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  1. volcannon bug
  2. Replicates broken
  3. Bastion of Adamanth vs Preservation
  4. Warthwood Master Moss Vs Lethal BUG?!
  5. Callous awakener and inspire
  6. Waiting for opponent to join (fatal tournament loss bug)
  7. Construct Foreman + SPAM Bot
  8. Tetalca transforms when dead from battle
  9. SPAM Bot + Droos Unrelenting Fists
  10. Best Bug Relentless Corruption 2.0
  11. Shrine of Prosperity not granting charges on revealed resources
  12. Two Bunny Bugs with Grave Nibbler and Wretched Wrangler
  13. Techtonic Megahulk Crush damage applies over top of Flock of Seagulls
  14. Unable to counter troop as it surfaced from tunneling
  15. Can't go fullscreen
  16. Can't cycle Rootfather in response to anything
  17. Missing deathcap pve card
  18. Draft Freezing During Game
  19. Reese is Possibly Bugged
  20. Stuck at start of game sometimes in draft tourney
  21. Shoggoth's ability can be activated when Shoggoth is in play, causing it to be OP
  22. Bug - Overtime Bot + Dwarven Ballistics Training - Targeting Hero after attacking
  23. BUG - Jank Bot
  24. Artifacts are linked to the "Vennen" race in Card Manager advanced opt.
  25. Error updating patcher
  26. Precise meaning of "share a shard"
  27. Parallel Evolution making pve cards.
  28. Bug - Grave Nibbler
  29. Stuck @ Lobby.
  30. Not_connected
  31. Can't draw a new deck
  32. Pheromones Not Working Correctly
  33. ****MAJOR BIG****, cards disappear from deck while in game
  34. Bunoshi visual error
  35. Weird Tower Hulk - bug or intended?
  36. disconnected during a tournament, cannot log back in
  37. Feral Domination interacts inconsistently with buffs
  38. I draft, but do not enter the tourniment.
  39. I draft, but do not enter the tourniment.
  40. Infinite loop (AI trial)
  41. Lose game without a reason
  42. Can't pass, can't hit ESC to concede
  43. Wheel of Fate - 3 Golden Eyes
  44. hexpatch.exe not responding since patch went live
  45. Chests from drafts
  46. Launcher Crashes
  47. Can't respond to own tunnelers coming into play
  48. Game can hang at synching
  49. Game stuck at Choose Starting Player
  50. Kog'tepeti's Thirst on 4/4 Grave Nibbler
  51. Bug - Crackling Sprout did not give +2/+2 but gave charge
  52. Burtal Bonecracker didn't die when reduced to zero health
  53. Eternal Drifter
  54. Izydor - Intended Behavior?
  55. BUG: Augmentation Bot's abilities removed on death
  56. Dwarven Ballistics Training not enabled on chain?
  57. Lixil vs crush
  58. BUG: Augmentation Bot buff disappears on death?
  59. Shoggoth: Unable to Activate Interrupt
  60. Queensguard's buffs behave inconsistently
  61. Hex is trolling me
  62. Not allowed to see cards from pack 1, pick 1 (Possibly due to ALT-TAB into midway)
  63. New UI is incompatible with lower resolutions
  64. Eternal Drifter
  65. re-tunneling doesn't work.
  66. Mercenaries gone!
  67. Bugs about champions buffs abilities that doesnt affect my own troops
  68. [BUG] Randomly lost Battle in Sealed for No Reason
  69. War Bot Dropship
  70. Wheel of Fate Bug (???)
  71. Highlands Shinobi is making you exhaust your own troops
  72. bug: recovery specialist and spam bot
  73. Killipede/lethal ... not sure how this is supposed to work
  74. Clarification on sacrificing a troop as a cost
  75. Invisible hands! The not-a-cool-magic-trick version
  76. Auto Defeat bug
  77. grave nibbler cant be debuffed...
  78. Not getting priority sometimes
  79. Simultaneous Gront + Monsuun Decoy Interaction Does Not Remove Certain Effects
  80. parallel evolution
  81. Rune Ear Burrower Bug
  82. Game getting frozen at 'choose starting player screen'
  83. Can't pick first card in draft.
  84. Spam Bot generating tons of pass priority events
  85. AI always use Sniper of Gawaine on it`s own troops.
  86. Scheduled Sealed Not Taking Scheduled Sealed Tickets
  87. Dual shard deckbuilder bug
  88. Battle Cry Warlord Bug
  89. are servers down?
