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  1. Time clock & tourney start times
  2. AH, search bug
  3. AH, bug or bot?
  4. Zombie Plague/Shrine
  5. Booted from 128 Man Constructed #17822
  6. The mails you get for purchasing cards from the AH are incorrect
  7. Possible to accidentally create auction
  8. Deck list selection truncated
  9. Starter Pack from Trials blanked out cards
  10. Sound dies after first game
  11. Discard phase too many discards
  12. BIG Relentless Corruption Mirror-Match Bug
  13. Starter Trials Deck Mixup?
  14. throat cutter bug?
  15. [Major] Circle of Protection
  16. Cannot gain life after Emberspire Witch is voided
  17. Mystic Spiritwalker bug
  18. Swiss Draft Starry Night Lock-up
  19. Games won't start - Stuck on starry night background
  20. Can Gax or Portensio be put on the AH?
  21. [BUG] Wild Growth Does Not Reduce Cost
  22. Tournament match started before my deckbuilding timer ran out
  23. Swiftstrike bug with Blood Orb of Deception
  24. Gralk added "does not ready" text to cards in hand
  25. Auction House results bug
  26. Veteran Gladiator priority button missing when ability is on stack
  27. Eye of Creation and Honey Cap
  28. Can't play shards after mirror knight draws them
  29. Mimic bug after disconnect
  30. Gralk bug - persistent effect
  31. Ruby Lance enters the graveyard before it does its damage
  32. Funny bug, Dimmid changes into beautyfull elf :)
  33. Survival of Fittest
  34. Draft queue "kicked" me - i didn't dc and wasnt joining late.
  35. Survival + Dingler in DAP prevents damage to opponent
  36. White Cards
  37. Primal Pack bug in the Auction House
  38. Game Client Crashes Every Time
  39. Crown of the Primals bugs and/or oddity.
  40. Tourney 18629 glitched - Devs pls look at it
  41. Time Ripple vs Soul Marble
  42. Issue in sealed when swapping colors
  43. Loosing Platinum when getting outbid
  44. Incorrect Draft Rewards
  45. Relentless Corruption bug still exists
  46. Swiss Constructed 18704, bugged during sideboarding, gave win to my opponent
  47. 128 Constructed Tournaments
  48. Relentless corruption ragefire didn't escalate
  49. 128 Man 'Connection Lost'
  50. Uruunaz and other cards with similar effects losing targets
  51. Discard bug.
  52. Starter Trial.
  53. 128 Man Reconnect Bug
  54. Te'Talca bugged
  55. Curse of Oblivion didn't remove all Pack Raptors
  56. Prime Sapphire of (I don't remember, the milling one, not the draw one)
  57. Relentless Corruption vs Stone Skin
  58. Kindling Swarm + Chimes of Zodiac
  59. 128 Hex Tournament Bug
  60. Deck Building Bug
  61. 128 man bug - random G1 loss without playing
  62. 128 Tourney "Deleted deck"
  63. [AH Bug] Ozawa results only show AA version
  64. Time Rippled.
  65. Deck Manager: Cannot Sort Cards in Reserves
  66. 128 Tournament Bug
  67. time end bug
  68. BAD AH BUG: REPEATABLE: create auction accidentally and INVISIBLY
  69. Oath Of Valor and Targeting
  70. Game thinks players is offline after Reserves when player had to reconnect to a game
  71. Chimes+Life Siphon
  72. AH UI display bug when double-Enter search
  73. Relentless Corruption awful bug
  74. Mancubus & Technical Genius
  75. Frost Wizard Bug
  76. Game freeze
  77. Game Freeze at Opponent End Phase
  78. 128 Tournament Bizzarre bug
  79. Orb of COncervation vs Ruby of Flame socket bug.
  80. 128 Tournament Standings Display
  81. Enter play/entery graveyard effects hanging game/not firing
  82. Protectorate Sorcerer Ability Does Not Allow Response
  83. Xentoth Inquisitor invisible in hand
  84. Constructed: 4th game started.
  85. Mancubus + Inspire
  86. 128 Tournament Decks stuck in a locked state.
