View Full Version : Adding/Changing Reward Tiers

05-24-2013, 03:10 AM
It's clear that the kickstarter is doing very well, a lot of the tiers are popular, and Cryptozoic is by no means going to fail if they leave things as they are. That said, I want to suggest the kind of reward tier I would like to see, and hopefully hear what changes or additions other people would like to see to the kickstarter tiers.

So, my thoughts:

The rewards that most interest me are the exclusives - mainly the mercenaries and PVE cards. But I look at the King and higher tiers, and it just feels ridiculous to be getting so much up front, especially the 150 booster packs. It's too much. I think it would actually take away from the fun of the game to start with over 1000 cards, even if you end up ignoring them or selling them all.

So my ideal tier would be King tier with no boosters, no regular starter decks (you still get "Dragon's Blood"), no free drafts, none of the equipment or crafting materials (unless any of those are exclusive to KS), and no Lotus Garden (though maybe a copy or two of Lotus, for fun). Basically, you get all the non-premium KS-exclusive stuff but none of the stuff you'd be able to get later anyway.

I'm not sure what it should cost, but I like the idea of it being $60 and called the Prince tier (a lite version of the King tier at half price). And I realize that a lot of this will probably be reasonable to get at the Auction House, again it just feels cooler doing it this way.


So... anybody else have thoughts on the subject? Btw, again, you don't have to comment on my idea specifically, the thread is about ideas for reward tiers in general.