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08-13-2012, 12:03 PM
Please start a new thread if you have any questions. I will add entries to the FAQ if they are indeed, frequent. Newest entries at the top.

Q: If I play Bump & Run from my hand and put an opposing Hot Rod into the Shark Tank or Flaming Ring of Fire, when do they get placed back prior to The Jump?
A: They will be placed backwards as a board effect after your movement. You can even Draft them as they sit on the Ring or Tank to help you get over The Jump.

Q: What if the 3 spaces prior to The Jump are occupied when you fail to clear The Jump?
A: Keep moving backwards until there is an empty spot. No, you don't Draft anyone, as this is not movement.

Q: What happens if the Battle Wizards player lands on a Banana Peel or Varmint X-ing and flips an "asterisk card?" Or what if a player has no cards in their tank to burn for these Hazards?
A: They suffer no penalties in that case. Although the Battle Wizard team did just lose a good card when they burned it. The asterisk cards have no move value unless played normally.

Q: Do Wheel and Pit Crew upgrades work during another player's turn?
A: The rules state that only one Hot Rod may occupy each space on the track, so if your Hot Rod is moved onto another Hot Rod during another player's turn, you must Draft it until you reach an empty space. Wheels trigger whenever you Draft a Hot Rod, so that triggers even though it is not your turn.
The rules state that you only pit when you end your turn on a Pit Stop space. So being moved onto a Pit Stop space during another player's turn will not cause you to "pit," so you don't get the Pit Stop actions nor does your Pit Crew ability trigger.

Q: What is "Pit Row?"
A: Same thing as a Pit Stop space. Any space that has the words "Pit Stop" on it.

Q: If you land in the Flaming Ring of Fire or the Shark Tank, you have to move backwards 1-3 spaces before The Jump ramp. On the Widowmaker sample track, there is a Pit Stop tile prior to The Jump (2&3 spaces away from The Jump). If I move my Hot Rod backwards 2 because I failed to make The Jump, I will be on a Pit Stop space. Does that cause me to pit?
A: Yes. As long as it is your turn, if your Hot Rod ends up on a Pit Stop space for any reason, you pit.

Q: My Engine will move my Hot Rod 2 extra spaces if I play a Move 4, but that will put me on a Varmint X-ing Hazard. Can I decline to trigger the Engine ability?
A: No. If you play a 4 to make it trigger, you have to do it. If you don't want to trigger it, don't play a Move 4. Note that some Upgrades will use the word "you may." If it says "you may" you don't have to do it. If it doesn't say, "you may" you have to do it. Also note that some abilities say you "may move up to 3 additional spaces." In that case, you can choose 0 additional spaces.

Q: Is there a maximum hand size?
A: No