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  1. Custom Card Rulings
  2. Ulaire Ostea Impossible Mode Question
  3. Monkey Clan and Scouts
  4. playing 1v1
  5. Will Cryptozoic be at Origins?
  6. Mithril Vest clarification
  7. Expansion Announced: Heroes Unite
  8. adding cards to a deck that has been drawn out
  9. Where do I enter the Game Hunter Code found on the box lid?
  10. Rampage: Reaction? or Action
  11. My thanks to the Cryptozoic staff @ C2E2
  12. Flame Basilisk and Skilled Maneuvers
  13. Luck Spirits Clarification
  14. Gencon
  15. More Heroic Constitution: Playing One Against the Other
  16. Supergirl question please answer!!
  17. Stealth Card / Encounter Question
  18. Where do Sacrificed Scouts Go?
  19. Rules Questions
  20. Android version
  21. Exspansion Card Ideas
  22. Impossible mode archenemies order
  23. Recover Our Strength maneuver
  24. Expansion?
  25. Atrocitus destroy cards question?
  26. Card sleeve size
  27. iPad app
  28. seeing stones rules question
  29. Fortune card question
  30. Martian manhunter promo card outside of USA.
  31. Gypsy Trader
  32. Ulaire Ostea - Archenemy
  33. Sleeving the cards?
  34. Either a bug, a rule I am unaware of, or the developers are evil
  35. Team variant question
  36. Ulaire Nelya ???
  37. Missing impossible mode Lurtz
  38. Lutz Rules Clarification
  39. single player?
