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12-25-2011, 01:24 PM
We're playing this for the first time, so we're a little confused about some of the game-play, so I appreciate any help. :)

Can you use your special ability if it's not your turn but you've been pulled into a regional battle?

Shane's special ability says "each player in your region gives you a random Scrounge card from his or her hand" - your video on game play said that Shane is sneaky and steals things from other players. So, do the other players in Shane's region just hand him a card of their choosing, or hold them face down for Shane to choose a random card, or does he actually get to look at all of the other player's available cards and "steal" what he wants?

Two players died in a four player game, so the rules then said it changes to team zombie vs. team survivor play.
So, once game play has changed to teams, do survivors get to draw additional allies, cards, etc. or do they just continue game play with whatever they currently had on hand? And do they continue to draw encounter cards, so now they have to fight game zombies as well as the former team members?

12-25-2011, 01:46 PM
No, you can only use your special ability during your own actual turn.

The Shane player does not get to look, nor do the affected players get to choose a card. It's a random card, so the best way is to shuffle your hand, then hold them out for the Shane player to pick one without looking at it first.

When a game turns into 2v2, the game continues as before. No reset, no more cards/allies. Yes, the survivors do continue to draw encounters. The only thing that changes is that Team Survivor gets to pass a card at the end of their turn.