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  1. Resolve button on my card
  2. AI - Supressive fire
  3. Hex Employees Can't Join 2-Man Constructed Tournaments
  4. [Card Manager]Card images don't change
  5. [Battle] Card blocks in state marked as attacker
  6. Sort by Rarity Doesn't Work on Reserves Tab of Tournament Decks
  7. first player error
  8. Shrine of Prosperity not returning card to top of deck
  9. [HELP] Installed latest Windows updates and now can't run Hex at all.
  10. Grave and stack target interaction
  11. Tournament Numbering
  12. Stuck at loading screen :(
  13. Clock error and Can't relog
  14. techtonic break bug
  15. Xentoth's inquisitor bug
  16. Received "duplicate login" error when trying to restart after a crash.
  17. Another clock issue
  18. Stuck at the Ready Phase until I'm forced to forfeit.
  19. Yosemite & HEX?
  20. Twisted Fate Bug
  21. Chat glitches on letter "r"
  22. can't respond to my own card on the stack
  23. Where to even begin?
  24. Professor Bugg?
  25. Draft - First Pick
  26. Righeous Paladin or Adamanthian Scrivener bug
  27. Unable to defend or use card power.
  28. Gold/Plat Distinctions in AH selling
  29. Sadistic Castigator Hung Game
  30. Cant use Pact Of Pain in Second Phase
  31. Blood Cauldron Ritualist bug
  32. Tomb King + Ruby Lance
  33. Game stuck while I have priority
  34. Login Problems
  35. Challenge a Player
  36. Interaction Between Bird o' Plenty and Daring Swordsman
  37. Proving Grounds Display issue?
  38. Visual bug: card manager shows wrong image
  39. Visual bug: card image won't load at all
  40. Ruby Enchantress not working with Blessing The Fallen
  41. Relogging
  42. Back out button
  43. Game Skips Ready Phase
  44. Stonk hiro - C/B
  45. VIP Sealed i got bugged TWICE in Round #1 and Round #3
  46. Prime Wild Orb of Empowerment bugs.
  47. Didn't get enough gold from VIP tournament reward
  48. VIP Sealed Bugs, I'm not a happy bunny.
  49. Briarpatch Conjuror's wording is confusing. Here's my suggestion for fixing it.
  50. Cards in Deck bug!
  51. VIP-ticket not taken?!
  52. VIP tourney getting out of synch with opponent
  53. VIP tournaments
  54. VIP sealed: Suddenly I played against the AI
  55. Time to allocate defenders ran out?
  56. Cancelled VIP sealed #844-8 resulted in 4-5 players not getting refunds.
  57. VIP tourney purple
  58. Crown of the Primals on Xentoth Inquisitor Bugged
  59. Reversion v Incantation of Ascendance
  60. Sort by Collector number
  61. Error with Crown and GY mechanics¸- C/W
  62. Possible Issue; Mimic casted on buffed troop
  63. Timers don't tick while tabbed
  64. Starthand with only 5 cards
  65. Hex Downloader not working
  66. Tournament didn't give opponent 5 minutes to reconnect.
  67. Opponent'd Repels glowed in his hand when they were playable
  68. Giant Butterfly Bug as affected by mesmerize
  69. Reverting Splinter of Azathoth did not restore its one shot ability
  70. Connecting to Hex problems....
  71. Mailing Plat Dupe/Display Bug
  72. Mailing Card UI display issue.
  73. Card Disappeared During the Drafting Phase
  74. Zared Venomscorn's charge power is not activating.
  75. Possible serious BUG: game not taking packs from draft cost!!!