  90. Randomly drawing cards
  91. Replicator/Mentor bug
  92. Huge purple stripe instead of stack
  93. Priority Bug (unable to respond with activated abilities)
  94. Game Crash
  95. Pairing Screen Bug
  96. Proving Grounds
  97. Stuck at loading screen
  98. Jovial Pippet Bug
  99. Just Me?
  100. Drawing opponent's cards on attack with Highlands Magus inspired cards
  101. Ai Doesn't use Lucksacks
  102. Teapot of Prosperity
  103. What's wrong with this picture ?
  104. Cerebrel F 1 ulmination vs Ritualist of the Spring litter bug?
  105. Minor: KS Draft Ticket Confusion
  106. Hex Install Problem
  107. Has there been any word on Daily Sealed tickets not working?
  108. Briar Legions with Feral Domination
  109. Hop'hiro and Oberon's Eulogy bugged interaction during transform
  110. Guardian Angel - ability causes you to skip first main phase
  111. Wheel of Fate "Paid Spin"
  112. Ogth - Start of turn ability and booby trap
  113. Bottled Vitae: HUGE bug
  114. Graphics bug since the patch before the latest patch
  115. Timestep Magistrate - Bug or not?
  116. Izydor + Oberon's Eulogy bug
  117. Fissuresmith - Resolved Multiple Times
  118. Sleeves not displaying
  119. Troops with same name but different inspire buffs stack together in UI
  120. Spam Bot & Droo's Unrelenting Fists Bug
  121. Wheel of Fate sleeves don't show up
  122. Weird interaction with Plant Garden and Filk Ape
  123. Textual weirdness: Highland Magus + Rallying Banner
  124. Gortezuma, High Cleric and Invincible Post Combat
  125. Server Status 12/19/2014
  126. Tower Hulk lose his stats?!
  127. Auto Move through Phases Main To Attack.
  128. Ingenious Engineer + Master Theorycrafter - War Bots exploit
  129. [BLOCKED] Canceling eye of creation
  130. Troop dies, I draw 7 cards from opponent deck, can't discard!
  131. Arborean Rootfather + Yesterday
  132. briar patch + briar legion bug?
