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05-20-2013, 11:28 PM
I have finally backed GK and cat wait for it to come out polished. I don't understand the resources. Keep in mind I come mtg where we have cool lands that can do stuff instead of just one color. I am new to hex and by reading the forums I didn't see to much information.

I got most my info from reading the? And answers that are sticking. Is someone working ona wiki page for this. I would love to read about the other stuff and how they made it but for one thing I hope they do is make the sets themed. I absolutely love that. It could be set 3 is at location x and raids for set x take place there.

My most favorite set for mtg was Arabian nights. I own no cards from it but everything looks so cool and fits so well. I hope they do cool scenes.
The sets now I see bunnies and orcs. If you have info of other sites that provide any info on the game please link me. I'd like to read as much as possible. Thanks

05-20-2013, 11:37 PM
Here's a link to a neat site that can sort and display all the previewed cards so far: http://hex.potion-of-wit.com/

Aside from that, they've talked a bit about some of the other races on various articles you can find from the homepage (hextcg.com).

As for resources, the way I understand it is that when you play a resource card you get an additional colorless mana per turn (to use MTG language) to spend on whatever card you want. In addition, you get 1 threshold point of whatever "color" the resource was until the end of the game (and nothing has been revealed to reduce these). Threshold is ultimately what dictates whether you can play higher level cards, because you often need two or three of a specific threshold to play the card.

Example: I play two sapphire resources and one blood resource. This gives me three total mana to spend playing cards, as well as two blue and 1 purple threshold. I could now play blue cards that require two threshold (in MTG, this would be roughly equivalent to a card that requires two islands and X colorless to play), or purple cards that require one threshold.

05-20-2013, 11:42 PM
To clarify the resource system even more, the thresholds are never consumed, whereas the resource points are (but are replenished at the start of each turn, like mana in MtG). So if you had 4 resources consisting of 2 blood threshold and 2 ruby threshold, and two troops that both cost two resources and require two blood threshold, you can play both, as the first one will not use up your threshold.

The wiki can be found here: http://hextcg.wikia.com/wiki/Hex_TCG_Wiki

05-21-2013, 05:30 AM
Thanks guys!