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03-11-2013, 10:41 PM
i just purchased this game from my favorite game store. and i love it.

opened the box and played a game with my wife and she squealed with joy. i am sold. i would really love a promo pack of cards from this game if at all possible, i have my redemption codes from purchase on inside of box.

my wife and her father love car racing...

she and i came up with some awesome ideas for a future expansion.

#1 a Lap counter pop up / stand up /attachment to the existing "stands" that is a disc that spins and keep track of the lead cars lap. this can be used for games with lots of laps....have it go up to 20, or 500, make it double sided for short and long races. will be great for circuit play or special "event" style play.

#2 new nitro cards that involve crashes of some sort with damage penalties.

#3 a flag tower pop up/stand up. this is where the state of the track due to crashes ( see #2) is displayed.

red flag: huge multi car wreck! all stop. all cars must go backwards to the nearest pit. if pit location tiles are full continue backwards until you find a vacant one. start with lead player then move to back of the pack. keeps race order in check.

yellow flag: players can still play move cards. no nitro. no passing is allowed for several turns. player that wrecked burns top card off tank. yellow flag stays in play equal to the value of the burned card.

Green flag: all go . track clear.

White flag: Last lap

Checkered flag: winner.

maybe toss in a few cards that will make the flags fluctuate.

and lastly for special events, have a winners circle tile with a 1st/2nd/3rd place pop up/stand up and a trophy counter.

along with some of the short cut tiles that i am sure you have got in the works....and or some over passes/ multi level track capabilities.....throw in two new factions....

you got yourself one hell of a expansion right there..

can i get a amen?

03-11-2013, 11:08 PM
Those are some nice suggestions for an expansion. While you are waiting, feel free to get out some colored construction paper and customize your game and try out your ideas. It is a "customizable racing game" after all. ;) Glad you and your wife like it!

03-13-2013, 08:36 AM
had some new ideas...

new team ideas:

hillbilly moonshine runners
Monster truck 4x4
Low riders
Road warriors
motorcycle gang
garbage man / trash truck
big rig truckers

also we thought that a demolition derby would be a nice touch.

03-21-2013, 09:38 PM
we need a x tile so we can make a figure 8.

we also need a few one space tiles. sometimes things on custom tracks do not line up or are off set by one space.

some kind of new stunt like a loop de loop.

04-01-2013, 09:09 AM
actually after playing this for a few weeks... this game totally sucks.


gotcha matt hydra! you mean you dont have five heads?