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  1. block priority bug
  2. Transforming Entry Tickets
  3. Trapper Grips and Vine Traps Bug
  4. Mac Client Issues
  5. [Not a Bug] War Machinist + EQ effect
  6. Boundless Imagination bugged
  7. [Not a Bug] Random disconects
  8. all equip slots are empty trinkets
  9. [Pending] Cory plays challenges
  10. [Not a Bug] Holiday died upon being cast
  11. [Not a Bug] Uzume passive bug
  12. [Not a Bug] Legionnaire of Adamanth equipment
  13. [Not a Bug] Zoltog + Giles bug?
  14. Gem deck validation error
  15. Sword of Sapphires Hang-up Issue
  16. Game Froze while Resolving Blockers
  17. Relentless corruption pulled from my deck
  18. [Not a Bug] Is equipment supposed to affect stolen cards?
  19. [Not a Bug] Troops taking random damage on my turn
  20. [Not a Bug] Charge replication bug on Seaweed Behemoth
  21. equipment icon displayed wrong
  22. [Not a Bug] Filk Ape Reverting Boldheart
  23. Draft games ended by surrending do not go to sideboard.
  24. [Not a Bug] Paladin of the Necropolis + Life Siphon
  25. Princess Corey Bug
  26. [Resolved] AI using Kog'tepetl's Thirst on Spellshielded troop
  27. Weird bye message + client desync between draft rounds
  28. [Not a Bug] Wheel of Fate bug?
