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  1. Dimmid's charge power not usable on opposing troops
  2. Monsuun + Royal Falconer + Zared (Two bugs here)
  3. too many cards
  4. Ruinforge Reinventor - Odd Interaction
  5. Soothing Breezes generated via Mimeobot copies of Mentor of the Wind bugged
  6. Possible Bug With Crush Damage
  7. Eternal Drifter and Bellows of Briggadon
  8. Oberons Eulogy and Moonmonk
  9. Crown of the Primals
  10. Dual resource cards act weird in the chain
  11. Card Manager Deck Loading screen bug
  12. AH mail is sometimes blank
  13. Sleeves ending up in Stash
  14. Tournament timer and save disincentive
  15. Burn Can't Target Champion While Repel On Chain After Attack Before Block
  16. Shadow Rend works on non troop damage
  17. Possible bug with a card, which should to be shuffle in the deck.
  18. Resurrection Bug
  19. Artifact Oracle Song Bug
  20. Reese text not updated when untunneling
  21. Draft ticket not showing up on stash but showing up when I join a tourney
  22. 2nd Main Phase Skipped (darkspire punisher?)
  23. Augmentation changed
  24. hero of adamanth
  25. Possible Issue?
  26. Swiss Bug?
  27. 2 minor bugs
  28. Install problem
  29. AI not paying Concubunny full cost
  30. Possible bugs?
  31. Launcher Bug
  32. Tournament listing and numbering being bugged
  33. [Resolved] AI uses transformed Forge of Cadoc's original ability
  34. Wind of Change: please pardon our dust
  35. [Pending] Swiss pairing guidelines likely not followed.
  36. Competitive Draft: AFK Player Rewarded with Prize Packs
  37. [Resolved] Wheels of Fate not awarding some prizes
  38. 2nd game during draft matches doesn't start
  39. Hex Games Crashing
  40. Palamedes skill doesn't apply to Grave Nibbler
  41. I can't sell certain cards
  42. Can't Backspace/delete e-mail/username at Hex Login
  43. [Pending] Draft screen overlapping views
  44. Blood Cauldron Ritualist
  45. [Not a Bug] Challenges during Boss Fight
  46. Splinter of Azathoth Interrupting Tunneled Troops (Also CM Bugs)
  47. Draft bug
  48. [Not a Bug] Dopplegadget/Mimeobot
  49. [Confirmed] AI using Forge of Cadoc incorrectly
  50. [Not a Bug] Alt+tab cancels F10
  51. Tower Hulk losses all atk/def pts upon death
  52. Mass Polymorph bug
  53. Queensgrace Bugged
  54. Master Theorycrafter bugged
  55. PLEASE READ! Bug Report Guidelines
  56. Known Issues Thread for OSX/Mac client
  57. [Resolved] Countermagic card text doesn't match effect
  58. Open Issues with Arena Patch
  59. [Resolved] Items missing from Inventory Stash
  60. [Resolved] Incantation of Ascendance not transforming copies
  61. [Not a Bug] Crimson Clarity
  62. Feral Domination
  63. Cannot play cards BUG
  64. [Resolved] Some AI champions locking up
  65. Replicator's Gambit with Mirror Blade
  66. Unsaved changes dialog confusing
  67. Unable to select opposing champion with major socket power during attack priority
  68. Relentless Corruption + Subterranean Spy
  69. [Resolved] Zodiac Divination won't always reduce cost
  70. Arena bug (Avalanche Giant)
  71. Bug in Deck Building
  72. Post Challenge Charge Buff Bug
  73. Arena Opponent's Equipment Revealed on Tunnel
  74. [Not a Bug] Bug Against Zoltog champion
  75. Cards in collection disappeared
  76. Repel not displaying target
  77. On Arena Patch - Ascetic Aspirant does not link to Enlightened Seeker
  78. Weird Disconnect Issue
  79. [Resolved] Cards Disappearing from Account
  80. Equipment Allocated to Wrong Slots
  81. Eternal Guardian Infinite Start
  82. [Not a Bug] Perfect run sleeves awarded?