  76. Issues with the installing and downloading the Hex client
  77. Surrendering Bug
  78. The "Synching" bug
  79. Every single draft I lose the first pick
  80. Open Multiple Packs/Single Pack issue
  81. Cosmic transmogrifier - 0 cost
  82. Minor Bug - Flying Solitary Exile
  83. Inferno Bugged
  84. Missing Prep Phase Priority
  85. Unable to Reach Troop
  86. Second Phase activate abilities don't work
  87. Pack opening error (visual duplication or failure to add cards).
  88. Setting (some) Phase Stops Does nothing
  89. Swiss Draft - Straight to tourney lobby - no card picks
  90. Possible Tournament Exploit?
  91. Mailing cards ... am I doing this wrong?
  92. Crash of Beasts + Mirror Knight
  93. Spinning 3 Golden Moons = No Pay to Spin Again
  94. Crown of the primals not reverting after losing buffed troops
  95. Syncing error
  96. keep hand or draw again
  97. Spore Stalks (from Plant Garden) wrong damage
  98. Ongoing bug from the October Sealed VIP
  99. Lord Benjamin's Combat Damage Trigger + Lethal Opponent Damage = No Victory Dance
  100. Noble Citizenry Remains on Chain
  101. Swiftstrike vs Squirrel did not work
  102. Inquisition - opponents timer
  103. Prime Blood Orb of Brutality (-attack) resolve issue
  104. Genesis Hydra
  105. Captain of the dragon guard stayed on stack + pass prio issue
  106. Pass priority bug persists V0.9.4.053
  107. BSoD/Shut Down Issue
  108. Change in Auction House highlighting?
  109. hextcg.com web page bug
  110. auction house bug
  111. Duplicate Login
  112. Devoted Emissary bugged (with Wizard of Silver Talon)
  113. Command /local in chat not work does not switch
  114. Interaction between Argus, Herald of Doom and Solitary Exile
  115. Potential bug/display errors
  116. Chat bug
  117. Can't play
  118. Display bugs
  119. 3 UI bugs: pass priorty, units never leaving the board, cards not leaving the stack
  120. BUG: Resolution Setting Not Being Sent to Monitor
  121. Huge display bug
  122. Proving grounds games randomly ending
  123. Serious AH bug: bought 2 items, paid the currency, did NOT get the items!
  124. AH/Mail not working
  125. No Chests after Draft?
  126. Card Not Returned after failed auction
  127. Ragefire and chimes
  128. Finished a draft pick, but got sent into the lobby
  129. Draft- Couldn't Block creatures bug
  130. Corrupted Afterlife with Blood Aura Bug
  131. Are we close to fixing the tab out bugs?
  132. Oath of Valor
  133. General VirtualBox error
  134. Unable to download the game.
  135. Hop'hiro, Samurai transformation counters
  136. Prime Blood Orb of Brutality + Transform
  137. Bombsmith Permanently Stuck On Stack
  138. Cards not resolving on chain
  139. Ruby Enchantress + Blessing the Fallen broken again
  140. Mail unclickable/mail tick box not selectable
  141. Crazed Squirrel Tit
  142. Audio problem
  143. Surprise Defeat!
  144. Problem with Protectorate Sorcerer in Swiss Draft
  145. Fix them Disconnects!
  146. Problems using Champion ability button
  147. Darkspire Priestess and Cerulean Mentalist
  148. Solitary Exile locked up the game.
  149. AH Bug when attempting to sell certain card.
  150. Swapping from Herczeg to Zared in Reserves
  151. inquisition problem
  152. registration is down?