  29. Tournament sideboard bug. Steps to reproduce enclosed
  30. [Not a Bug] Monsuun's Decoy Counters
  31. [Not a Bug] Xarlox + Booby Trap Challenge
  32. AI Zodiac Shaman, milling himself with Stargazers.
  33. [Not a Bug] Sniper of Gawaine
  34. AI Glitch with Boulder Brute socket - Blood Orb of Deception
  35. [Not a Bug] AI upkeep missing
  36. Filk ape not reverting changes from Cosmic Transmogrifier.
  37. [Not a Bug] scrap welder, equip, command tower
  38. Audio Issue when entering Arena through Campaign Menu
  39. [Not a Bug] augmentation bot + equipment
  40. [Not a Bug] Blood Sphinx copy effect
  41. Two discard bugs in Seaweed behemoth match
  42. battle froze
  43. Arena bugs i've encountered - v0.9.6.049
  44. End of Turn abilities
  45. [Resolved] Can't start game w/ large deck
  46. Unable to play drawn cards
  47. shatter shield equipment bug
  48. Gortezuma Doesn't have the "Can't Block" icon
  49. [Not a Bug] Death Cap + Fungal Bloom
  50. Frost Ring Freezing/extemely laggy
  51. Legionnaire of Adamanth + Helm of Revelation = Broken After Patch
  52. Alternate Art Cards Have No Visual Representation of Equipment Being Used
  53. Behold! The Super Secret Version Of The Frost Ring Arena!
  54. Arena Rewards window mixed with window with Exit Arena/Challenge buttons
  55. COD Mail Bug: Screen went black and just showed spinning globe of Entrath
  56. Can't launch the game since march 25th patch
  57. AI attacking with exhausted cards?
  58. Eternal Guardian - Stuck when deciding whether to keep hand or draw again
  59. [Resolved] Blood Sphinx passive sometimes locks the game
  60. [Resolved] AI stuck using Town Crier
  61. [Resolved] Blood cards creating wild battle hoppers
  62. Auction House: PvE cards show up as "Alternate Art"
  63. Cannot Launch Game
  64. [Confirmation] Incubation Slave - Incorrect text
  65. Black screen on launch
  66. [Resolved] Arena - Sudden Unexplained Loss
  67. Tiny den mother on stack minor graphic error
  68. Arena reward screen mess up
  69. [Resolved] Poca (PVE Card) skips declare attackers phase
  70. [Not a Bug] Countermagic doesn't always increase cost by 2
  71. Game Crashed While Attaching Cards To Mail
  72. [Not a Bug] Bonus bag rewards not always being generated correctly
  73. [Confirmed] Typo - Oakhenge Ceremony
  74. Card Dragging Broken?
  75. [Not a Bug] Curse of Oblivion vs. Relentless Corruption
  76. Legendary equipment is easy to get...
  77. Blood Sphynx - Giant Corpse Fly Causing game to hang
  78. Broken download
  79. [Resolved] Ascetic Aspirant hyperlink broken
  80. Electroid never able to attack or block
  81. Hang on princess cory pre-game turn
  82. Arena reward screen has bad math
  83. Mammoth Squirrel Titan Retaining it's Stats upon being Polymorphed into a Dingler.
  84. Strange client problem
  85. Construct Foreman charge power always adds Bobby Traps to the bottom of deck
  86. AI Eldritch Dreamer put Shoggoth into play for 5 resources
  87. [Confirmed] Uzume AI used Necessary Sacrifice on Cerebral Fulmination
  88. Thunderpuff can't exhaust VB1311 when it has Steadfast
  89. Eurig can't seem to hit with Volcannon
  90. Inspire Draw a card when this unit die
  91. Game freeze with Guard dog card
  92. [Not a Bug] feral domination + scrap welder
  93. [Not a Bug] Can't use Sliver of the Immortal Spear
  94. Game stuck on 'declare damage order' screen. Cannot confirm or concede.
  95. [Not a Bug] zero cost princess victoria & soul cavalry
  96. Blood Sphinx Pass Priority Loop on Passive when deck has no Actions
  97. [Resolved] Giant Corpse Fly sometimes freezes
  98. [Resolved] Child of Rust targets your own troop
  99. [Not a Bug] Azurfate + Protectorate Defender
  100. [Not a Bug] Avenging Angel passive Ignores Threshold
  101. [Resolved] Graphics bugs in Arena / loading error.
  102. Protector Defender Bug
  103. Wrathwood Colossus made by Soul Cube w/ Cuboid Amulet
  104. Tournament Stats not displaying correctly(Draft/Etc.)
  105. [Resolved] Can't Respond to Terrorantula
  106. Losing Arena forces relog
  107. Leeching Burrower + Rusted Chestplate functioning or worded incorrectly
  108. [Not a Bug] Paladin of the Necropolis + Cerulean Mentalist
  109. [Pending] Azurefate Sorceress : No gems
  110. Stuck on "Loading Data" Just On One Account
  111. [Not a Bug] VB1311 doesn't transform plans
  112. Incorrect loot distribution from Arena
  113. [Not a Bug] Helm of Revelation - Legionnaire of Adamanth
  114. Stack Resolution Freezing Game and Causing a Loss
  115. [Not a Bug] Wheel of Fate no longer rewards gold?
