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12-26-2012, 10:24 PM
I'm starting a thread of ridiculous things you have pulled off in DC deck building. Here is my start (all things I or people in my games have done)

1.) Gain more than 39 power in a turn
2.) Gain more than 49 power in a turn
3.) Gain more than 59 power in a turn
4.) Use the Riddler to gain more than 5 cards in the same turn
5.) Have all 5 locations out at one time
6.) Have 4 locations at one time with your opponent having the other location
7.) Have wonder woman draw 10 or more cards at the end of the turn
8.) Use princess Diana (7 cost hero) to gain 4 villains
9.) Suicide squad x3 to trigger the discard
10.) Suicide squad x3 twice in the same game
11.) In 2 v 2, have double the points of your opponent or greater (legit games, not "dumb" playing) (note this was the game i had all 5 locations out fairly early with cyborg.... about 11 cards a turn)
12.) Hit two faces effect choosing odd when the choice is blind (you dont know for sure it is odd from a prior card effect such as Nth metal or X-ray vision)
13.) Beat the Super Villain and gain the 5 cards in the line-up
14.) Gain 5 kicks in the same turn
15.) Gain 10 kicks in the same turn
16.) Use robin to get bat signal, or vice versa, to gain 5 power (without additional buffs such as Lantern or Batman)