  153. Invalid deck dialog has unreadable text
  154. Duplicate Login Bug
  155. Game continues but can't complete an action
  156. Reverting Pterobot Changes Its Resource Cost
  157. Spinning the Fates Bug
  158. Main phase 2: Couple problems
  159. VIP November Tickets missing
  160. A problem with Reverting troops
  161. Imp hoodlums - opponent has no artifacts
  162. Battle Beetle doesn't buff, doesn't leave stack [Eye of Creation?]
  163. Can't open my mail
  164. Can not log in
  165. Poor alt-tab recovery
  166. Forum is deleting my line spacing
  167. My clock ticks while my opponent chooses a discard from my hand with Inquisition
  168. Relentless Coruption
  169. Reverting Cerulean Mentalist
  170. opponent's timer, my loss
  171. cards not being played visually
  172. Strange Priotiry - Timer Bug
  173. Gamebreaking Deck Save Bug - in Sealed
  174. Final blow with Vampire King does not show victory screen
  175. Missing Plat?
  176. Resolution error? Patcher misshap? IDK, someone help me?
  177. Random Bug With Uzume And Ritualists
  178. Most bugged game I've seen in a while...
  179. Card Became Ungemmed
  180. Stack bug
  181. Unique - Copies of my unique troops don't go to graveyard when I play vs. AI.
  182. Sapper's Charge did not kill Flock of Seagulls
  183. Transformed Xentoths Chosen was still unblockable
  184. Bombsmith not leaving the stack
  185. You are not going to belive me- Weird Bug
  186. Wrong Player Played First
  187. [BLOCKER] Jadiim and Crazy Squirrel
  188. Draft loading too slowly
  189. Crown of the Primals buffs not "Permanent"
  190. Cosmic Transmogrifier fun
  191. Can't login
  192. Replicators gambit + Inspire
  193. Incantation of Fear transformed simultaneously with Incantation of Fury
  194. Trying to cancel Circle of Preservation with an Arcane Shield freezes up the game
  195. Reinstalling the HEX patcher after uninstall don't work - code5
  196. Known Issues Tracker Thread - Shattered Destiny
  197. Eldritch Dreamer w/ Blood Gem Bugs
  198. HexPatch.exe not in folder
  199. Can't write a ticket , whzat can I do ?
  200. VIP status active for decades?
  201. Missing Set 2 Packs and Mercenaries Disappeared + Random Equipment?
  202. Set filter in auction house is broken
  203. Missing Mercenaries?
  204. Dragon Lord 1x card at release
  205. Mac Client
  206. 0% downloades for 1.5 hours now...am i doing something wrong?
  207. Entry Tickets Are Not an Option For Sealed Events
  208. Losing Connection
  209. Wrong cards being saved into deck
  210. Incorrect card count after new Set 2 patch
  211. Patcher Crashed, then became unusable.
  212. Unable to log on after Set 2 update.
  213. Bellow of Briggadon Bears Killing Themselves
  214. Reimbursed Scheduled Sealed ticket not working
  215. VIP... Things Appeared in my Stash
  216. Is Subterranean Spy bugged?
  217. Missing pass priority button
  218. hexpatcher.exe cant be found/wont be installed
  219. Think your data is suspect? Post here.
  220. S.P.A.M. Bot loses buffs upon death
  221. Canyon Scout does not reveal underground troops while in play or in hand.
  222. Missing KS packs
  223. black launcher
  224. Discard Phase Bug vs AI Polonius
  225. Shattered Destiny Chests won't spin again
  226. launcher is a black window
  227. Augmentation Bot buffs lost upon Aug Bot death
  228. SPAM Bot buffs lost on death
  229. Purple Daily Sealed ticket not working for scheduled sealed tournaments.
  230. Trials game not beginning
  231. Augmentation bot bug
  232. BUG: Draft deck in game not the deck that was submitted
  233. Booster Draft -- Stash and Stacked View Issues
  234. Screen has a slight change in colors when launching Hex.
  235. Parallel Evolution & S.P.A.M. Bot
  236. Shrine of Prosperity priority bug
  237. Mentor of the Flames - retains keywords on the burn card
  238. Missing Weeky Draft Ticket
  239. Cannon Volley: Either bugged or very misleading wording
  240. Can't see attack / defence when cards in hand
  241. Client crash then start up/login error
  242. Triple Gold Hearts
  243. Cards overlapping on attack phase
  244. Rootfather Socket Bugged
  245. Going against same player twice in a row in swiss
  246. Eternal Drifter multiple charge powers bug
  247. Houston we have a BIG problem - Auto-losing on draft tournaments...and other issues.
  248. Eternal Drifter loses charges when you disconnect
  249. Pre-bought packs have a chance to give a Primal pack on draft entry.
  250. I think there is something wrong with Primal Packs generating.