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02-22-2012, 09:28 PM
So playing with my youngest tonight... she went first and beat me up for some small damage and gave me a treasure (Big Book of Awesomeness - Power Rolls +2).

I then cast..

Bleemax Brainiac's Disco-Mirrored Exorcism

Bleemax (Arcane) let me pull two cards from the top of the deck and if they had matching glyphs I could add them to my spell. I drew two hits :: Mind-Altering & Phantasmagoons

I then proceeded to Disco-Mirrored and had it copy the source (Bleemax) and drew two more cards - Disco-Mirrored and Testikill - both got added.

I then proceeded to Disco-Mirrored that I'd drawn and added and drew two more cards - Pact with the Devil and some primal card that didn't match.

Mind-Altering zapped her for 3 and we got treasures
Phantasmagoons (4 dice +2) resulted in her getting 4 damage
Testikill (2 Dice +2) resulted in her getting 5 damage and I drew a treasure
Exorcism (2 Dice +2) resulted in her getting 4 damage
Pact With the Devil (2 Dice +2) resulted in her getting 2 damage, but no delivery to steal since she cast first

First round of the match, first spell I cast.. she was down to 2 HP left just like that, I had 3 treasures.. crazy! At least I was nice enough to finish her off with a 1-card spell on the next turn =)


02-23-2012, 08:32 AM
Well that's just absolutely fantastic. There's a buddy of mine in my play group that always seems to have the best luck rolling dice and whatnot, so he usually gets targeted for elimination first on game night. This definitely seems like the sort of overkill shenanigans he'd pull when we play the game (unfortunately we do not yet have a copy).

Thank you for the wonderful story. And I also find it interesting to know that there are multiple copies of some spell components, as you mentioned drawing Disco-Mirrored and having one as part of your original spell.

02-23-2012, 09:04 AM
There are two copies of each spell component in the standard deck. :)