View Full Version : The infinite loop...

12-10-2012, 07:51 PM
My first card played was X-ray vision.... one opponent had no top card to look at, the other showed me clayface, the only thing I could duplicate was XRay vision...... which if I did, it would show me clayface again.... you see where this is going.

12-10-2012, 09:03 PM
It does say may, so you do not have to play it. Also according to the specific cards sections in the back, if a player does not have a deck to look at, they are supposed to shuffle their discard pile to create one.

12-12-2012, 10:00 AM
I got a better loop for ya man... I used X-Ray vision in a 2 player game... and she had X-Ray Vision on top of her deck.

12-12-2012, 02:59 PM
Are you still playing? If not, then it isn't an infinite loop.:p

12-25-2012, 08:19 AM
LOVE that answer! I had this problem come up and we just called it a draw and started a new game. Thus it wasn't infinite, but i could still be there from a week ago.

12-25-2012, 08:33 AM
So the infinite looking loop happened again, but a little more amusingly this time.

I used X-ray. Her top card was Starro. So I starro'd to make her discard starro and I coppied that starro, but then the next card she discarded for me to copy? Yep, you guessed it, the other x-ray. :(

12-25-2012, 08:39 AM
Amazing play man! You are pretty good at this game! lol. (thats joking around, not trying to be mean here, just playful joking).

The best X-ray i have seen..... i have 1 card left in my deck of like 30ish cards. My friend x-rays... hits suicide squad.... goes, "wait a second!" Windmill slaps two squads in his hand. I had blocked an attack already so i had 6 cards in hand with a block and a sick turn coming up..... nope! i lost that game.

12-25-2012, 10:50 AM
Had 1st card played X-ray/Clay Face yesteday. Good thing X-ray does say may on it.