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Q: If my survivor dies while on a "Take another turn after this Encounter" space, so do I get the extra turn? Do I rise immediately as a Walker or do I lose that extra turn that would have been coming to me?
A: You are still the same player, so you still get the extra turn and will take that extra turn as a Walker. Walkers ignore text on the board, but you gained that extra turn as a survivor, so it counts.

Q:When do you play the "Non-Lethal Wound Card" ? At the moment the survivor dies or when they turn into a walker on their next turn?
A: Immediately when they die. They get to keep their Scrounge cards in hand if their wound is not lethal.

Q: How does a 3-player game end up in a team end-game?
A: The rule is, when 2 players die, the game moves into a team end-game. This means there will be 2 members of Team Zombie and only 1 member of Team Survivor.

Q: So does that mean there is no team end-game in a 2-player game?
A: That is correct. When the 2nd player dies, that ends the game. The only possible victory in a 2-player game is a survivor making it back to Camp with all 4 Location cards. The player who turns into a Walker first can spoil that victory by making sure he or she never makes it back to Camp. In which case neither player wins. But let’s face it, the first zombie should feel pretty proud.

Q: The Team Zombie card says: “Team Zombie wins if you kill the remaining survivors.”
Does that mean if the last survivor is killed by an Encounter card and not by a player zombie that the zombies don’t win?
A: No. Anyway you manage to get them killed works just fine.

Q: The rulebook mentions that the walker cards that give extra movement (“Onslaught” and “Charging Walkers”) can be played even if it won’t result in an attack against a survivor. Can any other walker cards be played without a survivor in the space?
A: No

Q: The FAQ says that you can’t play Scrounge cards before an Encounter. Does that mean I can’t play a Shortcut or Giddy-Up to move to a better space before drawing an Encounter?
A: No. That FAQ entry was not intended to mean that. You can’t play COMBAT cards before drawing an Encounter card. Shortcut and Giddy-Up are not combat cards, so they can be played.

Q: How exactly does Shortcut work and when can you play it? Can I use it to run away from an Encounter?
A: Any card that doesn't say “play any time” may only be played during your own turn. Best time to play it is after seeing where you will land and you want to improve on that.
You can't use a Shortcut to get away. Once you draw the Encounter, you just fight.
When you play it on your turn, you can move yourself 1 space or more another survivor up to 4 spaces. You can move that other survivor either towards or away from their goal. This is a great card to save for team mode during the end game.

Q: What happens if I play a Shortcut on myself AFTER I fight an Encounter?
A: If you land on a space that would call for an Encounter, you get another Encounter. Best to use it before you are done moving for the turn.

Q: Does Love Triangle work like Personality Conflict if you have no Allies?
A: Yes. If you don’t have an Ally, you may choose that option and lose nothing. Hard to have a Love Triangle when there aren’t enough participants…

Q: If I land on a zombie player’s space, can I attack?
A: No, zombies that aren’t currently attacking are best ignored.

Q: Can I collect extra copies of a Location card?
A: No

Q: If I already collected the Location card, can I move through that corner without stopping?
A: No, you'd have to stop and have 2 Encounters again.

Q: When the team end-game starts, do we follow the team game setup and get more cards and allies?
A: No

Q:Can both walker players play a Sneak on the same Encounter?
A: No. Once an Encounter is replaced, it can't be replaced again.

Q: If a Walker Player plays the card Nocturnal Walkers, can he play a Frenzy on the subsequent Encounter? The rules say you can only play one card on your turn…
A: Yes. Frenzy is a modifier card that can he played at any time. However, if the Survivor defeats the Nocturnal Walker card, you die (again) and have to discard your hand. Another Zombie Player may play a Frenzy in this case.

01-24-2012, 07:06 PM
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