View Full Version : windows 8 touchscreen compatibility

05-21-2013, 02:29 AM
I know the client at the start will run on Windows and Mac, and there is a planned version of Ipad. Maybe Android too once in the future. I suppose the client will run on windows 8, because why would't run.
I don't know much about the windows8 programming, it will possible to play the game on windows8 tablet from the start, or there is another technical things what prevent this? (like resolution or special coding)
I think the touchscreen could act as mouse in a default way, maybe that would not be a problem.

It's a lot of work to optimize a windows based software for windows tablet? Maybe it would be more easy to do than the ios or android.

05-21-2013, 02:47 AM
There are two kinds of windows tablets. There's Windows 8 tablets, like the Surface Pro, that run a complete Windows on an x86 processor from intel. There's also things like the original Surface, that run Windows RT on an ARM processor. The game would run fine on a surface pro with x86, but a base surface with ARM would need to have a special version ported to it, and put into the Windows 8 store. I doubt they're going to support that. Windows 8 RT runs on a kind of processor used by things like Android and iOS. Windows RT is not "Windows", it's a mobile platform more like iOS instead of OSX. It's also got like no market share, is considered a flop, and is hardly supported by anything because of the demand that all programs be installed through the Windows Store which takes a 30% cut on program sales or something ghastly.

05-21-2013, 10:33 AM
True touchscreen compatibility is more than just running it on a surface pro. To do things right, you need to not use any right-clicks, and to allow dragging around to work without the equivalent of holding down a mouse button. See Civ 5 for a game that was modded to do touchscreen right.

That said, I'd also love a WindowsRT port. Dunno if Unity will get around to supporting that. They did do WP8 though, and I find WindowsRT easier to work with than WP8.