  83. Surprise Runt Gang Displaying Incorrect Art on Auction House
  84. "Card is in deck sideboard" error
  85. [Not a Bug] damage calculation
  86. Reactor Bot Overload
  87. [Resolved] Paladin of Naagaan charge power
  88. Missing PVE items after match
  89. Game Force Closes
  90. Hex freezing after load up animation
  91. Visual bugs vs Wild Root Dancer/Proserity Challenge
  92. Archon of Nulzann ability not work
  93. keep hand dead lock//eternal guardian boss
  94. Savage Lord Freeze
  95. Concubunny mating with Jank Bot!
  96. Cerulean Mirror Knight AA inspires troops from the graveyard
  97. [Resolved] AA mirror knight + legionnaire of gawaine
  98. nelebrin scout power
  99. [Pending] Hero of Adamanth gaining life unexpectedly
  100. Arena Loss - bug
  101. Chat screen fades while dragging scroll bar
  102. [Resolved] Champion portrait not always a clickable target
  103. "Oops! It would be great if you'd send it to the developer"
  104. Arena Bug Report
  105. [Resolved] Tournament prizes mail for 1v1 que
  106. [Confirmed] Vampire King triggers resolving incorrectly
  107. [Not a bug] Rose Lion loses its text
  108. [Resolved] Te'talca not doubling non-combat damage
  109. Wrathwood Colossus + Mittens: bugged
  110. [Resolved] Scavenger Club
  111. [Resolved] Crackling Vortex stays on the chain
  112. Wild Root Dancer's Vine Traps, 2nd tier
  113. geode bug during an arena game
  114. [Resolved] Highland Shinobi can soft lock game
  115. Tectonic break still broken
  116. [Not a Bug] Some equipment not dropping?
