View Full Version : Cerberus Engine DBGs? What are these CE games?

12-26-2012, 01:02 AM
Hello Cryptozoic DC DBG players!

So, I was reading through the DC game page back when I was contemplating on buying it, I have it now, and I remember seeing this; "Compatible with other Cerberus Engine: Heroes games, a common card back means you can mix your whole collection together for the ultimate throwdown!"

What does that mean? Is there a list of games, somewhere, that work on the Cerberus Engine? I mean, that sounds rather badass, but if there's nothing else out there yet, why mention it? Is this including that "Legendary" Marvel DBG?

On a side note, is there a list of promos out there? With information so spotty (like with Penny Arcade) I can't tell if there's just J'onn, or, if there are more? Why isn't it listed on the buy page like the promo for PA (Fruit Fucker Prime).

Lastly, speaking of Penny Arcade, is there a way to mix Gamers v Evil with DC?

Yes, I ask many questions, because I am an inquirer.

12-26-2012, 01:48 AM
Cerberus is the new Deck-Building Game engine that CZE has developed. DC DBG is the first release using this engine. LotR coming out soon uses the Cerberus: Middle-Earth engine, which is slightly different. More games, such as Capcom and DC2, will be released using the heroes engine and you can probably expect to see more Middle-Earth games as well.

Legendary is made by another company and not compatible with DC DBG.

J'onn is the only promo card for DC DBG currently.

Gamers vs Evil and DC use two completely different engines, so there is no inherent way to combine the two games. Curious to see if someone comes up with some elaborate way to do that though.

12-26-2012, 01:55 AM
Good sir, you have made me overly happy. You said Capcom, then followed it up with DC 2. Those are WONDERFUL things to hear/read... LotR is also cool. I can't wait to see Akuma vs Cyborg, or something, anything like that sounds amazing.

Side note, I made a "Promo Database" post in the GvS forums, would it be possible to do something like that here? I know J'onn is the only one now, but I can only assume there will be many more across all the games with... well, all those games coming out eventually. Considering how it's hard to find out about, and obtain, the promos for certain people... it seems kind of necessary.