View Full Version : Pledge reward balancing Ideas

05-18-2013, 04:38 AM
Ok, so we all agree that the other 250$ tiers are much less attractive then the pro tier, resulting in little love to crawler/raid leader/guild master and also alot of people double dipping into pro instead of grand king.

So help me come up with ideas to balance the lot of them.
My ideas so far are:

Dungeon crawler can once a week use a "One last chance" option to not be thrown out of a dungeon when reaching 3 death marks.

People with raid leader can mulligan once without going down to 6 cards (Duels of the plainswalkers style).
Also possibly increase raid leader & friends loot from raids like the dungeon Crawler bonuses.
Give dungeon crawler and raid leader some pve exclusive cards.
If all of these aren't enough we can always combine dungeon crawler with raid leader for both bonuses and call it "The Hard-Core tier".

Grand king get a free entry into a non-draft tournament a month.
Another option: Grand king get extra boosters from VIP program or allowed to subscribe to double VIP.

Guild leaders should get some bonus to guild tournaments - maybe make the entry free for his team, allow his guild to apply to a tourney twice a month, or give them extra prizes if his guild wins.
Give guild leader an increased pop cap on their guild size (assuming there is one).

Well, thats all I have at the moment.