  117. Bug Report Hired Horn Sellsword equpment
  118. Possible bug - Tectonic Megahulk
  119. [Not a Bug] Foreststalker Gloves
  120. [Not a Bug] Scepter of Nightmares
  121. Small bug: Mac client copy / paste
  122. Escalation did not work with RageFire
  123. [Not a Bug] Eternal Guardian AI Misplays and Possible Bug
  124. Jank Bot Bug
  125. wild rootdancer plus feralroot slippers
  126. Deck builder doesn't check gem limit
  127. [Not a Bug] Flock of Seagulls and Battling
  128. Interface shifts down/ Left with a spinning planet on screen
  129. hyperlink bug
  130. [Resolved] Chaos key doesn't allow response
  131. Weird Arena disconnect bug
  132. new patch no friends
  133. [Not a Bug] Relentless Corruption + Ruby Lance
  134. blocking
  135. Argus' equipment disables his cost reduction ability
  136. [Resolved] BattleBorn Boots and Living Totem
  137. My Card on Auction House didn't back
  138. [Not a Bug] Flock of Seagulls & Battle Damage
  139. Packs not displaying descriptive text on AH
  140. Leeching Burrower/Rusted Chestplate problems
  141. [Resolved] Fahrny PVE card works incorrectly
  142. [Not a Bug] Wrong Bonus Given + No Loot
  143. [Not a Bug] More than 3 losses in arena
  144. Display Bug - Countermagic Copies
  145. Princess Cory charge power transforming cost reduced troop into Holiday (minor issue)
  146. New player pack - blank screen when opening and no cards
  147. Constant disconnects
  148. Endless loop of Keep or Redraw beginning phase
  149. [Not a Bug] Jank Bot and Booby Trap
  150. Reactor Bot Using The Chain
  151. Jank botting a prime ruby gem of destruction into play froze my game
  152. Bug: Ai using Cerulean grand strategist inspire buff incorrectly
  153. Mail + Inventory issue
  154. Jags not doubling Legionnaire of Gawaine's damage when he enters play
  155. Cannot launch the game - launcher unresponsive
  156. Boots of the hopeheart martyr does not work
  157. [Resolved] Incarnation of Fury getting counters incorrectly
  158. Wild Root Dancer
  159. [Resolved] Argus loses cost reduction ability with Doomseeker Boots
  160. Too many creatures takes alot of thought
  161. Playground UI Glich
  162. Cant Play Arena or Proving Grounds
  163. Claiming mail attachments
  164. Arena - Hero of Adamanth loop forever
  165. AI Taking several minutes on Battle Phase every single time (detailed infos inside)
  166. Double-damage inspired from Jags not always effective
  167. [Not a Bug] Hero of Adamanth + Master Theorycrafter
  168. Chests from My most recent draft not visible at Kismet
  169. Can't Get Back Into Draft Lobby to Check Results
  170. Weird gamebreaking bug in arena
  171. [Not a Bug] VB1311's Construction Gloves doesn't proc transformation
  172. [Not a Bug] Zoltog + Shrine of Prosperity
  173. [Not a Bug] AI Zoltog spawning random orcs
  174. [Not a Bug] Eurig's Passive doesn't work for Player
  175. [Not a Bug] Hero of Adamanth charge power spawned double
  176. [Resolved] Tiaanost Unable to Void Opposing Card
  177. Yielding On Shard Selection on Shards of Fate hung the game
  178. Card Manager validity check keeps saying I have Lightning Elemental in my deck
  179. [Resolved] Nelebrin Scout champion power glitch
  180. Tectonic Megahulk not surfacing.
  181. Random Username
  182. Arena Disconnect Problems Lead to Automatic Loss and Match Skip
  183. [Not a Bug] Queen Grace + Ballroom Slippers
  184. Gorefeast Visual Bug?
  185. Priority Disappeared during draft match and then couldn't rejoin the match after log
  186. AI doesn't understand killipede
  187. No pass priority button at declare blockers after Crackling vortex
  188. VIP mail bug
  189. AI Avalanche Giant bugs
  190. Arena games often does not star
  191. Minor - set focus on login screen
  192. [Not a Bug] Zoltog chargepower
  193. Fist of Briggadon interrupt lock up
  194. Draft tournament bugged
  195. Keeper of the wounded petal Fight magnet
  196. [Not a Bug] Byes
  197. PvE cards count as AA
  198. [Confirmed] AI uses Avalanche Giant's ability without discarding
  199. Bug - Arena, disconnections and stuck
  200. Arena AI Bug: Misfortune and Pact of Pain
  201. AA Adamanthian Scrivener and Ink-Stained Gloves
  202. Targeting Bug after buffed creature is transformed
  203. [Resolved] Aqua mask => always gives 2 charges
  204. [Confirmed] Non-basic shards & name sort
  205. Double First Turn
  206. Lag / Incorrect Wins
  207. [Not a Bug] Seaweed Behemoth passive
  208. Soul Marble counters
  209. Kindling Skarn doesn't transform on opponent's turn
  210. Manual of Martial Techniques Locks Game if You Control No Troops
  211. when trying to send equipment not all of my equipment is showing up in mail
  212. [Not a Bug] Challenge on boss fight?
  213. [Not a Bug] Second Soul Cube w/ Equipment creates two troops
  214. Tunneling megahulk not reducing tunneling number
  215. [Not a Bug] Reese the Crustcrawler bugged?
  216. [Not a Bug] Another bug.. war machinist + electroid
  217. Frost ring arena - Final boss freeze
  218. [Not a Bug] Inner Conflict / Scepter of Nightmares
  219. [Not a Bug] 2+2=2. Mana more efficient in the arena
  220. All tickets in Stash merged into Daily Constructed Tickets
  221. Hero/Buccaneer Tag Team Bug
  222. [Not a Bug] Hero of Adamanth Charge Power + Solitary Exile
  223. Auction House Bidding Bug?
  224. [Not a Bug] Arena and Sapper's Charge
  225. [Confirmed] AI using Cerulean Grand Strategist effect on illegal targets
  226. Visual Bug: After tourney, earned Chests and packs do not appear until relog
  227. [Not a Bug] Hired Horn Sellsword ignores swiftstrike
  228. Xocoy - Potential Bugs
  229. Different wording when inspired by an AA Cerulean Mirror Knight
  230. [Resolved] Dungeon Crawler not boosting gold
  231. Poca PvE Card Stolen with Relentless Corruption Prevents Selection of Attackers
  232. [Confirmed] AI using Eternal Drifter abilities incorrectly
  233. Twisted Conversion continues buffing
  234. [Resolved] Rune Ear Burrower keeps buffing up
  235. Jags double and triple damage inspire not working when defending
  236. [Resolved] Xarlox AI Lock-up - steps to reproduce
  237. [Resolved] Mercenaries on auction house
  238. [Not a Bug] why did i lose? :)
  239. Can't continue for Lethal Damage
  240. [Confirmed] Shrewd Manipulation
  241. Lord Benjamin The Wise
  242. Copied Action targeting is hidden.
  243. My own equipment bids don't show up in Auction House
  244. Is WoF more likely to give you the rare set2 merc than the uncommon one?
  245. Game freezing when going from drafting to deckbuilding
  246. [Not a Bug] Missing rewards
  247. Uruunaz EQ still in drop tables
  248. S.P.A.M. Bot AI
  249. Underground transformation and guard tower
  250. Dungeon Crawler giving more loot than it should?