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  1. solitary exile and eternal guard
  2. Worker Bot (and possibly other created troops)
  3. Cant log in:
  4. Primal Packs No Longer Provide Legendary Chests?
  5. fundamental game bugs in last nights draft
  6. so can't login still
  7. Card Changes in Last Patch
  8. spirit dance and crash
  9. Rainbow deck w/ Inquisitor
  10. Resources permanently at 220 after participating in 128 man swiss
  11. No Swiss Draft Queue
  12. Xentoth's Inquisitor reduces troops' power by 3, even when its own power is 0
  13. Bounced Soul Marble Retains counters
  14. Eternal guardian:
  15. Attacking bug in 128 sealed
  16. Mana Used, but Card was not played
  17. Sealed Tournament Deck Saving Bug
  18. Dingler on Theorycrafter following activated ability still spawns robot
  19. Bug choosing blocking priority
  20. Cottontail Ronin Bug
  21. Game crashes on start
  22. Possible Gem Bug
  23. Blocking and missing clock bugs
  24. Sapphire Major Mill Socket Bug
  25. HEX window prevent extern key usage
  26. Cards Incorrectly Showing in Decks
  27. Alternate Art Veteran Gladiator bugged?
  28. Can't Select Deck in Constructed
  29. Clock bleed
  30. Switching between PCs/Tourney sign ups?
  31. eternal guardian bug
  32. Eldritch Dreamer garbled card text
  33. Cannot set game to 1280x1024
  34. Ingenuity engine - not creating uniques
  35. Flight socket bug
  36. Sleeves removed between tournament rounds
  37. Cards removed during sideboard in 128-man Sealed tournament - stay in deck
  38. cards not showing up, and carp packs not opening properly.
  39. Patch failing on DestroyEachOpposingArtifactEachOpposingChampionLos esL4R4.ability
  40. Mystic Spiritwalker still bugged
  41. Cosmic Transmogrifier/Pterobot interactions
  42. Strange victory screen.
  43. Credit Card Transaction Not Credited
  44. Opening a Pack in current patch - No cards show
  45. Broke your AI :D
  46. My weekly drafts didn't spawn this week
  47. Veteran Gladiator ability causes match to freeze up
  48. Living Totem in graveyard does not show modifications
  49. Inspire not adding stats in Starter Trial
  50. Too many shrines
  51. Pass priority button disappeared
  52. Improper Pass Priority Button - Button Changes
  53. BUG: Making me discard every turn.
  54. New bug in tournaments since last patch -Timer, chat
  55. Legionnaire of Gawaine Bug
  56. Play Random Opponent stalls
  57. Complex bug, possible RE: turreted wall.
  58. Teh Store
  59. Mazat Ranger (socket -1/1) - can block opponent blood/artifact AND gets -1/1 on itsel
  60. Attack step skipped
  61. Blocking bug - changing blockers left the troop unblocked
  62. Cant login
  63. Client goes to black screen after initial spash
  64. Eternal Guardian Prevent all not functioning?
  65. minor bug in social window
  66. Unable to play cards
  67. Unable to damage opponent
  68. Pheromones interaction with Guard Dogs
  69. I can't deal damage to opponent (not related to EG)
  70. Black Screen when I start the game (Mac Book Pro)
  71. Eternal Guardian pervents damage to enemy champion
  72. Time Bug
  73. Rapid flickering when launching the game
  74. still no reimbursement for my booster pack loss!
