fate
  186. Can't log in/Takes over 20 minutes to log in
  187. Card Collection Filter Bug
  188. Graphical error with the store
  189. -1/-1 Gem not working
  190. [Graphic Bug] Throat Cutter Rage
  191. Missing Platinum
  192. "My Bids" tab not showing some bids
  193. Menacing Gralk bugged against AI
  194. Crown of the primals
  195. Induction coil not working
  196. Duplicate entries for same card in my bids.
  197. Veteran Gladiator causes AI to hang
  198. BUG: AH Display Value
  199. Roll Bug
  200. Outbididng self?
  201. Anyone else got DCed just now?
  202. Buggy Sounds
  203. Action Highlight Problems
  204. Automatic loss when a draft round starts
  205. Infernal Professor
  206. Bug: AI discarding down to 6
  207. Listing error
  208. Infinite Roll
  209. Anyone else having issues logging into the game?
  210. Mutate still drawing a card when counterspelled?
  211. Time Bug, bug
  212. Plats Lost
  213. Graphics Glitch out and Crash other programs as well, requiring reboot
  214. Survival of the Fittest doesn't take into account Swiftstrike
  215. Cards that are not in decks but states otherwise
  216. Ingenuity Engine ownership line always visible
  217. Eye of Creation creating exhausted troops
  218. Doppelgadget, mimig and uniques
  219. Fed 32 cards from Bird o' Plenty. Cannot play cards or discard at end phase.
  220. Tournament Rewards Mail Does Not List All
  221. AI bug -- mulligans and discarding over maximum hand size
  222. Startup Crash
  223. Lockup with Veteran Gladiator attack vs AI
  224. Argus creates hidden Priority prompt
  225. Match Hangs if Shadowgrove Witch Makes a Troop 0/0
  226. Connection Lost and Vanishing Collection
  227. KeePass auto-type doesn't work
  228. Some Troops Have Unlisted "Must Attack Each Turn if Able"
  229. Starter Trial AI Frequently Halts
  230. AI Can't use Corrupted Afterlife
  231. AI Doesn't Socket Cards
  232. Unintentional card selling on AH
  233. Menacing Gralk + Solitary Exile
  234. Menacing gralk not working properly
  235. Are Servers wonky?
  236. Gem Blood Orb of Deception does not work, at least in Proving Grounds
  237. TICKET: Draft tournament skipped sideboarding
  238. Connection Drops/timeouts consistently during games
  239. Bug: Infinite Starter Deck Trials (unlimited cards)
  240. Crash when playing a Troop during attack damage phase
  241. Short disconnects causing forfeit for entire tournament
  242. The 'pass priority' for damage is often automatically entered
  243. AH - Step to empty page
  244. Buyout price different than price listed in purchase mail
  245. Doppelgadget and Unique
  246. Can't leave 128 man before it starts
  247. 128 man tournament. Game will not progress bug.
  248. Blood Orb of Decption Bugged
  249. Opponent Had a 58 Card Deck in 128 Man Tournament
  250. gamestate lockup (vs. AI?)