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09-18-2012, 08:11 PM
Hi. My name is Cory and as the title states, I am seeking a recommendation to take the Expert Level Judge Test.

I have been an avid TCG player and TO/Judge for many years in the Kansas City area for multiple games.

Starting with playing Pokemon and MTG as a kid, I quickly transitioned into a competitive player and stepped into the spotlight with the release of YGO. In my mind, in order to be the best player possible, you must know the mechanics and policies of your sport/game inside and out. One should not only be up to date on current rulings/policies, but should have the knowledge and understanding of the game to know the proper rulings and intricacies of various things without having to wait on official FAQs.

The desire to play on a larger stage lead to having to travel all across the midwest to attend large events. With fairly great success as a solo player, I wanted to take it to a higher level and not only start my own team, but really expand the scene in my area.

With this mindset, I set up weekly tournaments at various locations and used social media, traditional advertising (flyers and such), and word of mouth as much as possible to generate a greater interest in the current TCG. I also created and ran a special bi-monthly tournament series to help engage the competitive side of our metro area. Our number of usual players increased fairly steadily, even as the "fad" stage of the game started dying.

When I moved off to college, I took more of a backseat role at a new metro area and mainly focused on the player aspect rather than promoting/judging/organizing events. After getting out of the military, I knew I wanted to get back into the gaming scene. I messed around with competitive e-sports for a while, but realized I missed the actual face to face interaction and tactile feel of playing a card game.

I had wanted to get into WoW TCG when I first heard about the game becoming a possibility. I followed the start of the game, but was just too busy with college and life in general to pick up a new tcg. Once everything settled down though after being out of the military for awhile, I decided that now was the time to get back into card games and got my cousin to try it out with me (he also played Pokemon/YGO with me as a kid, but was very casual).

One weekend after looking up the nearest battleground, I drove to my 'home' LGS of oh so many years. A player let me borrow a deck to play that weekend and I talked a fair amount with the Judge/TO to get a scoop of things. I had previously been a Level 3/2 Judge/TO for UDE, had my DCI judge card from years prior, and also took and passed the CZE tests when they first became available in ~ March of '11 (...still have yet to receive the actual judge card from when they were having issues right after the swap from UDE to CZE =p )...and after talking to the locals and reading through the CR I instantly knew this was the best game on the market.

These past few months in the game have been a bit of a whirlwind with attending events at my old LGS every Saturday, as well as reviving and hosting my own events on Sundays at a place called Game Cafe in Independence, MO (on top of attending all the special events in the area such as States, multiple Draft Rallies, two CZE Tours, etc.). I also learned about another playgroup of more serious players at my old stomping grounds at Collector's Cache and met up with them. Reid Cox has done a great job being an ambassador for the Kansas City area and also set up a facebook group (http://www.facebook.com/groups/349483171750809/) to help organize and inform players in the metro area. I have helped try to expand this and we are working hard on creating/bringing events to our area. I have also applied to become a Champion of the Black Flame, as the one for this area has been inactive for a long time.

Sorry; wall of text, I know. Regardless, after chatting with Drew Korfe for a bit at our CZE Tour, he said he is not able to send recommendations but suggested I create a post here. So, with all of this said, I am seeking the opportunity to increase my Judge/TO status in hopes of landing larger events and generating more buzz about Warcraft in the area and would greatly appreciate a recommendation to take the Expert Level Judge Test.

Thank you for your time and patience if you actually read through everything,

Cory '3vo' W.