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01-26-2013, 11:23 AM
My wife, friend, and I decided one night to try a different route with the way we started the game. We picked the Big 3 (Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman), removed (2) punches from the starting hand and added the following to each particular characters deck before shuffling:

Superman - Man of Steel & Fortress of Solitude
Batman - Dark Knight & The Batcave
Wonder Woman - Princess of Themyscira & Arkham Asylum

We also made the change that Man of Steel is only worth (1) victory point at the end of the game as Dark Knight and Princess are worth (1) each and MOS is (3).

After the first game Wonder Woman emerged the victor as they were able to draw the Princess card on the first deal and the line-up was full of villains.

Game two went to Batman for the same reason but with Dark Knight and equipment.

Superman was a close second on both games but the victory point deduction was NOT the deciding factor.

I've thought of doing this with some of the other Super Heroes and seeing out it goes:

Aquaman - King of Atlantis & Titans Tower
Green Lantern - Emerald Knight & The Watchtower
The Flash - Fastest Man Alive & Titans Tower

I thought it was an interesting change on the basic game and it also shows that Man of Steel isn't TOO stacked of a card at all times although we did remove the victory points to balance it out a bit.

Anyone else do something similar on their end? What are your thoughts on this type of game play?

01-26-2013, 06:09 PM
It's really quite interesting to play that way. I think Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Batman all ahve the advantage because Aquaman can easily cull his deck in the beginning, while the other two with the free gains on their respective hero cards can sway the game right from the start.

Martain Manhunter would of course get his own Hero card, but what about Cyborg? I always felt he got the short end of the stick, since his only hero card isn't unique. The last last Hero card would be Blue Beetle, and that just seems underwhelming. I also think that the locations should be randomized and dealt to the players, instead of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman getting the locations that specifically suit them, especially if playing with the other Super Heroes.

Definitely an interesting idea to try out though.

04-12-2013, 03:33 AM
We've given some thought to the idea of playing as normal, but after Ras Al Ghul is defeated, adding in the "bonus" cards.

If we do, these will be the suggestions:

Batman: Dark Knight
Wonder Woman: Princess Diana
Superman: Man of Steel
Green Lantern: Emerald Knight
Flash: Fastest Man Alive
Martian Manhunter: Jonn Jonez
Cyborg: Blue Beetle (and possibly one High Tech Hero... or possibly just three High Tech Hero cards).

I would guess that if you were playing with people that made sense, the locations would be easy enough to sort out (Batman gets the Batcave... Wonder Woman gets Arkham Asylum.. etc).. but there are only five of them, and I feel like they should be in play and up for grabs with everyone.

06-25-2013, 06:18 PM
I also want to have superhero decks like Flash, Batman, Beast boy and other heroes that has unique skills and ability. And I also want to build a card combo to make good offense and attack.