  116. Luck sacks over-costing
  117. [Not a Bug] Blocked by incorrect troop
  118. Yesterday bounces tunnelled troops to discard pile?
  119. Misc AI bugs
  120. Extinction sometimes kill troops in hand ?
  121. Overlap of Arena Reward List
  122. Bug Eternal Youth
  123. Declare blockers bug
  124. Arena VB1311 + Propagation Helm
  125. Can't Launch Game
  126. Infiltrator's Hood Not Working As Advertised.
  127. [Resolved] Games Not Starting
  128. Auction House not Working after Maintenance
  129. Copy/Paste does double in redemption code interface, plays error sound, Mac client
  130. imp hoodlums equipment AI
  131. Login error with blank user/password
  132. Arena: Save and Quit between games bugs out buff quests/rewards
  133. Missed a tutorial step
  134. Invalid Code?
  135. [Resolved] 2 Vine Traps blocking w/equipment locks game
  136. Jankbot bugged in arena? Wont start matches
  137. [Not a Bug] 2+ Shamed Gladiator has an empty socket
  138. Failing to select a shard type can lock up the match
  139. Most of the time I can t login
  140. Multiblocking Hangs game?
  141. [Resolved] Incorrect deck statistics
  142. UI Attack/Defense card overlay glitch
  143. Not enough info when targeted with X-spell
  144. AI has extreme hatred for Technical Genius
  145. no chests in stash
  146. Arena Shards of Fate hangs game
  147. [Not a Bug] TIMER bug
  148. Counter Confusion
  149. Eldritch Dreamer But against Major Socket +1+1 if hit to all troops
  150. Auction House Outbid
  151. Royal Falconer
  152. Pack Raptor not bumping other raptors or straightening
  153. Selling account-bound cards
  154. Stargazer equipment, Stormwing Breastplate, makes you discard first before drawing
  155. [Not a Bug] Xarlox the Broodlord
  156. Buying packs
  157. Gui bug after arena concede
  158. [Pending] Rakashani / Slamvolt mercenary rarities wrong
  159. Bug Directory from crashes
  160. UI- Deckbuilder Advanced Filter: Cleric inoperable.
  161. Possible bug - death cap
  162. Auction House Does Not Show All Items
  163. You can auction for negative values
  164. [Resolved] Escalation Text Issue
  165. -1/-1 gem power breaks game
  166. Weird bye message
  167. [Confirmed] Grave Nibbler - inconsistent buffs
  168. Discoonect, reconnect
  169. [Not a Bug] Holiday + Parallel Evolution
  170. Confirm Button Once Again blocked by Blockers
  171. Shadow Rend does not force discard
  172. Assign Damage popup box non-responsive
  173. [Not a Bug] Computer targeting same troops
  174. pheromones - mustbeblocked
  175. Overlapping Rewards Box has no exit/close button
  176. Auction House says selling for plat but lists for gold
  177. Not so (Pretty in pink)
  178. [Not a Bug] Falconer transformation
  179. [Not a Bug] Eldritch Dreamer AI & Time Wave
  180. [Not a Bug] Fist of Briggadon & Briggadon's Chestplate
  181. Rose Lion & Mustbeblocked
  182. [Pending] Filters not working on mail attachments
  183. [Not a Bug] Arena AI deals too much damage with War Machinist
  184. arena reward screen
  185. [Not a Bug] Unable to Exhaust Untunneled Troop
  186. Born to die don't work on attacking troop
  187. No sideboard after 1st game
  188. Mimeobot clone ability causes lockups if you play too quickly
  189. Mail does not show item-name on mouseover anymore
  190. [Not a Bug] Xarlox charge ability triggering incorrectly
  191. [Not a Bug] Gortezuma not dead
  192. Hero of Adamanth, Solitary Exile Flicker
  193. Gobbleglade Witch's champion power doesn't kill own troop on loss
  194. Had a bunch of decks missing shards
  195. Shrine of Ulthar allows double draw
  196. order of AH mails
  197. Socketing Nori
  198. starter trials deck icon
  199. Punisher vs Xarlox results in random mill
  200. Mail UI attaching bugged
  201. Bun'jitsu's abilitiy incorrect display
  202. Summoned troops could not be played
  203. Compose Mail Window Messed Up After Sending Mail
  204. "Quick action" cards stuck when trying play it during Declare Defence/Attackers Phase
  205. Rune Ear Burrower stat changing (Not just visual)
  206. Soul Marble hyperlinks broken (among other cards)
  207. [Not a Bug] Quick Stink Troll
  208. [Confirmed] Highlands inspire bug?
  209. Megahulk not entering play
  210. Post arena menu collapse
  211. [Not a Bug] WoF awarding wrong prize
  212. Cannot see Mercs in My Listings
  213. Construct Guild Underboss/Prefabrication Boots/Tower Hulk
  214. bugs
  215. prizes screen bug arena
  216. [Not a Bug] Auction House UI Bug
  217. [Confirmed] Born of the Flame Created PVE Cards in Draft
  218. AI mistake against card with "when this becomes blocked by a troop..."
  219. Pop-up "choose order to damage" for sacrified attacker
  220. PvE Reaper Bot [Infinite loop]
  221. Wrong tournament rewards (Display bug?) and cheap light bulbs.
  222. Not starting 2nd game after freeze/disconnect.
  223. Unable to login - Name field active
  224. Interface Error
  225. AI issue always sacrifices Storm cloud right off
  226. [Not a Bug] Protectorate Defender
  227. Frozen game
  228. The Triumvirate does not transform properly
  229. Couldn't Play cards
  230. Frost ring background animation upside down (at least on Mac)
  231. Soul Cube + Amulet of the Cuboid
  232. Arena session loss causes overlapping rewards and arena menu screens
  233. [Not a Bug] Zoltog creating troops randomly
  234. Sort and Filter buttons not working when trying to mail cards in Attachment window
  235. [Not a Bug] Crackling Rot on Bone Warriors
  236. After Arena and Concubunny
  237. Concubunny
  238. Frozen Game in Frost Ring Arena
  239. Frost Arena AI Blocking Exploit
  240. [Not a Bug] Troop duplicated when bounced
  241. [Not a Bug] inner conflict equipment
  242. game crashed, equipment gone
  243. [Not a Bug] Royal Herald
  244. While Joystick is connected -> focus set to the first input element
  245. [Not a Bug] Fury of the Mountain God w/Equipment
  246. [Not a Bug] chest issue
  247. Gearsmith Possible Bug
  248. Cant whisper people with a space or invisible character in name
  249. Draft manager scrambles card order when you switch active windows
  250. Frost Arena - cannot set damage order - confirm button doesn't response