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01-03-2012, 11:18 PM
First off I have to say this game is amazing and really fun. I would recommend it to anyone who likes board games and people who are fans to zombie?

1. After you get the corner cards (CDC, Department Store, etc..) can you get another one of the same type?
2. Lets say I'm trying to avoid a walker.. Can I go through the corner pieces to do so? Just curious.
3. Walkers vs. Survivors: Can both players use cards against the survivors on the same turn?
4. As a walker when do you draw your cards? Before or after your turn?
5. Will there be expansions in the game?
6. Can you recommend other board games that are similar to the Walking Dead?
7. If I land on a +2 and I roll a 4... Does that mean I rolled a 6? Explain the 6 roll rule please ?

I think this game is awesome and I hope to hear from you guys. Keep making amazing board games.


01-04-2012, 01:03 AM
1. No, you can only get one of each corner card.
2. Even if you have a corner card already, you still have to stop when moving back onto that corner.
3. Both Walker players can play a Frenzy on an Encounter, but only one of them may play a Sneak. Once a Sneak has been played, the other Walker player can't also replace the Encounter again.
4. You draw your cards at the start of your turn.
5. Maybe...
6. There are no games quite like this one, but if you like games where you might be able to turn on the other players, try Shadows Over Camelot. It's a cooperative boardgame where it's quite likely that one player is a traitor to the Knights of the Round Table. Or, if you like games where you have to manage your resources and can choose to help the rest of the group or act selfishly, look for Cryptozoic's own Locke & Key game coming in February!
7. The "Roll a 6" rule is only for a "natural 6." a 4+2 doesn't give you an auto-win.

Glad you like the game! We have more great ones on the way.

01-04-2012, 04:13 PM
Thank you Matt for your time and I can't wait to see that new game in February. Keep up the great work. Much love : ).