  40. Hi-Res Rulebook?
  41. Question on Aquaman's gain ability
  42. Flash and Wonder Woman ruling?
  43. DC Comics Deckbuilding Game #2 Heroes Unite
  44. Homemade Expansion
  45. hobbit deck builder
  46. New to DBG games
  47. Anyone have a list of all the cards in the game?
  48. Nazgul + Hobbiton clarification
  49. Heroes in the expansion?
  50. Other Cerberus engine : heroes games
  51. DC Deck Building List of Cards
  52. Missing/Lost Cards
  53. My Ideas for New Custom Cards
  54. DC DBG online version for Ipad or Android?
  55. One Change I Wish Cards Had
  56. A couple questions about balance
  57. My Ideas for new Characters
  58. Tense of cards
  59. Put it out you fools! Question?
  60. Tournaments and events?
  61. Cincy Comicon
  62. It COMES IN PINTS Question.
  63. Question?
  64. Two Towers question.
  65. Settle an argument in my house!
  66. Two Towers question.
  67. Gifts?
  68. LOTR:TT ? Mauhur
  69. Banning Shadowfax
  70. Rule clarification
  71. Merging of Fellowship and Two Towers.
  72. Box not moulded correctly
  73. New Promo Card: Felix Faust
  74. Two Towers FAQ
  75. When to use Attacks?
  76. Opinions on my Wall deck set-up - Hyra, please chime in.
  77. Spare Cards Available
  78. The Two Towers rulebook
  79. Description of 3 cards
  80. Ride Like the Wind Promo Card
  81. Expansion release update
  82. Is there anyway to get ahold of the MMH and FF promos anymore?
  83. Game Hunter Codes
  84. Could we get some spoiler pics for DC Comics DBG #2 Heroes Unite???
  85. I Found Spoilers For DC:DBG Heroes Unite
  86. Big Game Hunter - Where do I type in my code?
  87. Pre-Order DC Deck Building Game: Heroes Unite!
  88. Matt, can you post directions on how to request promo cards with preorders?
  89. Question on Impossible Battering Ram
  90. More Spoilers For DC:DBG Heroes Unite
  91. Green Lantern - explanation of wording
  92. Homebrew DBG
  93. New Sets
  94. Chances of an Android or ipod app?
  95. Lobo card effect
  96. Location suggestions.
  97. MM Promo Card Question
  98. Super Hero Card Sleeves
  99. Forever Evil and Crisis Expansion?!
  100. Question Regarding Felix Faust Promo Card
  101. Will we know before or when it arrives?
  102. I pre-ordered...now store says alliance isn't giving them promos.
  103. DC dbg Heroes Unite Game Day, Mar. 2, 2014, in Pastimes, IL
  104. Just got my Heroes United expansion
  105. Heroes Unite First Impressions
  106. Heroes Unite Card List
  107. Indigo Tribe Power Ring
  108. DC vs LOTR deck building games
  109. Helmet of Fate clarification
  110. Some Heroes Unite Questions
  111. Kyle Rainer question.
  112. Playmat
  113. Super Power- Force Field card clarification
  114. No promo cards with order
  115. Combining sets
  116. Expansions
  117. Two heroes, no waiting (more fun)
  118. Mega-deck
  119. Adding Players
  120. Clarification on what happens at the end of a turn and the beginning of the next turn
  121. Making Batgirl Better
  122. Hypothetical Question Regarding Flash + Batgirl
  123. Location, location, location
  124. Sonic Scream clarification
  125. Legion flight ring question.
  126. Nightwing
  127. Playmat Pre Order
  128. I didn't receive the Martian Manhunter promo card with my online order
  129. Email
  130. Amazo with clayface and Shazam(hero)/Riddler is too OP xD
  131. 1240 Points in one turn
  132. Creating Your Own Cards Easily
  133. Promos
  134. Anyone else ever try this variant?
  135. Predicting the Superheroes in Crisis
  136. Most powerful cards
  137. force field
  138. Location question...
  139. Mind Control Hat/Jervis Tetch combo OP?
  140. Adventures in the Game Store
  141. Difficult but fun variant using base game and expansion
  142. Is Shazam OP ?
  143. Con Season 2014 is Approaching
  144. Is it legal to count your player deck?
  145. Alternate idea if you find Kyle Rainer OP...
  146. WTT MMH Promo Card for Starfire Promo card
  147. Anyone on east coast get their starfires yet?
  148. Question of when to reshuffle
  149. Confused about how to combine the original game and expansion...
  150. Building the best combined decks
  151. Final Super-Villain: Taking Super-Villains to a Whole 'Nother Level
  152. Any way to counter early White Lantern Power Battery?
  153. New non-location ongoing card clarification
  154. Starbolt Rulings?
  155. How do you choose your Super Heroes for games?
  156. Any truth to this?
  157. I just found the DC comics sleeves page, and...
  158. Card values?
  159. Holding Tournaments, Need support and I have questions.
  160. Terrible news
  161. Has anybody played my location variant with the expansion?
  162. ask to develloper
  163. Any more expansions coming?
  164. Ordering replacement cards
  165. Custom cards?
  166. 2 card ruling questions...
  167. New way to play both sets
  168. Custom Cards: Teen Titans Mini-Expansion
  169. DC Main+ HU Mix
  170. House Rules Set - Discard Powers
  171. More Ideas for Custom Cards
  172. Big Game Hunter Codes and promised Promo Cards
  173. Anyone combined dc with street fighter?
  174. Destroyed by Felix Faust's FAA
  175. DC dbg Game Day on Free Comic Book Day, May 3, 2014 at Pastimes, Niles, IL
  176. Street Fighter Deck-Building Game
  177. Hobbit DBG Release Date?
  178. DC deck building game discard pile inquery
  179. Adventure time Card Wars rulings
  180. DC Deckbuilding Promos
  181. DC deck builder superhero options?
  182. Printing suggestions
  183. Release dates for Crisis and Forever Evil
  184. Trying to understand how it works, creating a card game.
  185. SC Deck Building Playmat in the Wild! Photo!
  186. EDH (MTG reference) DC DB build
  187. The Hobbit DBG: Magic Misprint
  188. Gen Con events?
  189. DC Vs. Street Fighter
  190. New Forever Evil Details
  191. Promo
  192. Set interaction and sleeving
  193. Any news on release dates?
  194. 'When's Mahvel?!' My Custom Set
  195. Missing Martian Manhunter promo card with my online order
  196. Naruto DBG Preview
  197. Came across this today for preorder
  198. Green Lantern Super Hero & Location Cards
  199. Which Cerberus engines are which?
  200. Mortal Kombat deck building game?
  201. GenCon DC Comics DBG Crisis Co-Op Ticket Swap
  202. Mega Man Game?
  203. Badges?
  204. DC/HU/SF Deck List
  205. 2014 Gen Con Volunteer Call
  206. Is DCDBG Felix Faust still available?
  207. Combining Street Fighter and DC: A Tentative Decklist
  208. DC deck building game - Survival variant (Solo)
  209. Two Variants: Rotation Mode and Mercenary Mode
  210. Reinterpreting Flash and Red Tornado.
  211. New varient dc + street fighter player vs player
  212. Crisis Expansion Update?
  213. Force Field as a discard from hand defense
  214. Solo play for DC deck building
  215. Hobbit DBG Thoughts
  216. What about the "Middle Earth expandable game" serie?
  217. Return of the King DBG Thoughts
  218. The Hobbit DBG: Draw loot cards when defeating the Archenemy?
  219. Adventure Time Card Wars Deck Building Question
  220. DC Comics: Deck Building Game: Crisis Expansion
  221. Naruto DBG -At gencon?
  222. Crisis thoughts and questions.
  223. Local Chicago Stores dont have Game In Yet
  224. Card Wars sleeves and game translatation
  225. Crisis Expansion Questions (SPOILERS! Don't read if you haven't played!)
  226. Naruto Shippuden Deck-building Game Errata
  227. Did I receive a mis-pack Crisis Expansion?
  228. Crisis Mode + Signature Trenchcoat?
  229. Gen con! Wow!
  230. Any plans for a larger box for DC DBG?
  231. Amazo+ J'ohn J'onez+ Arkilio=
  232. Adventure Time Card Wars Multiplayer
  233. DC Deckbuilding Crisis Expansion - Average Game Play Time?
  234. Card Wars with "instants"-function on spells
  235. NARUTO DBG update?????
  236. Hobbit DBG created a question for all of my deck building games...
  237. Rise of the rot question.
  238. DC deck building Competitive format
  239. Card Wars - Toilet of Doom change
  240. So, Return of the King's Release Date is Today...
  241. Custom Decks using two base sets?
  242. Extra rules DC Crisis loopholes
  243. 2 rules questions
  244. Does returning a card to the Line-Up change the Line-Up number permanently?
  245. Forever Evil and Crisis 2?
  246. Questions about using Defense cards in Naruto
  247. Adventure Time: Card wars
  248. DC Deck Building Game Tournament Orlando, FL
  249. Some How To questions
  250. Who attending the DC DBG Orlando Tournament?