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09-24-2012, 10:46 PM

I have switched to playing the WOW TCG from MTG about a year ago, and after a very fun year of playing. I have become interested in becoming a level 1 judge. A good friend of mine and the organizer and judge of our local events has been helping me prepare and make sure I know the rules along with letting me help run events. I do have one question.

Journeyman judges are expected to judge at least one sanctioned tournament every four
months. These events should be seen as opportunities gain rules knowledge familiarity
and player management experience."

I am enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and after reading over the Judge Program PDF, I was wondering if I get deployed for 6-8 months, will that state of inactivity reflect poorly on me or affect my ability to judge at future events?

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09-28-2012, 08:05 AM
Not at all :)

The point of one in four months is making sure you're keeping up with rules and policy, which are constantly changing. The spirit of the rule is the important thing in this case, so if you can't judge an event for an extended period of time due to deployment, but judge an extra event some other time in the year to make up for it, you'll be fine.

As an example, working the first three local Battlegrounds in January and expecting that to meet your requirements isn't okay, but judging one event in January, one in April, and one in December is just fine.

Hope that helps :)

And thanks for your service!