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01-09-2012, 02:55 PM
I just picked up the game and me and my wife love it. The story is hilarious and my wife picked it up really quickly. I got some questions because some of the cards are kind of confusing.

1. The Invader: How does this card work and does the copy instant protain to any instants played during the battle?
2. Loopy: What does it mean when it joins your serving? Is that the troops you have on the field?
3. Seppuku: Where does the troop go and what is the serving? Why would you play this card?
4. Does Big Bad Bacon lose if he is only fight the dog?
5. Buckaroo: What if I play this card and the other player does not have troops to add. Do I automatically win those fights?
6. Locked and Loaded Spud: Lets same I draw a troop and its another Locked and Loaded Spud... Do I draw again?
7. King Bacon: If I use this card does the mean I win if the dog wins? Or does the dog take the token?

Sorry for all the questions. Hopefully I can figure it out before you guys reply. Thanks for all the help and keep making great games. I want the expansion to. Much love.


01-09-2012, 03:54 PM
1. If any player (including you) has played an Instant during the Meal you are at, you may play The Invader to copy their Instant. You then get to target your current troop (assuming their Instant had a target) with a copy of that Instant. Yes, it applies to any card played during the battle. Note that it won't copy a Grilled Chesus or Toastmaster General, as those are played during Plating.

2. If you check the 2nd to last page of the rulebook under "Other Card Effects," there is a description of what happens. In short, when a troop joins your Serving, it's as if you flipped over 2 Troops that Serving. You get to add their Yumminess together.

3. The troop that you Seppuku joins your current Serving. You would want to do this if you already had 2 mints and you know that one more mint will win you the meal. So even though you won't have a 5th Troop in your Army, you putting all your eggs in one basket to win one more mint.

4. Yes. If The Dog is present and you flip Bacon, your Bacon is immediately discarded.

5. Yes!

6. Yes indeed.

7. It just means that The Dog shows up at that Serving and each subsequent Serving of that Meal. If The Dog earns more mints than any other player at the Meal, The Dog wins. You don't control The Dog or benefit from the mints he wins. He is a great way to knock out a foe's Bacon, but you still need to beat The Dog to get the mint(s).

Happy to help with any questions. Glad that you and the wife are savoring the game.

04-21-2012, 03:50 AM
what will happen when using king bacon vs the dog fight ?

it said : "If the dog is needed to break a tie this meal, you draw two dog cards and keep the highest ", how it work like ?

04-21-2012, 08:40 AM
there shouldn't be a tie when just fighting with a dog..
because whenever you have the same yumminess as the dog, you WILL win..
so there is no tie condition..

answering your question, king bacon won't do anything..

the point of using king bacon is to get the dog joined the battle between you and other player(s).
if at the end of the meal, tie happens, then you will draw 2 dog cards and keep the highest..
due to this, you will have advantage over the other player(s), since you get to pick the highest of 2 draws.

the time i'd use king bacon is when other player flipped big bad bacon, or my gut's telling me that i will lose on the subsequent fights.
with the dog's joining in, i, then, hope for a tie to occur..