  87. Reverting Unmerciful Tormentor Goes to 1/1
  88. AH bug that might need some attention =P
  89. Multiple Shrine of Prosperity - resource causes turn not to advance
  90. Is AH gated for max search per minute or something?
  91. Chlorophylia+Wild Root Dancer+Countermagic
  92. Patcher cannot find I_Sleeves_Xorak.jpg
  93. Competitive Draft Queue taking double entry fee?
  94. Heavy Welding Bot doesn't give the option to target artis with reduced casting cost
  95. How do I fix this weirdness?
  96. Drafting Failure
  97. Relentless Corruption: still bugged
  98. Elimination Specialist CIP Ability Should not use the chain
  99. Shrine of prosperity showing incorrect text on cards
  100. VIP Packs Missing?
  101. is there specific times its best to auction off your cards
  102. Only 1 Game and Match is done in Competitiv Draft Single Elimination
  103. menacing gralk affecting cards it shouldnt
  104. Is Hex causing hardware shutdown?
  105. Sealed Bug
  106. odd bug
  107. Sadistic Castigator and Cost Effects
  108. Tournament Won, but button to leave says Forfeit instead
  109. Weekly VIP pack not recieved
  110. Game sometimes not playing cards/abilities
  111. claw of the mountain god + blood aura
  112. Inventory Stash does not update with cancelled auctions
  113. Minor blood gem (-1/-1 to blockers) failed to activate
  114. Can't pass, can't hit ESC to concede
  115. Captain of the Dragon Guard +1/+1 not (always) permanent
  116. Draft started for my friend but not me and kicked me out
  117. Shadowgrove Witch / Prime Sapphire of Subterfuge
  118. Infernal Professor did not reduce card cost
  119. High Tomb Lord somehow survived massive Burn To The Ground
  120. Replicator's Gambit: Replicated Troops are reverted
  121. Game freezes after time run out
  122. Weird Chimes/Archmage/Something Bug
  123. Socketed cards in draft
  124. Noticed errors in some cards...nothing that breaks the game
  125. Game stuck on syncing in draft, had to forfeit to get out of it.
  126. Cerulean Grand Strategist bug?
  127. Cannot log in
  128. No tournament reward notification
  129. Blaze elemental not activating Gas Troll
  130. Priority bug with Chimes + combat trick
  131. Card disappeard when creating an auction, but it did not get listed
  132. Time Ripple
  133. Eye of Creation + Honeycap
  134. a few bugs in the past few days
  135. Chimes/Life Siphon bug
  136. Monkey of the Nine Tails fails to remove Flight from unmodified troop
  137. Bird o' Plenty and Crush
  138. Mancubus + Bucktooth Commander
  139. Angel of Dawn can't be countered if played free?
  140. Inferno doesn't use the stack. Why?
  141. Ascetic Aspirant forces you to discard.
  142. Royal Falconer + Reconnection
  143. Swiss Constructed 128 bug
  144. Bug: Legionnaire of Gowaine + Lifedrain
  145. Stoneskin
  146. Phase Issue
  147. Pack opening - disappearing packs
  148. Prime Sapphire of Subterfuge works without Sapphire threshold
  149. Veteran Gladiator's triggered ability
  150. Sadistic Castigator + Cerebral Fulmination = No button for opponent
  151. Reverting a Briar Legion does not kill it
  152. my ui is tiny
  153. Royal Falconer + Replicator's Gambit bug
  154. Human trial : AI use call the grave when it is useless
  155. Shrine of prosperity working not on top card
  156. Milled deck with "The Transcended" down.
  157. Bird o' Plenty + The Trandescended = just 1 draw
  158. No sound in game after the first game
  159. Replicators Gambit, Cerulean Knight and Darkspire Priestess Combo Bug.
  160. Advance Filters in Card Manager
  161. Darkspire Priestess Not Firing
  162. double damage + quick buffs = bug
  163. Chest spinning rewards bug
  164. Mystic Spiritwalker
  165. Unable to reconnect to tourmament
  166. Shin'hare Eulogist does not get boosted on death