  75. Protectorate Sorcerer and Perma-Tapping
  76. Cant see cursor.
  77. Display bug: game state updates slow or never.
  78. Ingenuity engine makes opponent immortal
  79. Screen Freeze on Game Start
  80. Packs opened for draft tourneys not showing up as chests
  81. Unable to install client at all
  82. Eternal Guardian & Cosmic Transmogrifier
  83. R - Verdant Wyldeboar not displaying buff on the stack
  84. Dropdown menu for tournaments is very glitchy.
  85. Can't complete Starter Trial
  86. Sideboarding
  87. Resources and Resource Counter Glitched (Artifact Cost Reduction Effects Trigger?)
  88. Reginald Lancanshire VS Immortality
  89. R - Prime Orb of Brutality power gets reverted after troop is transformed
  90. R - Resolution Bug (Cant switch to Native Resolution)
  91. Lost Game because Eternal Guardian Wasn't bugged.
  92. Incoming challenges display bug
  93. C - Shards of Fate overlay bug
  94. R - Self mill freezes the game
  95. Ongoing Line
  96. Units Didn't Untap
  97. invalid code when entering beta key
  98. Missing button "Resolve" during swiss draft
  99. Reginald Bug (sleeve related)
  100. Blocking Bug (Visual?)
  101. Game framerates Drop mid-late game
  102. Can't see what's voided by a solitary exile
  103. Cant log in
  104. I have Guardian Angel -> Enemy ALSO doesn't get damage.
  105. Ragefire escalation number not updating
  106. NB - Survival of the fittest dont let buff own troops
  107. Stoneskin Bug
  108. Eye of Creation - Inconsistantly Buggy
  109. Eternal Guardian
  110. Selected troops to attack, but didn't?
  111. NB - Card Sleeves Too Bright
  112. Auction house search problem
  113. Blood Gem of Deception inverted
  114. KB - Can't Sell Cards from Tournament After Elimination
  115. Credit Card # popping up in chat.
  116. Cant choose 1920x1200 resolution...
  117. Game auto surrendering
  118. Stuck Zoomed in on a card followed by chat not working.
  119. Ruby enchantress and blessings of the fallen
  120. Solitary Exile Bug
  121. Veteran Gladiator
  122. How is this even possible?
  123. Red Selector bug
  124. Skipping attack phase bug
  125. So I got Beat Down by Jovial Pippit Today
  126. My weekly VIP packs
  127. I got the disconnect blues...
  128. Time running down on opponents turn (not having priority)
  129. Gearsmith on entering play ability bug
  130. Tiny Window Screen
  131. Invisible Zombie Plague - Double casting a Constant
  132. Eternal Guardian Causing opposing champion to receive no damage.
  133. Cannot unignore players and it is also working both ways it seems.
  134. Construction Plans: War Hulk bug
  135. Adding Cards to multiple Decks when you have multiple copies.
  136. Shin'Hare Eulogist doesn't get +1+1 when it dies.
  137. creatures with Blood orb of deception decrease their own stats
  138. Extra resources sometimes spent to cast thunderbird and mirror knight
  139. Closed Beta key invite Invalid code error
  140. Tournament number is sometimes shown in base 16
  141. Bug: Legionnaire of Gawaine + Uruunaz
  142. Inspired Legionnaire of Gawaine triggers again when resurrected
  143. Champion power bugged in VIP tournament
  144. Cannot log in
  145. VIP Tournament Ticket dissapeared
  146. Survival of Fittest + Roostasaur
  147. Swiss Algorithm Broken
  148. Kicked Out of Comp Draft, But Still Charged a Draft Ticket for It
  150. Can't login
  151. (New Client) No way to close the Login screen
  152. Resource Discarded instead of being played
  153. Can't see which attachments you've send.
  154. AI bug - inner conflict and burn on same card
  155. AI ignores spellshield
  156. Purchased VIP, Cannot Buy This, Takes Platinum Away
  157. Corrupt Harvester bug
  158. Count hacked, lost all my pricefull cards. THANKS TO THE UPDATE
  159. Played 2 shards in 1 turn
  160. Survival of the Fittest broken
  161. Andvanced Filters Ugggh!
  162. Necessary Sacrifice bug
  163. starting loading time >30min
  164. Chat text scrolls way too fast
  165. VIP for platinum does not give a pack even after client restart.
  166. Bots are sooo slow
  167. Shards bug after Patch
  168. Charge Power not working
  169. AI doesn't know how to use artifacts
  170. Can't install new patcher
  171. Sleeves upside down
  172. Disappearing cards
  173. Chlorophyllia sometimes doesn't work
  174. Dissapering cards when attaching them on a mail..
  175. New minor bug with priority passing
  176. Shards of Fate
  177. Attack Phase bugs
  178. Clorophilia bug
  179. Multiple shards a turn
  180. Chat Window and Friend lists - Bugs and/or latency issues
  181. Disappearing packs over 100
  182. Disappearing Platinum?!
  183. Scrolling is not very smooth
  184. Soul marble keeps counters after transform
  185. Bushido counters don't reset when Hophiro transforms
  186. In Game Mail Bug
  187. Cant see any chat text
  188. Resolution Support for 19:10 Aspect Ratio Monitors
  189. Unable to Claim Attachments in Game Mail
  190. Main page of the site
  191. Doesn't play the music/sound
  192. Feral Beast UI bug
  193. Gem bugging with Master Theorycrafter
  194. Pasting your password doesn't work in new Mac client
  195. Random win or loss in proving grounds
  196. Is Bucktooth Commander's ability supposed to be permanent?
  197. Blood savant: can't pump during main phases
  198. Lack of sound at start
  199. Can't trade Shards of fate
  200. Minor Visual Glitch: Counterspell
  201. Bug - Volcannon
  202. Windows 7 Client Won't Load from Login Screen Despite Correct Information
  203. Games fail to start
  204. bugged Hop'hiro
  205. [BUG] Kraken just died and nothing happen
  206. [BUG] Card | Ascetic Aspirant/Enlightenend Seeker
  207. Inventory stash doubled
  208. Native Screen resolution
  209. Non-Disconnect Auto Win/Loss
  210. Major, still not fixed - Duplicate Login
  211. [BUG]Guard dog, picture of inner conflict
  212. Pack bug
  213. Weekly ticket date not updated
  214. Mail attachment Issue
  215. Giant Caterpillar, Uruunaz and Kindling Skarn bugs
  216. 128 player pop up bug
  217. Tournament Switcharoo
  218. Sapper's Charge Not Activating
  219. Sealed gold reward has extra zero
  220. Lixil Game Disconnect
  221. Tournament start time in the future
  222. List mode in draft lists cards put in the bin
  223. [Draft] Cards are shown twice
  224. Cards in sideboard not displaying between draft rounds
  225. Disappearing cards, still not resolved?
  226. game would not finish prep phase
  227. Tournament match with Bye displayed in "Starting" state
  228. Troop displayed on chain
  229. Reversion kills Abomination: Bug or bad desription
  230. Dwarven Armory Can Only Target Robots You Control
  231. Draft bug
  232. Countermagic with Chimes of the Zodiac Bug
  233. Game not recognizing disconnected people in tournaments.
  234. Latency / Clock / Pass Priority / Packet drop bug
  235. Opponent's shard flew across battle area, and into my hand!
  236. Lobby display error
  237. Call to Grave never showed on Chain
  238. Can't see all players in Proving Grounds
  239. Sending attached items to invalid recipients causes weird graphical glitch
  240. Time Ripple + Rage + Mesmerise
  241. Minor UI flaw
  242. Support Related: Is there a way to look up past draft info?
  243. Missing damage to opponent
  244. Joining Draft Failed Even After 4 Hours
  245. Unable to sell Giant Caterpillar in the auction house.
  246. Conceding a game stalls match
  247. Draft started and no voice to indicate. Picks missed not shown.
  248. [Resolved] Misfortune With 1 Card Causes Freeze
  249. Crashed tournament game
  250. Giant Caterpillar + Evolve bug