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04-28-2013, 06:59 PM
Hi, just bought your game and we are enjoying it just as i am the series. We aren't sure about an interaction with keys and face up strength cards.

1. If you play a strength card [1] that reads"If this is the only card you play on a {color} challenge, you may play it face up. IF you do, add the top four cards of your strength deck to your play face down." Can you use the angle, shadow or mending key to add a card since its at the end of the turn? Does the strength card check if it was the only card "played" work since its before key ability? . Basically does the card added by keys count as played?

2. Pretty sure its yes but do all face up strength cards resolve during your play or do some wait till resolution phase?

3.Also i read that the typo in rules for the skin key should be ignored and used as a one shot. Just curious why white and blue version of the card are reusable and black isn't. Is it a thematic choice since black is essentially evil?

4.In the section about receiving cards from the top of the strength deck it says that if you receive a card that has an ability that activates if you play face up, you may choose to flip it face up at this time. Am i missing something because aren't all face up strength essentially saying "If this is the only card you played" to get it to work, making flipping the card you received pointless?


04-28-2013, 09:01 PM
1. Yes, you can use those keys after seeing your 4 face-down cards. They do count as played, but it happens after the "gain 4 effect."

2. Most wait until the resolution at the end of the round. The ones that don't... say so, like the 1 that gives you 4 free cards off the deck.

3. That is a good way to think about it. Thematically Black is the Shadow Army, so you should have less control over the Black cards. The Skin Key would have matched the other cards if it was reusable, so it is weird to some people that they are different.

4. If you don't play a card, but then use the Angel, Shadow, or Mending Key you can end up with a free single card, which you can then flip face up.