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So this is a continuation of a comment post that took on a life of its own and "comments" didnt seem to be appropriate forum (no pun intended)

I almost didn't post this but though after expelling such a monster it had best be given light.
I dedicate it as a tribute to the CZE Team and the spark of creativity that is firing around the globe in response to the approach of Shard.

* i may read over it and edit "proof" tomorrow, i apologise in advance if it is difficult to read i stopped and came back to the ongoing draft on my phone through out the day

and Booom... here it is.

Original and start of this Rant is here (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cze/hex-mmo-trading-card-game/posts/484413)

Enter the Fluff
" The resounding thunder born of the pulse of blood and roar of the crowd parts like an ocean as your eyes focus on Azhargon [fight 2/10 in the arena] he succumbs to his wounds, though you not recall a felling blow being delivered... his sword about to slip from his grasp it is but as if the mountain king's will. No not will... thirst! compells the draw of final breath. The the fall is arrested and the sword extended towards you...
"Take this blade worthy champion.."
was that a sneer, to quickly it disappears
"...Through you it will sing new verse of victory"
a sneer, this time definitely, fueled of hate but also... something else.
"... perhaps appeasing the King of the mountain"
He stinks of blood, though as you accept the offered weapon the smell seems to be less so and yet... making to pull away you expect to the defeated warrior to collapse to the floor but an unexpected vigor lights behind dull and clouding eyes, finger tips clutching into you arms. A harsh voice grates out a final testament,
"Take heed young champion..."
No sneer only wide unseeing eyes
"... within is a hunger, though its blade brightens after each victory committed before the eyes of the king its light is deceptive"
A death rattle rolls into to the timbre of his voice...
... more blood!
".. But to be sure, always to be sure.. you must pay! The weapon accepts no master nor will it suffer the hesitant, foolish or weak. If you do heed not its THIRST, risk betrayal you do "
H falters the strength sapped from his grip but you hear a last fateful warning, not from the lips but within your mind. Your mind struggles to recoil from the lash of its foreboding caution but within the cage of your skull there is no where to hide.
"...As I have unto... this shell before you!"
The raised crags surrounding the pit become peaked in seeming attention, tracking your movement as you stagger back. A vision appears in your minds eye... Two manavelant eyes glowing above an un ascertainable horde of green skins. Marching in unified purpose and heralded by a guttural and grinding sound of two opposing immovable forces....
An earthquake!? you feel its grinding laughter resonate in your soul. Unbidden tears shed onto your cheeks at this primal manifestation. Your vision returns, your senses unsure if its threat or glory the laughter still echoing promises in its thunder.
It's not till you notice the hush that has overcome the crowd that you realise...
... The laugh, it is your own!
A ghostly visage of your opponent assembled to your left side though his body lays before you in a pool of blood.....
... Blood! yes... as you turn to seek you next victory. There must always be more Blood!

I think that something like AIDA could evolve, to allow CZE to cover both the lower and introduce some of the higher level of game design elements to be more earlier and widely attributable to a larger % of the player base. Taking a guiding hand to elevate the wider player base by coaxing them gently in the direction of their own inflection on deck design instead of having to create a hoard of static content to complete for repetitively or long enough, to give those players time to come to their own unguided understanding. Avoiding having to create piles of chaff allows them the benefit of a greater and faster yield ratio of developing "layered mechanic content design that is still accessible to a broad audience but that is also somewhat unique and more exciting to design and play. Not to discount the need or value of creating a breadth of bread and butter engagements of the basic deck mechanics also.
So over all,
For PVE to have the dynamic, immerse and importantly rewarding/challenging feel or "true magic" . Content is going to have to be more than draw fattest creature = win to overcome. I really believe, and am in love with a confidence that CZE is going to create something here that we are yet to even grasp. Riding the wave of a truly outstanding team harnessing the borderless benefits that digital card design allows, i look forward to being taken on a journey of amazing synergy and inflective use of "in... and out" of deck mechanics to evolve the lore and story to complement PVE mechanics. I'll not go into the evolving elements circling my dreams at moment, but suffice to say my brain is boiling in its own juices.
Back to the point (yes I ramble >.<)

AIDA (who mind you is actually a mythical wizards familiar older than time, who rides the rainbow unicorn between realms drawn to champions that carry seed within their progeny that could elevate them to confront the true reality of this realm) could be the design crux that allows for development of key, totally of the wall mechanics chiming in at various points to make sure the more casual gamers didnt overlook these initiatives.. As its pointless for CZE to make a totally awesome and revolutionary strategy to succeed if to avoid potential frustration, they felt they had to make the fight weak enough that if you don't identify the targeted symmetry you could still overcome the challenge through sheer standard brute force.This would make things feel stale very quickly. Though im sure they have a multitude of story driven answers for this equation already.
In the end...
A continual player base provides for a richer experience both early and late game and secures a growing player base for fiscal longevity of the project.
Every insight Cory and his team allow, continually reinforces to me their focus is on engaging and unique content with boundless potential for both game play and card shenanigans and most importantly buckets of discovery and fun no matter your style of game.
Getting a growing committed player base more easily and enjoyably to a point where they are able to themselves understand and look at their deck in an imaginative and new ways. Will i believe, mean that in less than 2 years even CZE themselves will be amazed at the evolved landscape we all preside over!
Further their core and masterful insight to separate PVE from PVP truly does allow for amassing the full potential of awesome card and mechanic design In PVE that will turn TCG on its head but secures the viability of a platform for casual and competitive PvP as well!
Soooo excited for both!

Think of how for example they could use AIDA to nudge even the most casual of us in the right direction thereby raise the bell curve of PVE play in the following fluff heavy example. Picture an "Arena" styled campaign where odds as you progress from one opponent to the next, are more heavily stacked against you but you are allowed to side board between opponents (modify the deck)
Here certain gear in the arena is tuned to aid you in this mechanic.
Lets say one key progression point is a specific and scripted sword drop to fall after a from 3rd opponent. This sword is designed to mitigate the escalating perils of Arena in a number of ways but at a cost, lets say that once on the field and part of a win its effects "attracting growing numbers of hireling troops per win" propagate immediately against the next opponents. But, for them to be commanded there is an escalating "resource in play" requirement. AIDA Upon pickup would check for complimentary drops from the Arena to the swords mechanic that actually allow you to reliably place resources faster than usual, say by searchnig your deck to find and place additional resources in the opponents turn. If you do not it, advises you of a legend of such marvels but yet... that story's are told of champions in time past that mastered the sword without the enhancements. Hinting in an inferred way that between battles these champions wold leave parts of their force in its wake in favour of resources in which to attract a commanding presence instead over those that flocked to the banner of victory. There by leading the player to water of a way in which you could progress.
So anyways AIDA could be tailored to help the inclusion of game changing mechanics that might otherwise been left out for being "to advanced or abstract to be included except for very end game" Its aid could be tailored in a way that advises to the principal guidelines of the underlying mechanics and keeps the suspended climate of belief and allowing an aid to discovery that doesn't "auto pilot".

05-19-2013, 06:08 AM
Good grief I have been crushed by a wall of text :eek: A peek into the mind of Mad-God Milamber indeed lol.

I like your thoughts on the possibilities of utilising AIDA, although it remains to be seen how smart it actually will be...

05-19-2013, 07:03 AM
I would love for aida to have different voice acting and silly catchphrases when you do something it considers unwise/wrong.

05-19-2013, 08:22 AM
I actually had my own thoughts about AIDA, too. I honestly think it's the best thing to happen to Hex thus far, and a lot of why is because of my past experience managing massive collections.

I'm sure a lot of you could relate to this: