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04-02-2012, 07:09 AM
Some more questions :)

- The Echo key (and other color-changing keys) allows you to place a card under it "during a challenge".
According to the clarification of the meaning of "during a challenge", does this mean you can place the card out of your turn (respecting your 3 card limit)? e.g: I play two white cards on my turn, and after cards are revealed, I activate the echo key and place one additional card bellow it from my hand.
Or does it just mean that whenever I get to place a card (by some other means eg: Ghost Key) I can place it on the Echo key?

(We have used to later interpretation but i'm not sure.)

- If a card placed with the Echo key is stolen (before being revealed), will it still be painted when revealed?

(We assumed yes)

- If the Anywhere key is acquired during resolution by the winner of a challenge, can it still be played on time to take advantage of the effect on this round? Similarly, If I acquire a Ghost key during resolution, can I immediately use it to add a new card to play (and, for example, trigger a combo ?)
(we assumed no)

Thanks for your help,

04-02-2012, 12:18 PM
The only time you are allowed to play a Strength card is during your turn. That is when you must place the card under the Echo Key. (Note that Keys can break this rule.)

If a card under an Echo Key is stolen, it will not remain "painted."

A player may resolve the end of turn in the order of their choosing. So if they have a combo that will grant them a Key, they can resolve that before resolving the "win." If you manage to grab the Anywhere Key, put it into play before you claim the Challenge card and you will trigger the Key.
The Ghost Key cannot do the same, as it concerns the winner of the Challenge. Note that the rulebook specifically says that once a winner has been determined, you cannot play cards that would affect the outcome.

04-02-2012, 01:42 PM
Thanks again. Sorry for the battery of questions. We're enjoying the game and want to do things "right" :)