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05-30-2013, 06:58 PM
This is always an issue when it pops up in every game that is about to be launched. With the seemingly infinite amount of players pledging and supporting this games into an astronomical degree, I'm quite curious as to how the Servers of Cryptozoic can handle such attention. Excuse me for not being well versed in the company itself, as I don't have any knowledge as to how much experience they have into any game that would use the internet as it's main source.

My question is: How will the servers handle during Launch, the beta, or even the Alpha (If, though I'm sure we will reach, we can obtain that stretch goal) can handle such high amount of population at once?

It's easy enough the realize that, yes, every launch of every game ever will always experience issues with the populace, though it is intriguing that the same populace tends to complain and cry about how the developers needs to step up and fix this...etc. How would we in the same position feel about it when Hex is experiencing massive server-side issues and cannot play the game at all? How could Cryptozoic prepare for such a horde that is in no doubt on the rise? I'm in no way a certified technician of any value, but I'm curious, is there a way to prepare for the high population that expects the play the game 100%?

Excuse me if this thought has come across the forums before, I've found no threads that pertained to this question so I thought I might ask.

05-30-2013, 07:05 PM
Most of the heavy lifting is going to be done by the backend servers, so it's a valid worry. However, since this is a TCG at heart and not a new 2.5/3d MMO with 10,000 people running around the load isn't as bad as it could be.

There are multiple options that Crypto has, one of them using something like Amazon to spin up temporary servers to hold the initial load. Additionally, in one of the interviews, Cory was talking about having additional servers set aside for major tournaments to make sure the system doesn't crash. They could use those as well and then back them off slowly as the initial press lowers.

05-30-2013, 07:21 PM
Intriguing and you also answered my next question,

With the grand tournaments, wouldn't it be better suited to run the games on a type of LAN format instead of on the server? I've seen multiple instances of League of Legends just failing during a game, whereas one would disconnect from the game and such. Though I'm sure now that wouldn't be much of a problem.

Just another thought.

05-30-2013, 07:32 PM
They should give the invites in waves, to not crash the login servers. Producers first, then inmortals and so on. This wont make peaple happy, but it will smooth alpha-beta launch by a lot.

05-30-2013, 07:35 PM
Pretty sure they can go down to DL in the first wave, at least, without any problems. :)

05-30-2013, 07:40 PM
sure its just going to be alpah then beta for a few months or so but i hope the servers are stable lol, getting so bored of WOW