View Full Version : Few questions that trouble me.

03-26-2012, 03:51 PM
I know i am late but few days ago i found out that there is a walking dead board game and as a fan of the series i took it immediately.:)
I played it some hours and here are my questions:
1.When you won a Location tile that for example gives you +1 to your attack or +1 to your move die, can you use it always to your fights until go back to camp or just once ?
2.I am in one of the corner spaces and i'm fighting to win the location tile and on the second encounter card i loose,but i use the ''non-Lethal Wound'' card not to die,does this means i get the tile or do i have in the next round to fight again with two encounter cards ?
3.When a survivor has all 4 location tiles and returns back to camp with no scrounge cards on his hand and finds a walker in there does he has to fight him or he won the game ? If he has to,he can only fight him with rolling the die ?

Thanks a lot.

03-26-2012, 05:07 PM
1. Those last for the rest of the game, not just once.

2. As long as you don't get bitten, you get the Location card. Even if it takes a Non-Lethal Wound to survive, that is good enough to get the Location card.

3. He does not have to fight the Walker at Camp. That Survivor would win the game (for himself or his team, depending). Also remember that a Survivor doesn't need to fight a Walker player just because they share a space. It's only on the Walker player's turn that the Walker player gets to make an attack against the Survivor.