View Full Version : X-Ray Vision + Starro = ?

03-14-2013, 09:30 PM
X-Ray Vision
Each foe reveals the top card of his deck. You may play one of the non-Location cards revealed this way this turn, then return it to the top of its owner's deck.

Attack: Each foe discards the top card of his deck. You may play each non-Location discarded this way this turn.

Player A plays X-Ray Vision. Player C reveals their top card to be Starro, which Player A then chooses to play with X-Ray Vision's effect. Player C cannot defend.

I determined that since X-Ray Vision does not alter top card of the deck, Starro is still Player C's top card, so it would be discarded by the copied Starro's effect. Then, since it was discarded that way, Player A could copy it again as part of resolving the rest of Starro's effect. Lastly, X-Ray Vision says "return it to the top of its owner's deck", but Starro should not be returned to Player C's deck in this case since it was subsequently discarded in the middle of the effect.

Is this little bit of inception correct or not?

03-14-2013, 11:12 PM
Starro is temporarily removed from the top of your opponent's deck when you play it via X-Ray Vision. So it won't be there to discard itself. That's why X-Ray Vision tells you to return it to the top of their deck... you removed it to play it.