  167. Royal Falconeer pet memory issue.
  168. Shrewd Manipulation takes FOREVER to resolve
  169. Sadistic Castigator + Eye of Creation
  170. Friendlist vanished
  171. Discard bug.
  172. Disconnect/No Pass Button
  173. Stuck in tournament
  174. Pheremones did not make opposing troops blocked
  175. Princess Victoria's cost while in opening hand doesn't reduce to 0
  176. Bug: Replicator's Gambit text vs. effect
  177. Orc Starter Trial : Zared Venomscorn freezing on discard
  178. Skarn got buffed from opponent playing an action (lol)
  179. Cant Resolve 2nd Countermagic (Which was created by Chimes of the Zodiac) -Game Hangs
  180. Chest roll bug for 3 moons
  181. Bug: Recursive Elite Battle Tech stops creating Worker Bots
  182. Frost Wizard / Hop'Hiro interaction bug
  183. Mazat Ranger goes to grave for no reason.
  184. Mirror Knight + Crash of Beast
  185. Disconnect when tournament starts, can't submit ticket.
  186. Bug: Missing card from collection
  187. Bug(or not) in tournament game #21370
  188. Crashing Game Bug
  189. Missing Booster Packs again
  190. AI Priority Bug: Living Totem when Inner Conflict-ed
  191. Loading Data
  192. Open Multiple Packs Bug
  193. Auction House mails to buyer report incorrect purchase amount
  194. Attack phase, possible attackers not lighting up
  195. Lixil / Judgement bug
  196. Can't save deck during matches
  197. Inner Conflict + Angelic Ascension
  198. Game crash during Tutorial play after Double clicking a card
  199. Please fix the horrible Windows XP disconnection issues
  200. Client DC after Tournament
  201. Inconsistent target/resolution rules
  202. Master Theorycrafter lost his ability
  203. Protectorate Sorcerer sometimes does not create priority window
  204. Succulent Roostasur's Sacrifice
  205. Redrawn Verdant Wyldeboar doesn't appear as 8/8 while in hand.
  206. Sort by type: Concubunny in wrong column
  207. Client Crash in 2nd Main Phase
  208. Stuck after choosing target for Veteran Gladiator
  209. Game mechanic question - multiblock vs lifedrain
  210. Card spelling error - Judgement
  211. Not able to log in
  212. Emberspire Witch/Corrupt Havester Bug??
  213. Menacing Bug
  214. Shrine of Prosperity + Shrine of Prosperity with lower cost + Cerebral Fulmination
  215. Couldn't reconnect to the game... until 3 hours later
  216. Opacity Issue with deck test
  217. Blood GEM not working correctly.
  218. Activation of Sentinels of Light buff during combat
  219. Sound still bugged
  220. Starter trials not starting trials
  221. Tutorial didn't go as scripted
  222. High Bidder Status says "Auctions_Filter_Highbidder"
  223. Eternal Guardian makes the wrong person immune!
  224. AH UI sort by price changed?
  225. A list of bugs since the patch
  226. Tournaments not firing
  227. Tutorial Bugs
  228. Dream Dance order of operations possible bug
  229. Can't Download Game
  230. Blocking guard dog fails.
  231. JOIN TOURNAME (font issue on buttons)
  232. Wrong deck displayed when joining tournament
  233. Menacing gralk being mean to zombies
  234. Axe Bot Death Trigger Bug (Missing Shards)
  235. My weekly Tourney ticket has no expiry
  236. Client shows block lines, but in reality you are not blocking
  237. Briar Legion + Eye of Creation
  238. Massive bug attack during draft.
  239. Legionnaire of Gawaine
  240. hextcg.com download client bugged?
  241. Visual bug when unblocking
  242. My turn auto fast pass.
  243. Stoneskin is completely bugged!
  244. Blocking not actually blocking.
  245. Deck name changing while waiting in queue
  246. Cosmic Transmogrifier/Crown of the Primals mishap
  247. Cosmic Totem is bugged
  248. So it turns out AoD is bugged after all!
  249. Veteran Gladiator's triggered ability uses the stack or not?
  250. Coin Toss