  133. Manti Ranger and Pheromones
  134. The non-main race/factions do not have class text.
  135. ruby aura not working as a quick action on opponents attack phase
  136. Stuck at start of game (again)
  137. Prince Talysen Effect Procs Off Non-Combat Damage
  138. Bellow of Briggadon Bug (Azurefate Sorceress)
  139. [Prooving Grounds] Challenge player bug
  140. Eternal Drifter passes priority instead of activating
  141. Can't respond to extinction with sight of the sun
  142. Crackling Vortex AH display error.
  143. Game Hardware Graphics related bug
  144. Paralell Evolution Bug
  145. Vampire king's ability resolving strangely
  146. AH Primal Packs Can't be found without down-select by rarity filter
  147. AH: Rarity Filter doesn't work on Stash Items
  148. Some WoF sleeves can't be used
  149. Feral Domination discussion
  150. Replicated Rocket Ranger with flight blocked by troop with no flight or skyguard
  151. Double VIP
  152. Crazy card bug
  153. S.P.A.M. Bot bug - not retaining attack and defense when changing zones
  154. Mysteriously lost 2-1 after playing 2 games
  155. Holiday sleeves redeemed per computer?
  156. VIP tournament deck did not save.
  157. Client Started a Game with the AI Instead of Taking Me to Reserves
  158. Buccaneer caused Arborean Rootfather's cost to change incorrectly
  159. Parallel Evolution Bug
  160. WEIRD: card steal when opponent plays Heroic Inspiration
  161. Extinction and Sight of the Sun.
  162. Gencon Mercs still not showing in collection
  163. Talisman of Vitae - Text issue
  164. Cannot sort set 1 and set 2 cards in mailing.
  165. Weird display errors on match start
  166. Prince Talysen Bug With Zodiac Divination
  167. Major Wild Orb of Empowerment not taking buffs into account
  168. Giles + Stank Troll = Buffs Orcs Too
  169. Stink troll buff not stacking correctly if multiple trolls in play.
  170. Patcher Stuck at "Starting Up..."
  171. Auction House - "Ooutbid" Sort Items Missing
  172. Ferral Domination Not Triggering
  173. Bucktooth commander effect
  174. Fury of the Mountain God Bug?
  175. Even if Master Audio is set to 0, there's a humming sound playing in the Victory scrn
  176. Auction House: 8th listing is cut off and not readable
  177. Chimes of the Zodiac + Archmage Wrenlocke
  178. Ingenuity Engine Creates Droo's Fist
  179. Tower hulk wonky
  180. Hideous Conversion - No Priority Window to respond to a Troop Sacrifice
  181. BUG: Tetzot and Azurefate Sorceress (Ruby dmg gem)
  182. UI bug after multiple click on end turn (F8)
  183. Eternal Drifter not working -
  184. Oponnent's Sadistic Castigator - I can't play my cards from hand!
  185. Looping Resolution of Volcannon
  186. Some dude Hacking my deck.
  187. Bug Report: Tetzot/Azurefate Sorceress
  188. Cards in deck vanish - Tome of Knowledge is prime suspect, but can't confirm 100%
  189. Unending loop - inner conflict/technical genius/construction plans/worker bot
  190. issue with heroic outlaw
  191. I can't seem to get past the patcher window
  192. Vampires Created By Vampire King are not getting inspired
  193. Waiting for opponent to join...
  194. BUG- Verdant Wyldeboard in scheduled sealed
  195. Battlecry Warlord card Merged with Monsuun
  196. HEX: Not Connected
  197. droo's fist and HoF
  198. Swiftstrike Causing Auto-Move Through Second Main Phase
  199. Thorntongue Snapdragon isn't lethal at all.
  200. Burning Oil Visual Bug
  201. Tectonic Megahulk did not surface when it should have
  202. Bug Report
  203. Spawn of Othuyeg created by Ogth, Greatspawn of Ogthuyeg are not inspired by CMK
  204. Skipping Main Phases
  205. tournament bug_ i want reimboursment please
  206. Booster Draft Bug
  207. Teapot of Prosperity Bug/Exploit
  208. Frost wizard bug
  209. Jank Bot plus Escalation bugged
  210. Arena Regulator
  211. Succulent Roostasaur Bug
  212. Unable to Choose Starting Player
  213. AH (not being able to cancel bid)
  214. Losing without any reason in swiss draft
  215. Shamed Gladiator, lifegain and debuff
  216. Azurefate Sorceress didn't give inspire powers to Venus Fly Gorger
  217. Please fix leaving tournaments
  218. Auction House Display - Cut off
  219. Frost Wizard Causing Invalid Decks
  220. Filk Ape + Bun'Jitsu bug
  221. Relentless Corruption + Jovial Pippit Bug (or simply a wording issue)
  222. Rise Again on Opponent's The Kraken...
  223. Another Pass Priority Bug
  224. Hopeheart Unicorn Not Activating
  225. Xorak, the flamehand merc and wof
  226. Unable to take any action or pass priority
  227. Cosmic Transmorgifier
  228. Air Superiority - Text Bug
  229. Azurefate Sorceress + Master Theorycrafter = maybe a bug?
  230. CZE help please....
  231. Eternal Drifter skip phase
  232. Army of the Arcane and Frost Wizard
  233. Daring Swordsman - Text Missing
  234. Bertram Cragraven AI
  235. Powers of Zakiir Not Showing Target
  236. Briarpatch skipping First Main
  237. Phantom cards after Murder on Jadiim
  238. AH - Bug When Returning No Results
  239. Agent of Mole - Showing Counters Bug
  240. Initial Start Screen Resolution
  241. Outlaw and Feral Domination
  242. Bug Patch?
  243. Can't send certain cards in mail...
  244. Droo's unrelenting fists VS SpellShield
  245. Unable to Respond to Extinction with Quick Speed Payment Powers
  246. Hex Geode Saccing
  247. Excavation Hulk Disappeared from Game
  248. Arborean Rootfather
  249. Blessing Of The Fallen
  250. Uruunaz