View Full Version : Card Mechanics You'd Like To See Implemented

05-23-2013, 01:48 AM
We've all seen that with Hex, the possibilities for creative and unexpected mechanics is boundless. Whether it's cards like Sabotage that insert traps into your opponents deck , or the recently shown Tectonic Break that could potentially cripple a weenie/overrun deck, we've certainly seen examples of card manipulation that's been unfeasible in previous generations of CCGs.

So, what kind of potential card mechanics would everyone like to see? What cool effects would you like to be able to pull off in Hex that would've been unthinkable in previous card games?

While reading a thread here about being Mana Screwed/Flooded, I thought about Conversion Cards. Cards that would allow to convert a number of cards in your deck from one type to another. For example, if you're in mid game and have plenty of resources, you might like to convert the remaining resources in your deck into something more useful, like simple 1/1 troops or basic spells. Maybe a Resource Conversion card that has an effect like "Pay [X]: Convert X basic resource cards in your deck to 1/1 Human troops"

You could implement the reverse, with a spell that let's you convert troop cards into resources. Maybe you could use higher priced cards to mess with the opponent's deck. What if you could convert the threshold types of some of their cards to another in an attempt to lock them out of using them?

Obviously, that kind of deck manipulation isn't easy to balance; but I'm not worried about practical application. Just interested in the myriad of possibilities in a game like this, and what ideas others have had when brainstorming about the future of the game.